The People are Pissed

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Americans now know Big Brother is collecting and storing their phone records and to be blunt, people are pissed off. If you make or take a call, big bro knows phone numbers, where the call was placed from and to, and the duration.  This program seems to be a bit overreaching when one looks at the Fourth Amendment but the SCOTUS disagrees.

prism1PRISM is a secret NSA program in which data such as email, photos, audio, documents, Internet searches along with a plethora of other intelligence from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Skype, along with several other companies is collected. American citizens are being told this data is only being collected from foreigners and only retrieved with a warrant from a judge.

So what is all the indignation about? Put simply, TRUST!

The Federal Government that has brought us Fast & Furious, Benghazi, investigations of our press (AP and Rosen), NLRB appointees that were ruled un-Constitutional, a healthcare system that is going to lower premiums and if we like our doctor we can keep our doctor, a refusal to prosecute Black Panthers for voter intimidation, whispers to Russian Premiers, bowing to Saudi Kings, enormous handouts to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, an Attorney General that openly states his desire to brainwash children but doesn’t know a damned thing about anything when asked by the oversight committee, a State Department that covers up of Ambassadors hiring prostitutes, an IRS that targets people based on their political beliefs and a Director of National Intelligence that tells us that he lies to Congress in the “least untruthful manner.”

The President, Mike Rogers, Peter King, Diane Feinstein and others have the audacity to ask America to trust them?  People would more likely trust the whore the Ambassador has been banging.

Conservative pundits have rightfully been working to tamp down the public’s embrace of the whistle-blower, while Big Government delivered their talking points to talking heads that regurgitated on any show that would have them.

Edward Snowden is irrelevant; the information he publicized is not! Hiding in Hong Kong or anywhere other than in the country you say you are trying to save is less then honorable.  Man up Edward, we have a country to save and the heavy lifting has just begun, thanks to you.

WTP“We the People” are pissed and they don’t trust the Leviathan any longer.  Regarding their data, many assume they are being told the “least untruthful” excuse big bro hopes it can get away telling them today.  Normal American’s are not normal MSM journalists; they don’t suffer from Stockholm syndrome.

James Clapper said, “For me, it is literally – not figuratively, literally – gut-wrenching to see this happen,” regarding the “new” revelations.  What has been uncovered? The American people are hearing nothing new in these talking points, so what original information did the Jihadist get? Perhaps Mr. Clapper’s gut wrenching comes from knowing that he is not going be able to answer questions in the “least untruthful manner” this time.

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  1. Deport all illegals says

    Impeach it’s the ONLY answer.

  2. BaconNBeer says

    All this information and they couldn’t catch bombers they were tipped off on. They were so busy going after the law abiding conservatives, tea partyers and republicans. It comes down to who they the administration think the terrorists ARE obviously not those that worship in Mosques. They don’t survail Mosques do they. Telling! Very telling.

  3. bahndon says

    Obamacare has a mandate for microchipping in the right hand by the end of 2014.

  4. don ellsworth says

    your on everthing but the reason the mans in hong kong is be cause he knows his life is really only worth what this government is willing to pay to have him killed. an killing is sure not above this marixs government. may be you want him dead? this man knows more an we need to hear it.

  5. shamu9 says

    The Camel Jockeez don’t get Monitored!! That’s why the Boston Marathon Bombing Happened!

  6. Jonny Angel says

    Getting pissed is ‘nice’ but when are we going to do something about it? I’m way passed my thresh hold of enough is enough.

  7. Keith "Lucky" Luxton says

    Our government has shown their true colors, they are the standard Lying bunch of crooks we all knew them to be, but now they are actually admitting it and saying, trust us, we are doing this to protect you. They seem to think there are over a 100 million people ready and willing to buy a bridge if they have one for sale. Unlike the conservatives, who when threatened with impeachment resigned. They think they can carry on lying in the same old way.

  8. Molli Nickell says

    FIRST OF ALL, We need to pay attention to the tactics. Instead of staying focused on the issue, lame stream media inflames the witch hunt to go get the traitor. Nonsense. That’s not the issue. What is? Big brother snoops into every aspect of our lives and stores the data for later use. For what? Use your imagination!

    SECOND OF ALL, Meanwhile, the Senate “Amnesty” bill moves slowly forward. The “Gangsters of 8” have rejected the concept to secure the border first. We’ve been snookered. Progressives in both parties are manipulating a bill that will be combined with a different bill written in the House. . . and you can bet border security first will not be in the final version. This is the civil rights issue of our time. Once 10 or 15 or 20 million illegals (unregistered democrats) become instant citizens with entitlements and ballots, our system will be overloaded financially, and America will be destroyed.

  9. Frank W Brown says

    Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean that they’re NOT after you!

