Top 20+ Reasons I Despise Obama, A Retrospective

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Top 20The blind loyalty of many democrats, and nearly all progressives, as evidenced by the numbers of those currently defending Obama in the midst of his scandalpalousa got me thinking about how much I truly despise him for reasons I can easily point to, and can back with actual evidence. What follows is a blog post I wrote back on August 6, 2012, long before I began writing here for Joe.

Since then, absolutely nothing has happened to change my mind. In fact, everything that has occurred since I wrote this has only reinforced my belief that Barack Obama is probably The Worst President this country has ever seen, and is by leaps and bounds, absolutely the worst president to ever win a reelection. If I were writing this list now, I would have a few other major topics to include: Benghazi, IRS, DOJ, EPA

I have seen numerous lists of “accomplishments” that Obama has been credited with while in office, varying from 10-200+ “accomplishments”. As an educated, semi-intelligent person, I have tried to review those lists with an open mind, even though at the outset I know I will disagree with the conclusion drawn by the author. Some of their assertions, while few, I concede may have some merit. However, many of those lists, especially the higher numbered lists, include the same item listed as high as 20 times, just worded differently. Many other things cited on those high numbered lists are not actually accomplishments, but “He worked toward (fill in the blank)” statements, which means tried but did not succeed. All of these lists that I have seen have one thing in common, statements made by the author, but no offer of substance to back those claims.

Here is my list of the top reasons I DESPISE Obama, with links to just a few sources which I offer as evidence supporting my statement.

1. He is a socialist and espouses socialist ideals
– Note: the other guy in this video looks somewhat familiar…

2. He has weakened our national defense

3. He has no respect for the men and women of the military and has cut, or tried to cut the pay and benfits

4. He spends OUR money frivolously and irresponsibly
Update: this was never more apparent than during the Sequester debates while Obama vacationed, repeatedly

5. He is using his position to try and protect Eric Holder in the Fast and Furious debacle which has resulted in countless murders, including that of one Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry

6. He is exacerbating racial tensions, not curing them as he promised

7. He has no respect for the laws of this country and has said he will not allow enforcement of certain laws

8. He has no respect for the Constitution of the United States
– (original article is a dead link now)

9. He is promoting class envy

10. His bailouts have been utter failures and scams (and wasted billions of tax payer dollars)

11. He gave billions of dollars to companies that either failed or sent the money overseas
Update: even more of these companies have failed since originally writing this

12. He apologizes when he should be expressing outrage
Update: he has since apologized to Muslims in regards to Benghazi, extensively, including paid advertising on middle east television stations
– Apologizes to Afghanistan for US Soldiers Burning CONTRABAND

13. Obamacare (socialized medicine)
Update: This has gotten far worse and more expensive since I originally wrote this
– Cost $2.6 trillion
– Individual Mandate
– If someone cannot currently afford health insurance, and insurance rates are actually rising because of Obamacare, how is that person now supposed to afford health insurance? If they cannot afford that, how are they going to pay the penalty (new tax)?
– Socialized medicine less effective than free market

14. He is an unapologetic (unearned) glory hound
– Continually takes credit for killing Bin Laden instead of giving credit where credit is truly due, the US military intelligence people who located him and the SEALs that ACTUALLY eliminated him
– Finally allowed the operation that killed Bin Laden to proceed after cancelling it 3 separate times

15. His Stimulus Plan, heralded as a success by liberals, is actually a failure as noted in this article from March 2012:
(And currently the unemployment rate, according to the jobs report from 8-3-12, is back to 8.3%, and that does not include the millions of people who have completely given up looking for jobs. It also shows far more people leaving the workforce than jobs that were created, which were created during the summer and likely include seasonal jobs)

16. Pushes higher, unsustainable demand for electricity
Update: This too has become worse by the closure of even more power plants
– Pushing for significantly more electric cars
– While systematically reducing the country’s ability to produce electricity

17. Constantly enlarging and pushing for ever more powerful federal government (do I even need to provide sources for this?)

18. Constantly granting himself and the federal government unconstitutional powers

19. He is a narcissist
– (another dead link)

20. He spends more time playing (golf) than I do, and his job is FAR more important than mine.
Update: this number is FAR higher now
– As of June 18th, 100 rounds of golf since taking office

21. He is against American’s Second Amendment rights (he is anti-gun, pro gun control)
Update: need I mention his post-Newtown full scale assault on the Second Amendment?

22. Did I mention he is a narcissistic, egomaniacal socialist who uses racial tensions and class envy to get people to back his move for an ever-enlarging, overpowering federal government?


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  1. US Army (retired) says

    Those who voted for 0bamma the first time to prove they were not racist and then voted for him the second time really proved that they were and still are SLOBBERING IDIOTS!!!

