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I read this:

Gay Colorado couple sues bakery for allegedly refusing them wedding cake

Here are my thoughts, I would love to hear your thoughts…

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  1. Daniel Larson says

    Whatever happened to the old business addage of “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”?

  2. James Riley says

    One persons rights begin where the other persons rights left off.They are making a big deal out of this for the attention they receive.I will not betray my God,and I don’t intend to offend you.My beliefs are mine not yours to triful with.

  3. Bob Miller says

    Colorado-say no more.

  4. jimpeel says

    Religious freedom is codified in the Constitution. Being Gay is not. ‘nuf said.

  5. dangerouspatriot says

    This is definitely BS. But the this country has changed it’s more wrong to hurt somebodies feelings than to bow refuse to do something that is against your beliefs. Nobody cares anymore, all they care about is sueing somebody, anybody because they don’t have the common sense or the mortal fortitude to get along in this world without having to hurt someone else. These homosexuals are a sick people, all homosexuality/lesbianism/tranvestites is nothing more than pure unadultered illegal sex. Homosexuality, lesbianism etc is an abomination to God our Father and these people need to repent of their sins before it’s too late. It’s like you said Joe, if this guy won’t make them a cake, go to someone else to do it for you, all these idiots want is publicity and ill-gotten money. Satan is most certainly at work in this world and it looks like he’s winning but Jesus will be back someday and there will be a lot of very unhappy people when He does come back and judges us all.

  6. purplewings says

    Government has become our boss in almost every area of our lives. They want to tell us how to speak, what to eat, how to raise our children, and where to spend our money. It is disgusting, and nothing like the America where I grew up in and lived out most of my life. It’s too bad a person saves all his life to open his own business and first the Union jumps in & tells him who he can or can’t fire, and how much he must pay them, among other things….now government jumps in & tells the same business person that he is not allowed to turn anyone down based on his own religious beliefs? No wonder people are leaving this country and opening business in foreign territory. We are at the lowest the USA has ever been – just as George Soros ordered. Billionaires will all become Zillionaires when the dollar fails and only oil, gold & silver have value. They love to watch an economy bite the dust!

  7. Sparten1 says

    This is what’s screwing up our country. The Judges need to throw these kinds of cases out of court as a waste of time and resources we have to end up paying for.

  8. blind democrat says

    Do we have to call Big Brother and ask where we are aloud to shop? Or can Big Brother throw me in the slammer because I won’t shop at a store who believes in homosexuality?

  9. blind democrat says

    Can I sue them for “not” choosing to shop at my store if it is exclusively for gays? Just sayin’.

    If I don’t want to shop at a muslim store can they sue me for saying, I don’t want to shop at there store because they stand for different beliefs? Just sayin’.

  10. Ed Kelly says

    It’s these IDIOTS out there that think the world owes them that are causing all the BULLSHIT, Gay this, Straight that, White, Black, WTF is wrong with people today, they ALL think the world owes them. Well guess what, the world owes you SHIT, if anything YOU owe the world. I wont bake you a cake so you sue me, what kind of CRAP is that, go to another bakery and get your cake, there’s THOUSANDS of places that would be willing to bake that cake but because you want to be a BITCH, you are going to force someone to go against what they believe because you feel the world owes you. Go ahead and sue me, I still wont bake your cake and while you WAIST my time and yours, you still have no cake would be my answer to them, and if you force me to make your cake, you WILL REGRET IT, plus I dont think there is a Judge out there that would waist the courts time on something SO STUPID

  11. stevenlehar says

    This is a wedge issue: It has no real relevance in and of itself, but it is a crack between conservatives and liberals that can be used to proclaim that conservatives are biggots, as a distraction from the REAL issue that they are fundamentally transforming ameriKa and deliberately bankrupting the nation. Wake up America! That doesn’t matter!

  12. Driver_S says

    The attitudes of the gays and other special interest groups are disgraceful. You can’t force everyone to agree or accept your beliefs. We don’t have to kiss your ass just because you are different. In fact it’s our right not to accept anything we don’t agree with. I won’t bow to something I consider morally wrong or politically correct if it goes against my own standards and beliefs. If someone doesn’t want to serve you fudge packers go somewhere else. Try the gay community, I’m sure someone bakes cakes and they could refer you to them. Quit your whining and trying to make a big deal out of nothing.