  10. Pazuzu says

    Next time obama takes a vacation, we need to change the locks on the White House doors; the same goes for Congress and the supreme court. If y’all ain’t going to represent us, why are we permitting you to live in luxury?

  11. YellowJacket2 says

    This is what happens to a nation when the voters become lethargic and complacent. These are the people who get elected when you allow our schools and the news media to bombard our youth with propaganda disguised as the truth. This is the result of shrugging our shoulders and tolerating flagrant political corruption. This is what you get when you ignore massive voter fraud. And this is what we deserve when we allow all of this to culminate in putting a man in the Whitehouse who’s entire past is a mystery. A man who E-Verify says is fraudulently using the social security number of a dead man. And the birth certificate that he produced turned out to be a Photoshop forgery. A man who claims to have attended Ivy League schools but nobody remembers him attending classes. He doesn’t appear in the yearbooks and he steadfastly refuses to produce any transcripts to prove that he went to those schools. A man who boldly claims that he was a Professor of Constitutional law at the U of Chicago, But the school timidly denies it. And then it was discovered that this pretend law professor tried to conceal the fact that he had to give up his license to practice law in Illinois because he made false statements to the bar. And in spite of all of this, we made this man, Barak Husain Obama, President of our United States of America.
    One day historians will look back at this nation and shake their heads in wonder at how easily we allowed such a rare and valuable commodity as freedom to slip through our fingers. I hope that they will note that some of us tried to resist. But sadly we were too few and too tired to stay the battle.
    I pray that they will have the compassion to shed a sympathetic tear for us after what we did to them.

  12. DollyT says

    Remember I said a long time ago….”Don’t listen to what Obama says watch what he does,” Actions speaks louder than words. His words are just distractions it’s what he does while you are being distracted that count.

  13. phunyfarm says

    When Russia’s Putin has a less than favorable view of this recent development, well…speaks for itself.

    That O person playing president has taken a seriously sordid turn in his second (unbelievable, not really, given the proven illegitimacy of the event) chance @ trying to be a president.

    Actually, president is not the title or position he was going for, as evidenced in small ways all along, and now with total disregard for anyone, any laws, the Constitution, his constituents…it’s all about him now.

    He’s under a 2 year gun to secure the title of dictator of the US, eliminate the current laws of the land and turn us all into his idea of the perfect submissive, scared Subject of the US should be.

    Here’s to hoping he really is as arrogantly stupid as he seems and sounds. He could not govern his way out of a paper bag. Doesn’t care for governing anyway, just likes the perks and the publicity.

    Hiring Czars (of all stupid things to call his private cabinet flunkies, which I think was not quite legal standard,) to do his job since he knew nothing about government, leadership, honor or integrity.

    Using EO’s when his legislation ideas failed to pass. Just generally acting like a spoiled little kid, totally used to getting his way on everything. He’s way over stepped boundaries one too many times.

    He knows no humility. A characteristic of most great leaders. He is a buck passing coward. He has no respect, concern or time for the American public. Our voices fall on deaf ears. He exploits small children to further his agenda. He advocates hedonism of any and all sorts and strives to shove their beliefs and actions into our faces and condemn those who disdain immoral and dangerous behavior.

    Finally, though there is so much more to disqualify him as a leader in America, he has rammed through and advocated not only abortion in early pregnancy, but the late term abortion and subsequent murder of a fully formed, functioning and viable infants.. The latest lift of ANY age requirement for the “morning after” pill (w/o parental knowledge or consent & @ no cost) was it for me – period. After all the lying, spying, golfing, pretense of ignorance of dramatic political, national . events(/another perpetual lie) . ad infinitum, his credibility is non existent. He has shown himself to be unfit for the office he holds. His character is depraved and twisted. His opinion of himself is so great it rivals even the hedonistic Calligula. Thanks ya ignorant libs, cheating poll workers, triple voting criminals, dead people zombie voters, voting machine hacks etc. who insisted this ignorant(not stupid), skinny, bullshi***ng man child was the one for the job and there could be no other choice.
    Congrats, your Obamaphones were the first ones to be under surveillance. Feelin’ good about the state of the economy, more illegals coming onboard your gravy train if he has his way. Might create a little trouble with the old government subsidies life when you have many millions more to split the goods with. The folks paying your way now are losing jobs, life savings etc. The gravy train is running out of fuel and we can’t borrow from anyone because for the first time in our history our country’s credit sucks. A little gift from your golden boy.
    Pissed does not begin to describe it. His “administration” is a plague on the nation. He WILL make history. Should make for interesting reading when it is all said and done. Soon, we will begin the arduous process of rebuilding our nation , salvaging the original tenants by which we are protected and governed, aligning ourselves with responsible, knowledgeable, strong and PATROTIC leaders, and trusting the Almighty to guide us in our endeavors.
    This whole nightmare has been a real wake up call for me. Hey at least now I have the skills to protect myself, feed myself, the voice of dissention and corruption is easily recognizable and I have
    experienced the unthinkable almost happening in America, feeding a strong faith in God and in the resiliency and determination of the true American spirit.
    Look, we don’t have any money and won’t for quite a while. There is nothing more to take.
    It’ll be an uphill battle righting the wrongs, safeguarding against future usurpers and rebuilding the foundations of our republic. If you don’t respect and love this country, there are plenty of places to go, please do so. Please reread the first sentence of this paragraph. Our economy is going to tank big time and it’s going to be some seriously hard going. Please find somewhere else to go if you are not willing to do the work, you just remain a part of the problem. If it wasn’t my families home for multiple generations and I wasn’t convinced she was the best nation on Earth, regardless of this disasterous() 6 year mess good buddy bambam made. (I’m thinking 6 yrs here), surely to goodness the House can get the paperwork in motion now. The evidence is staring the entire nation in the face as well as affecting us in our personal lives. NO MORE STALLING & EXCUSES, begin proceedings immediately. Elections are next year. What are we waiting for this time?