  2. bull57 says

    This list could go on and on. I would bet you can find so many sheeple that would disagree and would defend him on every action Barry has taken while in office.

  3. daveveselenak says

    … and after all this damning evidence, the dumb-downed, drugged-up sheeple are commiting political suicide, how about that! I blame this on the punk-^ss, treacherous “Re-PUNK-licans” and the state-run, Fifth Column media that will not report the facts as Joe has just documented and should be aired over our what used to be news stations that are now propagandists. I’m sure if this were a Republican administration caught in all these tyrannical abuses that they would be able to survive as this Muslim-Marxist jihadist and his lezbo, homo communist regime, right? This little two-bit wanna-be dictatator should be thrown out on his ass, pronto! It is this simple and true: Obaa-baa-ma goes or the country goes, what’s left of it! WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP!

  4. JOHN T. FOX says


    1. afanaglenn says

      Facebook has become a data collection group for the liberal regime, collecting and assembling all kinds of information about everyone who posts on facebook. They know more bout everyone than the credit bureau.

  5. The Quadfather says

    You forgot about the idiotic “Cash for Clunkers” program. It wasted treasure while destroying many perfectly good used cars. It caused used car prices to rise, and stuck many with new car payments. I went and looked at some of those cars. many were in better shape than the vehicles I’m still driving. If you don’t count the ruined engines. From what I understood, they had to destroy the old cars to get the credit. Such a waste.

    1. 529_Barb says

      My husband builds and exports several types of construction equipment and uses the ports of Charleston, SC and Jacksonville, FL. Interesting that when the cash for clunkers debacle was going on…..alot of the containers going out of these ports were filled with “cash for clunker” cars being shipped to the Bahamas and lower Caribbean……..makes you wonder who was profiting from this……

  6. 40Helen60 says

    Obama is acting like a Mafia Don. Don’t like someone or anyone who dare disagrees, just have someone murder them. Make it look like an accident or workplace domestic terror. Everyone else takes the fall, while he goes free to plan his evil destruction. When is this going to stop? When every military men and women living in harmsway are denied food! Obama will see to it our fighting men and women are starved to death with no way home and no protection just like he murdered Ambassador Stevens and those brave seals in cold blood. . Why hasn’t he been arrested for treason, sedition and his crimes against America? He is 100% responsible for Fast and Furious, the IRS scandel and his total disregard for human life. He laughs and tells the world, “No one can stop me! No one can do a d—— thing to me! I am the law, I make the laws and you stupid Americans are stupid if you think I care about you or your families. He hasn’t done one thing to help the poor African-Americans, and he’s never going to help anyone except his own power hungry thirst for power and he’ll stop at nothing to bring America to her knees and hand her over to the UN. making us slaves in our own country. He proclaimed, “The people elected me President.” Well, I hate to burst his arrogant bubble, he came to power by the biggest voting fraud in the hstory of America by paying people to vote for him over and over and over again and promising them favors, which he never intended to keep. Time is now for all Americans regardless of race to rise up and remove this American, military hater or become slaves under the power of Dictator Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soros.

  7. joemahoney says

    I dont need 20 or more reasons to intensely dislike obama bin ladin–just two for starters. 1) When he called me a socialist. 2) When he agreed with his wench when the wench said: “All this for a flag.”

  8. Name says

    No. 18 is the impeachable offence: No human being can grant themselves unconstitutional powers. The ‘illegal alien’ should be history any day now!!!

  9. SpiderMike says

    That day came January 20, 2009.

    “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” ~ H.L. Mencken

  10. TapestryGarden says

    I have said this for so long. Worst of the worst. Inept as Carter if not more so and clearly more corrupt than even Nixon. When I see he still has 40% approval from Democrats I wonder if they are insane or lying. As Professor Sowell noted, his constant little sermons about what WE are doing wrong are pretty tiresome given that EVERYTHING he touches turns to rot. I have to face reality that about 90% of blacks will stand by him even if he were sent to prison for multiple felonies. But what about the rest of the Dems? Are they stupid or lying? He’s just dreadful.