  13. Ron says

    I read it was two lesbians but that is besides the point. I wonder what would happen if I went into a Kosher Jewish shop and asked them to sell me a non kosher slab of bacon. Do I have the right to say they are discriminating against non Jews and i sue them to force them to sell non kosher items. I know this is a ridiculous example, but these homosexuals are attempting to force their perverted lifestyle on us by suing if you disagree with it. My God why are we allowing this society to become deviant. We as Christians have to start saying enough is enough and go back to what this great country was founded on.
    Mr. Greer term gay christian is an oxymoron it is impossible for some one who deliberately goes against the Word of GOD to be christian. That is the same as saying Pelosi is a catholic when she and others in the government allow abortions which is completely against church teachings.

  14. richcarro says

    This was a put-up deal, just so it would get out in the Media and to let everyone know their agenda. And guess what? They got you to broadcast it on the internet. You fell for the trap. You are right to say that this person has the right to refuse or make the cake. That’s why they’re a bunch of low life’s. Do yourself a favor and don’t give them a Platform to point to.

  15. JuneUSA says

    I agree. When did it become wrong for a private business to have to cater to someone else’s beliefs against your own? Yes, they could go to another baker but they won’t, because then they could not sue. It is all about not honoring others beliefs and getting paid to be selfish and greedy.

  16. threeball says

    Were it my bakery,I would post a sign “We reserve the right, to refuse service to anyone” having said that,I would have told them,my niece is a lesbian{which in my case is true}.She asked me 3 years ago what I thought about her and her g/friend getting married.I told her a marriage is a contract between individuals,whereby the offspring will LEGALLY inherit their fathers name,no court document needed.If a marriage can produce offspring w/DNA of both parties involved,then & only then, is it as nature intended.I also asked her 2 hypotheticaly picture a complete irreversible division between our sexes worldwide,in 1 generation Governments would force cohabitation between men & women, lest mankind perish from the earth.

  17. Dennis O'Connor says

    I’m wth you Joe! These radical trouble makers have gone too far. It’s time to stop all this garbage.

  18. bahndon says

    Then the sodomites can not understand why they are not well tolerated by most people, they keep pushing their agenda on the rest of the population. They KNOW their lifestyle is against G-d and NATURE, everyone has in their heart of hearts the knowledge of G-d, this is why they feel so convicted when they come up against someone that will not tolerate their choice of sexual partners.

  19. Andy says

    This is another reason we need to have guns. Loaded guns.

  20. Bob in Florida says

    It is my understanding that people who own and run a private business can refuse service to anyone that want, for any reason they want. Why should they be forced to perform their service, or supply their product, for some people, but not others?

    I believe a private business is like private property; if it’s your property, or your business, you get to choose whom you wish to associate with and/or provide a service for. Where do your rights get violated because someone else’s wishes conflict with yours?

    This “I’m going to sue!” and the political correctness that tries to tell us what we can, and can’t, do with our own property and business has to stop.

  21. Falling Off says

    I say bake them a damn cake. Charge them an extra $1000 because of whatever “specifications” they might have. Then apply that extra money to helping people who exhibit the standards and morals you appreciate. Win 1 for the good guys.

  22. HelloItsMe says

    Recognition of same-sex unions in Colorado occurs within the framework of designated beneficiary agreements since July 1, 2009 and civil unions since May 1, 2013. Same-sex marriage is banned in the constitution since 2006. SOURCE: Wikipedia

    So, what’s the problem? A Christian-owned bakery refuses to bake a wedding cake for two men who married in Massachusetts. How is that breaking the law? Same-sex marriage is banned in Colorado. If anyone is breaking the law here, it is Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig. If they want a cake, why don’t they go to a bakery run by gays?

    It seems as though the gay and lesbian community are always stirring the pot because they can’t accept the heterosexual community’s beliefs and lifestyle, yet they want the heterosexual community to accept their beliefs and lifestyle which is hypocritical on their part.

    If a Christian baker believes it is wrong to bake a cake for homosexuals, then why don’t these two men find a professional baker who is a homosexual to bake their cake? Problem solved. But no! They would rather scream and shout “DISCRIMINATION” because it’s all about them and what they believe. It’s not about them being accepting of other people’s beliefs. Again, they are hypocrites. If they were as open minded as they try to make everyone believe they are then they would simply find someone else to bake their cake and be done with it. But they aren’t doing that, are they?