  14. CJMcRat says

    Please help me to understand. We need to pass the immigration bill so that we can find out how many undocumented workers that we have and who they are, yet the government has all of this information about each and every one of us. The government has all phone numbers called, access to all conversations, and access to all information entered on the internet, yet they can not tell me if there are 11 million undocumented workers or 30 million cockroaches, I mean undocumented workers and who they are? This is further proof that we are safe. The government has all of this information and no one smart enough to interpret it. If they have all of this information, why isn’t the government going after all of the undocumented pharmacists that are polluting our youth?

    I wish that I was Mexican. My kids would get free school lunch, and a free college education. My rent would be subsidized and my food and alcohol would be paid for with food stamps. My phone would be free, and my utilities would be subsidized. I would have a job where I do not report my income and I pay no taxes, yet I still qualify for Social Security. I would be able to save up my money and legally buy land in Mexico for retirement where the US government will send my SS checks to me.

    All this and I would still be able to hide from all of the government intrusions of my 4th Amendment Rights of the US Constitution.

  15. JLBRBR says

    With Obama’s past history, no one with any kind of brain would believe that Obama did not know about at least some of what was going on!

    Remember in March 2009, just 3 months after Obama was sworn in as our President, it was Obama who ordered his appointed DHS Czar, Janet Napolitano to begin adding our fellow Americans to the Home Land Security “Right Wing Extremist/domestic terrorist list” for simply speaking out against him and/or those in his administration, or who were pro-life, or spoke against his Obama Care, or those of use who believe in the Constitution of the United States, and of course the millions of American Christians were and still are considered a threat to our nation, at least according to the Obama Administration. Remember Obama and his statement that he was a Christian. Words and deeds have proven that statement to have been one of the many lies that has come from his lips. He
    needed the Christian vote to get elected and once this was done, his record proves, Christians became the primary targets of his attacks on the 1st amendment. It seems everything that
    Christianity is against, he promotes, everything that Christianity cherishes, he attacks. He sides with

    the Muslims in almost every single issue and to me this says it all!

    Then who could forget about the many military men and women who were returning from serving our nation in Afghanistan and Iraq of whom were added to this “Right Wing Extremist” list as well. Last I knew, there was an estimated 23,000 of these brave Americans on this list. One hell of a way to say Welcome Home to those who put their lives on the line while defending our nation and the
    Constitutional rights many Americans simply take for granted.

    And then in May of 2009 the White House created the “SNITCH ON YOUR EMAIL BUDDIES” White House email address – [email protected]. where a person could forward emails which spoke adversely about Obama, abortion, defending our Constitution, and especially spoke against Obama Care. Darn us God fearing, Freedom loving Right Wing Extremists, and worse, us Freedom loving, GOD fearing, Christian Right Wing Extremists. Just think, if George Washington, James Madison, John Adams, John Jay, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, Elbridge Gerry (the framer of the Bill of Rights) as well as the some 250 other founders of our nation were alive today, they all would have their names added to this so called Right Wing Extremist list. What we are seeing are the results of at least 100 years of a people who have rejected the living Creator GOD that our founding fathers placed as the foundation of our
    Constitutional Republic and proudly gave honor to in the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence.

    And then is the issue of his ties to the Chicago New Party, a progressive/socialist political organization in which funded Obama’s 1996 run and win in the Illinois State Senate. For more info on this go to the Democratic Socialists of America website:

    Open the following links to the New Ground News Letters 42 and 47 then scroll down to the Chicago New Party updates and there you can behold Barack H. Obama listed in all his Socialist glory! Keep in mind that according to New Ground News Letter 42, it states: ‘Candidates must be approved via a NP political committee. Once approved,
    candidates must sign a contract with the NP. The contract mandates that they
    must have a visible and active relationship with the NP.’