    1. Guest says

      i think a HUGE portion of people never really pay any attention to any political happenings.. and just blindly vote their party or their race thinking its got to be better than what ever group opposite party or opposite race was in office… so they blindly pick like choosing a piece of candy from a bowl .. just to see what happens without putting ANY effort into looking into peoples actions and past history and real accomplishments to get a grasp of what they might be about as a person.. before just handing them the keys to the white house. Just look at simple questions when Jay Leno does Jay Walking.. most of young public does not even recognize names of anyone in simple obvious government positions.. but they all know who the entertainment people are by name and their stories from the gossip mags.. I HATE how our voting system will allow ANYONE with a pen to pick people and it can be done by people who just likes the way the man smiles.. or how he looks.. without even doing the work to listen to debates or research anything about the people they are voting for. People like obummer get these masses of people on their side by singing loud promises to large groups about one specific topic of interest closest to their immediate needs and those groups never bother to consider the rest of the ways the person may affect our government.. they hear what they want
      and run to the poles ready to mark the ballot without even an inkling of an idea of any information about the person they are voting into office. Then for people who try to learn.. there is a VAST amount of lies with regards to promises that could possibly be seen past if they were to research the persons history.. like who and what groups they were associated with in past and education etc.. but obummer worked HARD to cover his rear end on some of that ..or just lied .. when later others proved he WAS involved in groups that their beliefs go against the very principles our constitution is based in. I think people go blindly to the poles and many have NO IDEA whether they are helping or hurting…just feel like if they voted they did a good thing… well it is not helpful or good if the voting is not backed by an educated mind that has at least tried to learn something about the candidates. But when the information to learn from is hidden purposefully or lied about then you have a tainted group of people who are not allowed to be informed doing the voting.. they try to learn but you cannot learn if the information is hidden or blatantly written off as lies.. (until proven later..but then it is too late). And here we are now.. with some crazy man with totally anti american interests making policy and hiring czars to run the country into the ground.

  11. 1alphanumeric4600 says

    Excellent, Matt! I despise Obama because he pays absolutely no attention to our horrific national debt and, instead, is increasing it as fast as he can! You didn’t mention all the luxurious, lengthy vacations he and/or his family go on almost monthly. Now, I hear, he has given himself a big fat raise via an executive order!

    1. Guest says

      NICE LINK.. much there about more people than obummer.. thanks for sharing.. I am going back to finish reading there about others.. just wanted to thank you for the link.

  12. 1baronrichsnot1 says

    Let me sum up, This little weasel is a muslim, marxist, set on destroying america and helping form a caliphate. You look closely, you can see it in action. All points in this direction, and to top it off, he admitted most of what he was gonna do before the elections in 2008. He paid Hillary off to gain her support, and made a deal to support her in 2016. She is an admitted progressive/communist. As for people who voted for him and will vote for Hillary, stupid is as stupid does!

  13. Worried says

    do all muslims promote terrorism or is it just the 99%

  14. Kimberlee Brun Andrews says

    YES, Absolutely without the WORST President EVER.

  15. $13614178 says

    You will find NO disagreement from me , but after his re-election I was forced to take another look at the whole situation and am no longer the least bit upset . In point of fact , I am thrilled that the American people are finally getting what they deserve , and I hope the blessings just keep pouring in .

    1. Guest says

      ? American people getting what they deserve? Maybe the blind sheeple will start to learn the truth about their dear leader and start to see him for what he is as the scandals all prove themselves.. but I hardly think American people are getting what they deserve.. there are plenty of people who do not agree with him and his ways.. but he has a mass of brainwashed people that drink his koolaid and vote for him based on his lies he tells… how does that make what is happening to our country something to be thrilled about and how do people who dont side with him or his ways.. how do those people fit into the group getting what they deserve?
      I reread your comment several times to see if I am misunderstanding what you mean.. and I guess I am not getting it. I thought maybe you meant it sarcastically.. but he was not re elected by 100 percent of the people.. just the confused and blind ones that are getting gov freebies and think he cares about them still.. those people might be getting what they deserve.. but the rest of us are all going down on the same ship.. I do not find that thrilling.. more like pathetic.

    2. Palmetto says

      Unfortunately they are dragging us along through the quagmire.

  16. edgineer says

    Title should be “Top 20+ Reasons I Despise Democrats And RINOs”. It is they who gave us LBJ, Carter, Clinton and BO. Not to mention RINOs who voted to approve Holder as AG.

  17. EvaStClair, deplorable redneck says

    #21……He is George Soros’ puppet. George Soros wants to change our world, our culture, our whole system – he is the enemy of civilized society and is drunk with power from the billions he has scammed by breaking other country’s financial system. Soros’ goal is to destroy America and he found a willing puppet with this POS in the White House.

  18. Dave says

    Great start but you missed a few. He has done so many horrible things to this country that there is no enough paper on this earth to write them all down.

  19. spyderdalton says

    He left out that he has a sociopathic malignant personality disorder which is extremely dangerous and his records are sealed to protect his unstable past.

    1. EvaStClair, deplorable redneck says

      His records are sealed because he got into college as a foreign exchange student – that would be very hard to explain for a supposed “American”.

      1. Worried says

        yep, the fulbright scholarship

      2. 40Helen60 says

        When is someone going to investigate. It’s a matter of public record he came to the US on a foreign passport, yet has never applied for US Citizenship. Therefore, he is in cannot be the President of the USA. He has broken the law and must stand trial for his crimes.

