Tactless Verbiage From a Pro-Abortion Troll

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imagesPosted by Regis Giles over at Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

Yesterday I posted an article on GirlsJustWannaHaveGuns.com titled “Going Forward: Texas Moves On With It’s Ban On Abortion“.

The article is a simple news report on the Texas House passing a bill that would make it illegal for women to have an abortion after 20 weeks.

The article also states how the bill most likely won’t pass the senate.

I did not share my opinion on this piece.

It was a simple news report, but clearly struck a nerve with this foul-mouthed internet troll on my GJWHG Facebook page.

The first message I received was a private message to the page and it read:

“What a stupid a** c*nt you are. F***ing hypocrite. Go f*ck yourself you useless piece of sh*t. Hope that’s clear enough for your dumb fascist a**.”

My initial reaction was, did you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Then I searched the page to find out what had upset dearest Cruella, when I landed on the post “Going Forward: Texas Moves On With It’s Ban On Abortion” and started reading the comments.

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  1. bahndon says

    People who like or aprouve of abortion do not understand, a women gives up her right to make the choice to KILL the child conceived when she chose to open herself to penetration by some swinging male. Women you must understand when you reduce yourself to a sex toy you expose yourself to HIV, Hepatitis in its various forms, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and many more, some of which you will have for LIFE. Women THINK about it YOU REDUCE YOURSELF TO A SEX TOY for some male that has no respect for YOU.

  2. EvaStClair, deplorable redneck says

    It’s a shame some people never learned to express themselves without using profanity. Who pays attention to a diatribe of foul language?

  3. Jerry Smith says

    Typical “big tent” liberal bigot – open to all opinions and ideas as long as they coincide with his.

  4. foxxybey says

    56,000,000 and counting and people are proud of their godhood,

  5. vet says

    Judgement day will open the eyes of the non believers and they will remain on the merry go round of life.Its a shame but its a fact of life.Hell is here on earth and if they like it so much then they can stay.Who are we to judge stupidity?We who believe will move on and they will suffer their own demise.Know truer words have been spoken when you understand that you can’t fix stupid.

  6. fsa0033 says

    Guy shouldn’t be able to discuss relevant issues. He’s way too sensitive.

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