    New Ground News Letter 42, September – October 1995;

    New Ground News Letter 47,

  16. riess says

    The black snake has been whispering lies to all of us for many years now and he’s getting ready to strike us all!
    we need to act before we are all struck … and then it’s too late.

    We need to pray to Christ Jesus for guidance for action.

  17. riess says

    When a sssnake is sweet talking to you by whispering sweet lies to you, you need to quickly stop listening to his beguiling rhetoric, before he strikes you and cut his head off.

  18. riess says

    When you are attacked by a sssnake, you don’t fight his body … you cut his head off!

  19. riess says

    OK, so we are all pissed now, but when and what are we going to do so we can stop being pissed!

  20. J.E. Hay says

    The Saving Us From Terrorists Crap Just Isn’t Credible Anymore If That Was The Case Why Were Islamic Terrorist Were Able To Strike At The Boston Marathon? Explain That One Buckwheat(Obama) And Mr Crapper (Clapper) You Can’t, Can’t You. That’s What I Thought.

  21. J.E. Hay says

    Pissed Off Is Putting It Lightly!

  22. bob_seifert says

    We need to stand behind two men at this point Rand Paul and Ted Cruz .. they appear to be the only two Senators that are outspoken and consistent enough to frighten the administration and the left wing nutters.

    Issa is the only one that is feared in the congress at this point and Boehner should be told to support him 100% and stop halting his efforts.

    Time for our representatives to REPRESENT and stop listening to the NY Times, Washingtion Post and Huffington Post and start listening to US, WE THE PEOPLE.

    Lastly no matter what happens, do not in fight, get out vote and dump these people in the coming election with someone who CAN WIN! DO NOT VOTE for someone who is a third party candidate. We can rotate every two years and clean the houses out in a few years and end this entrenched mentality. But not by trying to vote in third party dark horses that do not stand a chance. It only splits votes and leaves the vote stealer in there.

    We have seen this happen time and time again.

    1. Kathy Mahaney says

      And if that doesn’t work we need to withhold the money. We are the people that actually work. So if everyone went 1099 immediately it would stop federal taxes and then don’t pay next April. I think they will notice if they cannot pay for their corruption with our money.

  23. toothii says

    We should all rejoice! We now all have Obama phones and Obama is listening!

    1. Kathy Mahaney says


  24. I.R. Wayright says

    And the man who hides everything about his past wants to know everything about ours.

  25. Public_Citizen says

    Edward Snowden has left the country because he knows that he is in a position to be “made an example of”, publicly and probably very graphically.
    “Manning UP” by foolishly sticking your head up when you know that there are people out there not just looking for targets but looking for ~you~ in particular doesn’t show intelligence or courage, just demonstrates a sincere death wish.
    Getting dead doesn’t make for any future opportunities available to you to work toward fixing a broken system. Being alive means you just might get another shot at the corrupt beast.

  26. therobe says

    “Call your Congressman, Fax your Senator”. Why? NONE of them can be trusted. For most of the past five years, this Administration has blatantly done everything in it’s power to destroy this country, and nobody in Congress has the guts to do anything about it. Either they are okay with it. or too chicken to risk their exalted positions. They should all be jailed as traitors!

    1. Kathy Mahaney says

      The money. That is where they can be hurt.

  27. disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2 says


  28. ArnaudAmory says

    Agreed Joe, but what do you want to do about it? Vote them all out…They just get replaced by more of the same kind of pernicious vermin we have in there now. There is but one solution, we all know what it is, only question is: when. All other solutions maybe they could have worked at one time, not now…its too late.

  29. Chuck says

    You just think you are pissed. Think about this. The Utah Data facility can store all the phone records, and all the Internet data for 1000 years. Internet data includes not just emails but also all financial information, Stocks, bonds, credit cars, bank account information. Any data that uses the Internet. If that wasn’t enough, the Utah Data facility also houses a world class super computer complex to sort data, make computations, and crack codes. It is really quite cool except that it is aimed at we American citizens. Think of the havoc they can wreak on anyone they decide is their political enemy. Oh, you promise it will not be misused. OK then as long as you promise then its OK.

    1. buck80ish says

      Thank you Chuck.
      As long as they promise , and don’t cross their fingers behind their backs , ok guess it is ok then.
      Gee what are we worried about .? They all look so honest , Gee ,,Wally .

  30. James Andrews says

    Of course we’re pissed!

  31. JJM123 says

    Trust and respect must be earned. Most of DC has not earned it and have acted in ways to prove they never will. Trust but Verify? I will verify first.

