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NJ Home Invasion Caught On Nanny Cam, Scumbag Caught!


The guy that was caught on camera during a home invasion has been caught. I hope they put this guy away for life, I would prefer for him to be put 6ft under but New Jersey is to liberal of a state to do that…

I don’t have any tolerance for anyone hitting a woman!

Authorities have arrested a man wanted in a New Jersey home invasion that left a mother beaten, an attack that was captured by a nanny camera.

The Essex County prosecutor’s office says 42-year-old Shawn Custis was arrested Friday evening in Manhattan.

Anthony Ambrose, chief of detectives for the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, says the arrest was made by officials from the FBI and the Essex County Prosecutor’s office. Ambrose says Custis is being transported to an undisclosed location in New Jersey.

He faces charges of attempted murder, robbery, burglary and child endangerment.

The attack last Friday in Millburn was captured on home video. A man can be seen bursting into the woman’s home, punching and kicking her and throwing her down stairs while her 3-year-old daughter cowered on the couch.

Very graphic video…

Only if she had a gun, Damn!

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