  23. ixnay00 says

    only 3% of the population is gay but they know that if they throw a fit they will get their own way especially now that we have a bi-sexual president. same thing happened with madaline O’Hare when she, or our liberal judges took God out of our schools. now you can’t pray have the ten camandments or anything to do with God. now our schools are filled with evil. the further we get from God, the further downhill this country will fall till there is nothing left.

  24. George Gilbert says

    Well, Theyre ALL Girlie people. Bake your OWN F*CKIN CAKES.. and breads… I do, and Im a GUY. Not a F*CKIN FAGGOT EITHER

  25. TruthorConsequences says

    There are too many people with “reprobate mind” at God states in Romans Chapter 1, living a SAD (sexually aberrant deviant) lifestyle who not only want to act like that is normal, but want to impose it on everyone else. Before scientists were able to map the entire human genome, sycophants and practitioners of the SAD lifestyle wanted us all to believe they were born with this perversion, that it was genetic and they could not help themselves. This blatant lie was disproven when the human genome was mapped.

    The SADs want to compare themselves to minorities and most especially African-Americans and the struggle of African-Americans for freedom and equality. All dear friends, who are African-Americans reject this comparison and are offended that SADs are making such comparisons.
    The President recognizes and embraces the vote of the people and the electoral college which put him into office. However, when the people of California vote for traditional marriage, he files suit against them to overturn their vote.

    When I was a boy and went into stores, I went barefooted and often without a t-shirt to quickly get a cold bottle of Coke or something while I was hot and mowing yards. One day, the store put a sign on the door, something like “No shirt, No shoes, No Service.” I did not notice it. As I went to the counter, the clerk who knew me very well since I was in their almost daily, told me that was the last time I could come to the store with no shoes and no shirt and be served. She pointed out the sign. I now noticed the new sign for the first time.

    Next time, I slipped on my shoes and shirt to get my cold Coke. It never occurred to me to sue the store, stating they were discriminating against boys who did not want to wear shoes and shirts. If I had chosen not to change my behavior I just would have had to walk another 3 blocks to the next neighborhood store to purchase my Coke. If you don’t want to change your behavior, SADs, just go to a source, just as Joe states, that will make you an unnatural wedding cake. Otherwise, buy a bride and groom wedding cake and buy an extra bride or groom and substitute. That is no reason for a law suit.

  26. Pamela Bennett says

    I’m definitely with you and have to wonder about the people that aren’t! This is probably not even about wedding cakes. More than likely, this “couple” heard about the owner’s feelings, that he is of course entitled to, and are part of a widespread group that are out to enforce their agenda so notoriously that they decided or were told to engage in this sham in order to “punish” the cake maker for his private views. This flies in the face of common sense and reason…AND tolerance, which is what they say they are all about; that is unless you happen to disagree with them in any way. We, all of us who want to retain our freedoms, must stand up to these kind of people who would take them away at a whim!!!!

  27. Dan Moore says

    There are a lot of gay bakery owners that would gladly bake their cake.

  28. raccman says

    “Screw ’em” !

  29. taliesin319 says

    These crybabies know full well that there is no paucity of bakeries willing able and delighted to make them the cake of their choice. That would spoil their fun in making yet another non gay resonsible for making hasten off to the media to prattle on about their victim status. You can be sure that if these clowns didn’t want to do something they’d have no problem telling whoever asked them to get lost.

  30. Jarhead6541 says

    Sorry Joe, shop owners may refuse service for any number of reasons, but this one happens to be unfair. They are homosexuals, and denying them a cake, a house, an apartment, a reservation, etc. for that reason is just not acceptable today. Remember, it used to be blacks that were not allowed access to white facilities, just for their differences. That was wrong, this is wrong. Ones beliefs should not trample anothers humanity. They deserve their cake.

    1. RottDawg says

      I believe in a world of fairness… In this make believe
      fair world, any man would be allowed to have convictions, convictions so deep
      that he would “come out” and say, “I will not serve this
      man.” Any man, for any reason. He would survive only upon his own

      If a person’s convictions are so far off kilter with society
      that he cannot survive, so be it.

      In this fair world, a person’s rights to do as they wish end
      when they affect another person (hurt feelings don’t count).