  32. Mack Deaton says

    It is not right for you to not let us say exactly what is on our minds, That is stopping us from having our
    second admendment rights. If we want to call Obama an S.O.B. why can’t we. It is the truth and they
    say the truth hurts, well, if you stop us from telling the truth then we are being denide our second
    admendment rights, RIGHT, RIGHT. So to put it MILDLY take all the SCUM in Washington and give
    them to another COUNTRY, well hell, they would not want them either. HERE IS THE WAY I SEE IT;
    AND EVERY THING ELSE. Obama, Obama, Obama.

    1. medic2003 says

      I believe you mean 1st amendment but i do get your point. They want to deny us all our rights and of course that includes the second. Without that one they will be able to do as they please.

  33. bobthemoron says

    The ignoring of The Constitution started with Lincoln and has been a creeping cancer on America. The courts ignore it, presidents ignore it and all manner of politicians and bureaucrats ignore it. We, the employers, of these constitutional vandals seem to be powerless to stop them. Prizm is a symptom not the problem. In light of all of this one wonders what they have on Chief Justice Roberts? Is he a pedophile, a hoarder, wife beater,, cross dresser, or WHAT? An honest man, under no pressure, could not find Obamacare to be a tax.

  34. El Camino says

    I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again…..This administration is CANCER. I don’t know a more precise way to say it. They must be removed.

  35. Kathy H says

    This is important to us, as this is opening for all the extent this government will go to oversee and watch over it’s citizens. We the people need to scream out from the rooftops if need be. Snowden gave us the green flag it is now time to start the race.

  36. daveveselenak says

    Confucious say: “Only thing that save America is REVOLUTION!”

  37. stephanie wilson says


    1. buck80ish says

      Stephanie ,
      I am very confident that you are a patriot.

      Yes the “Patriot Act ” sounds patriotic .

      Really though , it would be good to go further down the rabbit hole than just watching TV for news at this point .
      If you do , you will discover some mind blowing stuff.
      Stuff that is better for you to discover on your own than have me try to convince you of in a little
      setting as this.

      Our government has not been truthful towards us , the American people , for quite some time .
      It has been kept well hidden , but now the internet is making it harder to hide or distort the truth IF ( big IF ) people seek out the truth themselves.
      I encourage you to do just that.
      In the current environment in this country , the greatest , most honourable way you can address another person , in my mind , is to call them a patriot .
      I am certain that you ARE a patriot.
      Many of our elected or appointed officials in fact have just recently begun to “awaken” to the truth of the depth of deceptions going on in our government.
      This should be an interesting year.
      I am feeling that so far these revelations , are just the tip of the iceberg .
      Turn off your soap opera, the USA is going to be showing some real dirt before this year is over , no doubt.

    2. leefromok says

      I’m sorry to tell you this.
      I thought Bush was a good guy.
      It was studying nutrition that first convinced me other wise.
      Both Bushes, as well as Carter and Clinton set the ball up for Obama to spike it.
      Do a search for their executive orders for proof.

      The first time I remember hearing the phrase New World Order, I came out of the mouth of George Bush Sr.
      Search YouTube for George Bush New World Order

      1. stephanie wilson says


        1. edgineer says

          Bush Sr. was referring to what is on every dollar bill: “NOVUS ORDUS SECLORUM”. Google it. It is a prophesy that representative democracy would some day replace all other forms of government. Peacefully.

          1. stephanie wilson says


          2. edgineer says

            On that i wholeheartedly agree with you.

  38. NOT A LIBERAL says

    I’m a TIN-CAP and I’M PROUD to be AN AMERICAN! But obama SUCKS!

  39. edgineer says

    The Democratic Party was taken over by American Marxists years ago. What did people expect them to do?

    1. medic2003 says

      As is the bulk of the GOP.

      1. edgineer says

        I think with the GOP it is a matter of “useful idiots”.

        1. medic2003 says

          Well to me the term Neocon has the same bad feeling with it as Progressive. To me it just means commie/ fascist tyrants. The only difference between the 2 is the rhetoric they spout but it is all geared toward they same goal. They just need to keep us fighting amongst ourselves. I wont sit here and say every democrat is bad, nor is every republican, but the high ups are shills and evil from the speaker of the house to the senate majority leader and several down from there. I disagree with Dennis Kucinich on a ton of things but I think he was sincere. I can at least respect him even though i think most alot of what he pushed was sheer BS. Just how I see it. I brought up Kucinich just to point out that some of the Libs are merely misguided but honest. They are demonized for it when they stand up and tell the truth and try to fight injustices.. Just like Ron Paul was when he was in the house and even Joe mcCarthy was, even though what he was telling was the truth in many many cases.

          We need to get rid of most of the people in government and replace them with true blue Americans that will represent us honestly and uphold the Constitution. Without twisting it and without corrupting themselves. If we can get those honest people in there they will give themselves term limits to really put a damper on the influence the lobbies and the money men can have on them.

          1. leefromok says

            So many of the republicans I expected to vote against the NDAA voted for it.
            Even Bernie Sanders voted against the NDAA!