      3. Todd Hill says

        Oh, you knew about that? I thought it was a huge secret!

  20. Terry Adams says

    The man is honest. Well at least in his saying he wants to change (destroy) this country. He is going about doing just that. I sit and listen to Blacks, Latinos and some whites. they all say they voted for him twice. and they all say just because he is black Now that is racist. Low informed voter? I think not. How about Stupid Racist. Some older white ladies I talked to. voted for him because he is black and because it would piss off the republicans. Now that shows just how bright the people in this country really is. Color isn’t what counts here. Its how they do their job. And I guess if you voted for him so he could fund raise and take vacations. Well then he’d doing great. But as president of this country. there has never been one worse. He is the biggest two faced liar since Hitler. Wake up America the beast is upon you. And if you don’t fight him now you may never be able to.

    1. TapestryGarden says

      I didn’t see your before posting mine but thank you for saying what I think a lot of people believe. He was elected because he is black and he was re-elected because he is black. Some kind of tribalism that would make an Afghani proud has taken over monority groups in this country. He has been TERRIBLE for blacks…more poverty, higher unemployment…but they still stand by him. It’s hard to understand.

      1. The Quadfather says

        They don’t care as long as they get their welfare and Obamaphones. No self respect.

      2. 40Helen60 says

        Obama is only half black, but no one wants to talk about his white mother.

        1. TapestryGarden says

          No they don’t, “Commie Mommie” is a little hard to explain isn’t she? Not JUST that she’s white but that she had very strange ideas, morals and like her son, really no accomplishments. She was a perpetual student who dumped her child off on her parents when he was inconvenient. Not exactly a role model. He must have figured he’d do better with a black wife so he could get some street cred and use racism, guilt and Leftist ideas to get elected. It was all just a big ruse and the American people bought it…

      3. JOHN T. FOX says


        1. TapestryGarden says

          Yes I agree that was a factor as well. But too many people who voted with their own ballots voted for him. It defies the imagination. Everything he’s done has reduced our standard of living, our standing in the world, and our security.

  21. notislam says

    I didn’t see – HE is an ISLAMIST AND appoints OTHER ISLAMISTS (AKA THE BROTHERHOOD) TO political posts that undermine our CULTURE.
    He doe not respect BORDERS -LANGUATE-CULTURE/ iS he the enemy? yes!

  22. gwedem5995 says

    I agree with them l00% also. Someday when it is too late, the uninformed citizens will wonder just what happened to this once great land.

    1. Hotnike says

      Unfortunately, the uninformed voters won’t know what hit them. They’ll go on their merry old way until Obama pushes them under the bus by taking their goodies away.

    2. shamu9 says

      Yeah, when the WELFARE STOPS, I can’t wait!

      1. JOHN T. FOX says


  23. Shorty Stuff says

    I could add several more items to this list, but the most important one is that I guess it’s too controversial to point out that he is an illegal president? Fake short form birth certificate, fake long form birth certificate, fake selective service card, fake social security number. Even Sheriff Joe Arpaio has proven as much. This “faker in chief” was an Indonesian citizen when he attended school there as “barry soetoro”, and when he visited Pakistan at a time when American citizens were not allowed. And he never re-applied for citizenship when he came back and went to our schools as a foreign citizen. Why do you think he’s blocking all access to his school records?

    1. leithel1 says

      What really ticks me off is that the Supreme Court, Congress, the FBI and Military let him get away with all his lies and deception. They know the real live truth and just let him get away with it as if it doesn’t matter. Their comment is the people voted for him so that makes it o.k.. Well the majority of people didn’t vote for him he is in office because of fraud and he shouldn’t get away with it. All the aforementioned traitors should be held accountable. Dam it, wake up you idiots. It will probably take an armed uprising to get their attention. It is as if they think he cares about anyone else. He could care less about anyone except himself. Have you ever seen him kick a door when he was pissed off?

  24. 2War Abn Vet says

    Try as one might, it’s not possible to find fault with anything written in this article.

  25. dragon lady says

    It is all true.

  26. thor_mmvi says

    I agree with ALL of these!! BTW, Facebook wouldn’t allow me to share from this page. It said something about being an “unsafe link” or “too spammy”. 🙁 I did manage to share it from your Facebook post! 😉

    1. tucker1 says


      1. thor_mmvi says

        Like i stated earlier, I was able to share the link from Joe’s Facebook post. That worked fine.

    2. 7papa7 says

      This is an excellent start for reasons to despise the muslim in chief.

    3. Worried says

      facebook doesnt like anyone that opposes obama or communists in general

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