      But we don’t live in a make believe fair world. We live in a
      world where a person can claim that they are different in some way, shape, or
      form and therefore every person has to treat them as such.

      And for the record, were I in the business of making cakes,
      I’d be more than happy to take these two jackasses’ money. Obviously my convictions differ from the baker.

  31. Colleen Wampler Schaming says

    I always said no matter what is decided on gay marriage they would never be happy until they had taken other people’s rights. As a Christian it is my right to have my own beliefs and decide who I will and who I do not care to do business with. But the agenda is to try to force everyone to approve of their life decisions. They are now stating that if you remain silent on the issue and do not verbally state you approve of it that is discrimation.

  32. shamu9 says

    It’s Not Enough to respect the rights of Gays, You Have to LOVE them and their Perversity, or you’re a Homophobe Bastard!!

  33. SeekNFind says

    The gay demand special treatment and rights for their perversion. Heterosexuals art screaming “hey Look, I’m heterosexuals and you better give me the rights that go with being heterosexual or I’ll sue you”. What next ,the pedophiles will demand special treatment and rights for their perversions.

  34. jaybird says

    They want money, they don’t care about anyone but themselves and that unfortunately is the way most people are this day and time. No one did this 15-20 years ago.

  35. HarryTheCat says

    Just go ahead and take the order…then put a BRIDE and groom on top when you deliver it.

  36. dad666 says

    They should counter sue on the grounds that their first ammendment rights are being violated when the court even considers hearing this absurd case. Perhaps they should include the lawyers and the judge since they are the ones considering and actively participating in this farse called a law suit.
    WAKE UP AMERICA !!!!!!! We are being assaulted and abused by a one minority after another, the gays, the greenies via the EPA, the Governments countless corrupt organizations, The TSA, DHS, IRS and God knows how many more organizations targeting unsuspecting citizens because they want control and to bleed us dry.

  37. AmericanGram says

    I think like you, that’s how I think. This is just too much crap isn’t it? Responsible mature aduts accept when others have different ideas than their own. Only the immature and selfish wants everyone to believe/act the same as they. ‘Hole world’s gone madd, Joe.

  38. DenverKitty says

    Joe, I agree with you. Walmart makes cakes, and these guys can buy their cake topper on the net.

  39. S. Ploughman says

    Waa waa waa! These guys are babies, and need a diaper change. I have a gay daughter and
    she will NOT us her sexuality to gain anything! Works in a man’s world and never uses that or
    the fact that she is a woman to gain anything in her work place. Just works her butt off and
    is responsible, reliable and dependable. Has a great work ethic and a great take charge kind of
    person. We also live in the great liberal state of Colorado. I am ashamed to say that I was born here
    were my parents. Pretty disappointing living around a bunch of idiots. Can’t talk to them and if
    you try to voice your opinion, it’s call a myth! Amazing, if they saw a car wreck in front of their
    face they would deny it! God help us!

  40. monacall says

    I agree w u. Sad thing that guy has to get an Attorney pay mega bucks to go to court to fight for what he believes in. It’s bull corny.

  41. gwedem5995 says

    My thoughts are they could have gone to a supermarket or some other bakery to get their cake.
    I applaud this bakery for not forgoing their beliefs.

  42. anarchyst says

    The so-called “civil-rights (for some)” statutes are responsible for this current state of affairs. Freedom of association was destroyed with the enactment of these misguided statutes. According to our esteemed “attorney general”, only minorities have “civil-rights”, NOT whites. (his words-not mine). Since homosexuals are now considered a “minority”, special (civil-rights) are conferred on them. Whites only have Constitutional rights–NOT civil-rights.

  43. Guest says

    the signs “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason” were created for this very reason. So people cannot sue business owners for refusing service due to differences.. including going against their beliefs. The normal thing to have done would have been to realize that we as human beings are not all going to agree about ANY thing.. A more positive way of handling it would have been for them to have chosen to spend their money elsewhere as they probably found it offensive.. but so did the owners find it offensive to make a cake for something they did not agree with religiously and found it morally offensive.. The couple could easily find a gay community paper that lists gay friendly businesses.. and could have chosen to spend their money in one of those places to support gay business owners.. I am sure there is a gay owned bakery decorating cakes somewhere to order a cake from.. if not.. theres a niche.. start a gay bakery.. might get rich.. but you dont sue everyone in the planet the does not agree with you.. learn to accept all forms of diversity .. even ones you do not agree with. We can even agree to disagree.. and that is the beauty of how FREEDOM works. All this politically correct stuff will never work because there are infinitely too many differences for everyone to get along.. again.. we just have to agree to disagree.. and be THANKFUL we live in a country where it is possible to be different and it is not illegal to be different or to have difference of opinion.. or to have an opinion at all… some people get killed by their governments for allowing their opinions to be heard at all.. I value our freedoms and think if these guys would stop and think… they might find that they should be thankful they can live in a country where everyone has the ability to have different beliefs. And just leave it at that.. go find someone more like minded to provide your service.. you will be happier to give them money anyway..