            It’s not about liberal or conservative.
            The majority of both parties support/work for the globalists/elites/new world order people.

          2. edgineer says

            Hitler was also sincere and thought he was doing the right thing. Stalin too. Hardly a reason to respect someone. Goals and probable results are what count. Our problem is a two party system that has ceased responding to the will of the people. That is because both are controlled top to bottom by a ruling elite. A legacy of the 60s, 70s and 80s when Americans forgot their duty to control government.

          3. medic2003 says

            Comparing a misguided liberal to mass murderers is a bit of a stretch. We agree for the most part. I can respect a person who tries to do what is right within the constitution, even if I don’t agree with them most of the times. I brought up Kucinich because the few times that I have agreed with him, mostly on civil liberties, I have strongly agreed. When I disagree with him, which is most of the time, its all that big government hand out tree hug in crap. He in no way fits the Stalin Hitler mode. If they thought it was good to do they wouldn’t have had to deceive so many and kill so many.

  40. angelkisz says

    Well lets see, bet they got all info on Bengazi , all emails between the P.O.S. and hiltlory and recorded who called for stand down. So if this crap is good for us show us yours and I show you mine lol.

  41. RoyG says

    The kid deserves a medal.. the fedcoats now have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar… The fedcoats by their actions will bring about a new zeal for WE THE PEOPLE…!

  42. TruthorConsequences says

    “The war against al-Qaeda is over” ???? Obama said that, meanwhile he is mining data from every credit card transaction, every email, every banking transactions…billions and trillions of bits of info. His war on al-Queda is over but apparently his war on Americans is not.

    Starting decades ago, I began teaching my children that the worse enemy they would ever face in this life was our own government. Now with a new generation coming up, I am teaching my grandchildren the same thing. Our government is the worse enemy you will ever have.

    Be mobilized. Help elect core conservatives locally and statewide. Prepare to support core conservatives nationwide when time arrives.

    If you have not already signed Senator Rand Paul’s petition to be part of his class action lawsuit, contact Rand 2016.

    Molon Labe ! Semper Fi !

    1. NOT A LIBERAL says

      the obama war on America is just starting.

  43. [email protected] says

    Does is seem the least bit suspicious that obummer now has six muslim brotherhood members serving in national advisory roles and the same time all these other treasonous acts are being brought to light?

  44. rjm3390 says

    I am more than pissed. As a former Marine and a Police Officer for over forty three years I have put my life on the line for this country more than once. I followed rules to effectively do my job and had to sign many a warrant for arrest and searches and now I find out that my government has been spying on me???? This is what happens when a President gets a pass from the media due to the color of his skin. Truth be told he is a Muslim/Communist piece of trash. He suborns perjury from Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder and tries to run from the truth with a lie and a smile on his lips. Pray for this country because that is the only thing that will help this country.

    1. Bearmom627 says

      To main reasons your being spied on Military and Peace keeper(police officer). Sorry, a lot of us are in the same boat.

    2. John says

      Let’s put him in jail and then deport him back to Kenya for life with no benefits.

      1. Winston says

        You’re too kind.

      2. BigMamaTEA says

        I was thinking more of building a structure on the 1600 lawn! I’m not great with a hammer, but I’ll bring the popcorn!

    3. CJMcRat says

      I would be willing to bet all that I have that Obozo has done, or will sign a blanket pardon for everyone associated with his Liberal agenda. Let’s face it, knowing that I was going to get a Presidential Pardon, I would Rape, Pillage, and Plunder the American People too. Well at least I would if my parents had not instilled in me Moral Ethics.

    4. BigMamaTEA says

      Prayer, AND loyal Patriots like yourself Sir.

  45. jaxtom says

    I guess this means homeland “security” is going to buy a million rolls of aluminum foil…

  46. Frank W Brown says

    You DO have a Voice!!!

    Can you say IMPEACH or ARREST???

    Can you say FAST and FURIOUS???

    Can you say BENGHAZI???

    Can you say IRS???

    Can you say AP???

    Can you say NSA???

    Congress, where is the RULE of LAW??? When are you going to HONOR the OATH you took??? You DID take an OATH, Right???

    1. Whackajig says

      PSSSST…….Congress makes laws and the executive branch enforces the laws. I ain’t friendly towards congress, but you are ragging the wrong dog.

      1. stillsane says

        I’m thinking VETO, or maybe executive order.

      2. leefromok says

        I know that’s the way it’s supposed to work, but now, the executive branch makes the laws (executive orders), non-governmental agencies (EPA, FDA, IRA, and a long list of others) makes laws (regulations), law enforcement makes up laws as they go, and congress does, well —nothing.

      3. Winston says

        Obama makes things up as he goes along and decides which laws he’s going to enforce. He’s a piece of dog sh*t and should be shackled in a dungeon.

