The IRS Doesn’t Know Where Its Receipts Are

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Know what irony is? It’s the same organization that puts Americans through excruciating audits and asks conservative groups every intrusive question in the book to get tax exempt status being unable to provide its receipts for millions in spending.


The IRS spent over 40 million taxpayer dollars on a conference in 2010, CNN reported Tuesday evening. The actual amount wasted is unknown because the IRS was not required to keep its receipts, something that they require taxpayers to do.

CNN correspondent Dana Bash discussed the excesses of the agency in a report on 360, including gifts, video spoofs and upscale hotel rooms for agency higher-ups, but the cost of those and the conference itself was unclear because the IRS had engaged in poor record-keeping.

Maybe those Tea Party groups should have tried that excuse. “Oh sorry, but we didn’t bother to keep that information and that’s the end of it, right?”

Why do there ALWAYS seem to be a different set of rules for the government than the people who live under the government’s rules?

Written by John Hawkins of

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