  44. Jackie Zike says

    Being from Colorado- those guys and this state are a joke! Governor John Hickenlooper (The Looper) and the State Legislature have ruined this state! Leave the man alone – go somewhere else. Go ask Colorado House Speaker Mark Steven Ferrandino – I’m sure he will give you some great recommendations! Grow a pair and get on with your lives!

    1. DenverKitty says

      You mean Chickenpooper?

  45. Matt says

    I read the article and had a similar response Joe, except my response was wrought with explicatives. Since when can government demand that private companies serve everyone? Since when have private companies not had the right to refuse service to whom ever they like?

    Honestly, this whole incident sounds like a setup to me. These guys are from Massachusetts, at least that is the way the article made it sound. They got married in Massachusetts, but wanted to have a Colorado bakery make them a wedding cake, and a bakery that they say has a known history for “discriminating against gay couples”?

    I think I read another person’s comment where they said these guys sound like a pair of spoiled rotten crybabies, and I would agree except that is an insult to spoiled crybabies everywhere…

  46. jtrollla says

    Bake them a butt cake and charge them double.

  47. Venessa Martin says

    Honestly, Joe, they sound like a couple of demanding, spoiled brats that didn’t get their way! They should have gracefully bowed out and went to another bakery that would fulfill their needs instead of punishing someone else because they wouldn’t accept something they don’t believe in. Private companies have the right to refuse services to anyone and it’s always been that way.This politically correct generation seems to have an entitlement problem where they can’t see beyond their own me, me, me, all about me status. STOP being so pushy and offended because someone does not agree with you! If you want others to be more accepting of your choices show some class! Politely thank the business anyway and leave. Here’s a little tip: You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.The “I’m offended card” and the “Race card” has gotten old.

    1. Matt says

      Agreed, very, very old

  48. Globe Warmer says

    Sometimes the Free Market can display it’s integral mechanism of “self non participation” in servicing certain segments of the broader society.

    Same holds true as If the owners in this story ran a liquor store or bar and refused to sell/service to known alcoholics or those adults under the age of 21. The former reason is self imposed while the latter reason is a matter of imposing sales/service restrictions by State regulation (regardless of the owners consent or approval of the law). In short, It’s OK for the State to restrict commerce, but not for the individual Market vendor.

  49. John Merrick says

    Rights of gays to get married truly is not the place of the government. I do not believe the gay community should have any more or less rights than anyone else. This includes providing a service. If this was a black couple the right to sue would not be in question. I don’t agree with abortion, but as a paramedic I can not refuse to provide a service when I have to run a call at Planned Parenthood. I am tired of the rights for gays to marry and get service somewhere being the forefront of huge debates in this country when our government is spying and gathering informatio on honest Americans.

  50. William R Greer says

    in all honesty I am nether for nor against Gay’s christian’s blah blah blah.. But if a private company does not want to provide services to you then oh well. that give no right to pop off with “Oh i’m offended i’m suing!!” that’s just down right ridiculous to think that just because this man’s does not want to go against his own belief’s does not entitle them to a free check… I for one do not believe in being politically correct, I served my country to the Best of my ability and it down right sicken’s me to see my beloved country in the State it is in today. you want equal right’s for gay’s OK no problem. you want to get married and have a legal binding contract of matrimony go for it. but don’t push your lifestyle choices and lack of there of on to other people. I don’t think this is right.

    1. AmericanGram says

      Thank you for serving. And for thinking ” right”

  51. The Kman71 says

    There is no respect for privacy in any form anymore. Private business is just that…I can discriminate whatever I want. You don’t like, put me out of business…don’t cry to the government to do it! We did not like the tyranny of England, and we did something about it!

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