    2. Winston says

      The Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Astors are in control, as is the overbred queen of england and other filthy evil bloodlines. All our presidents have been descendants of royal bloodlines as well. Time to can the self-appointed royals. They have ruined every nation in recorded history.

    3. BigMamaTEA says

      Everybody, phone, fax, email, FB, tweet, DC starting tomorrow. We’ve got to stop the Amnesty bill! It has all kinds of traps in it!

  47. $14832922 says

    Personally, I don’t blame him at all for leaving the country – those “agencies” would simply “disappear” him at the earliest opportunity.

    1. jaxtom says

      Very astute observation…but I intend to claim “plausible deniability” if asked…

    2. leefromok says

      They may already have.

  48. $13614178 says

    The federal government is completely out of control with powers that are completely out of proportion to what the constitution demands .

  49. AmericanGram says

    Guess we can put our “Tin hats” back on now. Now let’s get down to the business of cleaning “OUT” Washington DC.

  50. ColdWarrior says

    Don’t just get mad.
    Get even.
    By organizing and uniting for real political action where you live.
    Here’s how:
    Thank you.
    Cold Warrior

    1. $4119491 says

      Did 35 years Marines and Army. Had a clearance high enough that you have to sign away a lot of your rights and freedoms just for the classification. But, THE REST OF YOU AMERICANS DID NOT SIGN AWAY YOUR FREEDOMS AND LIBERTIES. BE outraged and GET ANSWERS. While serving, I expected the military to monitor me. They probably STILL ARE. That’s FINE because that is what my agreement with them allowed. However, if you NEVER signed off on the destruction of your liberties you need to be screaming to high heaven and tearing down the walls of lies. This whole escapade is uncalled for and about as useful as the TSA; not useful at all.

      1. Bearmom627 says

        Semper Fi old friend and God Bless you for your service. Unfortunately, conservatives can’t seem to get together in large enough numbers to make a difference. They have to find a person who has a pristine background with no skeletons in their closets and the desire and drive to get conservatives behind them. Until that person is found…..

        1. buck80ish says

          Rubio is toast .
          Supporting the NSA is a nail in his politrical casket .
          Rand Paul is looking good though.
          Maybe General Boykin would do a good job. But nobody knows who he is .
          To say Generals have no political experience is quite incorrect I believe.
          All those politicians in favour of overreaching big government may now step up and shoot themselves in both feet regarding this NSA “thing”.

      2. Dave the Retired Marine MSgt says

        I beg to differ, ” This whole escapade is uncalled for and about as useful as the TSA; not useful at all.”. Actually the TSA is very useful. We know where most of the sexual predators are located thanks to the TSA and Our Dear Leader”
        Comrade ☭Bama.
        Semper Fi!

        1. $4119491 says

          Thanks for the chuckle and the smile. Semper Fi brother.

          1. Dave the Retired Marine MSgt says


    2. RottDawg says

      This is some of the best advice one could give. Welcome old friend!

  51. Babylonandon says

    Who does Obama define as “Foreigners”?

    1. $4119491 says

      Those of us whose ancestors arrived to the continent in pre-history and those of us whose ancestors arrived in pre-America history and those that arrived any time after that. That would be ALL OF YOU. Personally, I would rather have my nation FREE and deal with the possible terrorist as they come than to destroy the fabric of the nation for “security”. A people that give up their freedom for security will have NEITHER.

      1. dragon lady says

        Well said.

      2. Babylonandon says

        Actually I suspect Obama would define foreigners as “uninvited Caucasian European Christian Imperialist Oppressors” … but I get your point..

        1. $4119491 says

          I consider all those of HIS crowd are ALSO not Americans because they were not here when the WHITE and the BLACK man arrived to these shores. So, what tribe does Obama come from? Oh, it’s that one in Africa, NOT AMERICA.

    2. Hoodoo H says

      Well, since we know O is a foreigner, that would make this Country foreign to him.

    3. Solis says

      Non Islamic, Non Middle Eastern decent residents of the USA. Who else, since he’s giving a blank check to them, while making us earn our stay here?

    4. Dave the Retired Marine MSgt says

      Anybody whose political view does not conform to Marxism.

    5. FedupandReadytofight says

      Omamie had made it clear: If you aren’t Islamic

    6. leefromok says

      Anyone against the globalists/elites/new world order people.

    7. BigMamaTEA says


  52. Paladin67 says

    The “Tin Foil Hat Crazies” (like me) have been vindicated!! Anyone with a little gray matter and common sense has known this has been going on for years. I know it didn’t start with osama,. I mean obama.. but what has his administration been doing with the information?!? If the data was being used for “Anti Terrorism”, why did so many terrorist attacks occur under his administration?? I DO NOT agree with spying on your own countrymen and women!

    Just remember, It’s not a conspiracy if it’s true….

    1. RottDawg says

      Don’t take the hat off yet Paladin, it is very possible that all there is to this is light being shown on the the actual programs. We all suspect that they are collecting data on Americans, and the structure to do so surely seems to be in place. Now comes the time for questions to be asked AND answered.

      1. Solis says

        Love the Dawg, Rott. I have one as well. He’s part of my R & R home defense system.. Guess what the other ‘R’ stands for.

        1. RottDawg says

          Just don’t say “rocket launcher,” at least not here. I hear the NSA maybe watching 😉 Bwahahaha

          1. Solis says

            He he… can you say R U GER?

            hee hee, rocket launcher.. what a kick!! ROFL!

          2. BigMamaTEA says

            They are. Just got another rendition of Pink Floyd.

      2. Hoodoo H says

        Why the hell do they need lists and records on American Patriots or innocent civilians???… Who knows…but either way, it ain’t good.
        Perhaps they need to research who to hit first…who knows.
        Whatever the case, check out this vid on YT in which politicians discuss exterminating Americans. It seems to be a spoof from the Onion News Network to put us on edge (like we haven’t been ‘on edge’)…but like I said, who knows…what is real and what is not. See below link:

        1. NOT A LIBERAL says

          OH SH*T my response is —— CLASSIFIED! ——

        2. NOT A LIBERAL says

          OH S**T my response is —— CLASSIFIED! ——

        3. remnantofthed says

          There are two gentlemen that were “up there” in authority in the NSA until recently – they both left under GWB, because they were unwilling to intrude and or be a part of spying on American Citizens with no reason!

          They also state that they had come up with a much better plan that aimed at only “collecting” data on those (mostly foreigners) that might pose harm to the USA. It seems that the Powers that were and are, disagreed with them on their method (which was far better, more accurate, and much less expensive).

          I’ve now seen them twice on Fox news – once on Hannity and I think once on Meagan Kelly’s show. Unfortunately, I cannot find their names – if anyone knows can you post here please?

          I think these men should be on every single network out there – we need answers and these men of honor seem to know the real story!

        4. don ellsworth says

          even to ask this hoodoo shows your not in the know. they collect ever thing on us because they fear us. they look at all of us that thinks this government is corrupt-marixs-out only to take our freedoms an control us. whats not to fear? 100 million freedom loving americans an armed to the teeth.

          1. Hoodoo H says

            Don…I knew bro.
            Was being sarcastic.
            Take care.
            MOLON LABE

        5. BigMamaTEA says

          I stopped paying attention to The Onion a few years ago. The current news headlines were out-doing them!

    2. 7papa7 says

      What we are seeing is only the very top of a very big iceberg.

    3. Hoodoo H says

      I always knew this was the case, but until now, I was told to remove my tinfoil hat.
      To people who have not worn a tinfoil cap, it is easy to be a naysayer. However, just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it is not true.
      Take what is happening into consideration, because next time someone tries to give you information, it just might be something they are trying to do in order to help a Fellow American like yourself.

    4. $4119491 says

      Not sure if they did any studies on the effects of EMP/TREE on the human brain and the neurological system. You may actually NEED a tinfoil hat. Because we will most likely be nuked by someone who hates our freedoms sooner rather than later. Hope the anti-gun crowd will be able to persuade all of the psychopaths to not hurt them by wetting on themselves because, that’s all they’ll have; a “please don’t hurt me” plea.

      1. Winston says

        What freedoms?

        1. $4119491 says

          You know … those archaic concepts of liberty and freedom granted by God to His creation and were codified into the Constitution of the United States of America that told us WE were more important than our government. The predate the days of the push-button phone (dial phone days and earlier). It was a time when literally ANY adult could punish any kid doing wrong. Kid’s didn’t have “rights” except those granted by parents and other adults. There weren’t “hungry” people around because neighbors took care of one another. Farmers still worked in each other’s fields, on each other’s barns, fixed each other’s homes and pretty much shared with each other whatever they could spare. Children AND parents did not have to fear someone stealing the children because it was a death-penalty offense to do so and it was enforced. Getting a “life sentence” usually resulted in SERVING a life sentence. “Hard time” in prison was REALLY HARD TIME. Money was worth more than the paper it was printed on OR, concept, it actually had value because there was REAL SILVER and, in days further back, REAL GOLD in our coins. Even paper money was backed by Gold, and then later by silver. Teachers did not indoctrinate children. They TAUGHT them and gave them a useful education. I could go on and on. But, then came the people like Obama and Obama himself and the world itself went to hell.

          1. Winston says

            Those were the days, my friend. However, they are ancient history now so I say “what freedoms?” We no longer have any. It’s all illusion.

          2. BigMamaTEA says

            It truly is…..The red pill or the blue pill.

          3. $4119491 says

            You have them until you stop fighting for them. Then you’re their slave. I have no “master” but, Jesus Christ.

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