North Carolina student takes a stand against Common Core

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – A North Carolina sixth grader was told to leave school after she refused to take new state tests which are related to the new national Common Core standards.

CCZoe Morris, a student at a Chapel Hill middle school, and her father, Charlie, began researching Common Core after Zoe became increasingly frustrated in class, reports the Heartlander.

Charlie said he became alarmed about the new national standards after he realized “teachers were teaching from scripts.”

“Kids would ask questions in class and the teachers would say, ‘I can’t answer that – it isn’t part of the curriculum,’” Zoe said.

In an effort to raise awareness about the negative effects of Common Core, Zoe opted not to take the new state tests.

Charlie notified the district several weeks prior to the scheduled testing dates that Zoe would not take part. Initially, administrators said Zoe could still attend school during those days, reports the news site.

However, on the day of testing, the school principal told Zoe to take the test or leave, according to Charlie. A district lawyer told Charlie that Zoe had to take the test or being held back a grade level.

Ultimately, Zoe sat for the test but abstained from answering any questions.

“The district doesn’t have a choice but to comply with North Carolina Department of Instruction (NCDI) policies,” said Jeffery Nash, a spokesman for Chapel Hill-Carrborough City Schools.

According to NCDI policy, a school does not have to test students who are not present, but if an untested student returns within 10 days, he or she must take a make-up test, reports the news site.

This gets “sticky” because students are required to attend a certain number of school days in order to advance to the next grade level, said Nash.

No Child Left Behind requires schools to test 95 percent of students. Schools that do not show adequate yearly progress risk losing federal funds.

“When faced with the possibility of sanctions, state education departments and districts often employ their own consequence regimes,” said Robert Schaeffer, a public education director for the advocacy nonprofit group Fair Test.

But parents are not powerless.

“Parents who are fed up with over-testing in schools” may encourage school boards and state lawmakers to defer implementation of Common Core, Schaeffer said.

In the meantime, Charlie and Zoe have launched the Blue Hat Movement, an open forum for parents and teachers to voice their concerns about testing.

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  1. buba says

    If all parents would stand up and tell their children to refuse to take the common core testing then all schools would fail and all would lose federal funding. Parents and children can stand up, but most parents either don’t have an interested or they believe the government is really out to improve the schools.

  2. daveveselenak says

    Americans had better find some fortitude, fast, really fast and hold their children out from schools like this one that are raising good little commies! It is up to “US” to start putting our feet down, preferbly on the face of these communist indoctrinators!

  3. Sagebrush6 says

    Boy, am I ever glad my kids graduated already a few years back. This is beginning to get scary.
    I’m just waiting for the day the muslims say it’s against their religion to speak English. Yee Haa ! It’s gonna be cowboys and muslims.

  4. sysadminpgh says

    Here we can’t stop Federal Funding for our public schools. Our state allows the teacher unions to strike and boy do they! Teachers here start at almost $60,000 and we have over a hundred that make close to $175,000. That’s for what is really a part-time job. Only a 183 days a year. Average teacher only teaches 5.5 hours a day. Last year my school or property taxes were just over $8000. I live in a very modest 1952 brick home with 3 bedrooms and 1 bath. We were just reassess so I’m sure that will increase again. If we lose Federal Funding what in the world would our taxes be? The voters said no to a new high school and we are now building a high school with classes that only hold 12-14 students so more teachers need to be hired. Our teachers just got a nice 13% pay increase and pay ZERO towards their healthcare. Tax payers are paying for an indoor football/soccer field. A Swimming pool larger than our local university has and can you believe a gun range that is costing over $300,000! Thought guns were bad? And this area votes 100% for democrats even when they go to jail as our mayor is sitting in a Grand Jury right now for stealing funds. School Board members open campaign as being related to someone in the union. We keep waiting for the tipping point but guess stupid has none.

  5. egalicki says

    We homeschooled our 2 sons and they are both successful, well behaved, well-adjusted contributing members of society. They are also compassionate, self reliant, honest, and reliable. They have outstanding work ethic, and can be trusted and relied upon to perform whatever tasks they are assigned or that they volunteer to perform. They also know the real history of the founding of our country, the meaning of the revolutionary war, the cost of the revolution and founding of the country to those founding fathers they are trying to rewrite out of history. Do it – homeschool. You can do it – and there is always some source to help if you are unsure or doubtful.

  6. Retired MSgt USAF says

    Here is the FIX for these BS Games the Federal Department of Education, ABOLISH the entire Department. Send the Schools back to the State’s control, where the Citizenship of the State determines the curriculum. Take the Federal Monies out of our school and return the control to the State and LOCAL levels of Government, the way it was until the Progressives got ahold of the lawmaking processes. States Rights and the Peoples Right under the 10th Amendment. Federal Government does not have any Constitutional reason to be in control of States and local policies for determining what will be taught to our children. That is how we are failing our children’s knowledge in History, Mathmatics, and Writing skills.

  7. $4119491 says

    Part of the reason my kids never attended public schools a day in their lives. Our family had to pay out the nose. But, they grew up knowing truth and how to think and not just be parrots.

  8. needful says

    What were some of the questions.

  9. TruthorConsequences says

    The federal takeover of education, the first time in history, began with No Child Left Behind. After this intrusion into education with monetary incentives which serve as bribes to get compliance from cash strapped state and local public school systems.

    It is truly sad what has been done to public education and what public education has done and is doing to the students.

    Answer: Home school if possible. If not possible, try to figure out how it may be possible. Some church schools are good, some are excellent, but be careful…private alternatives can be costly and not worth it.

  10. foxxybey says

    Get the kids out of the public schools as they are Nazi brown shirt training grounds for the left wing nut jobs.

  11. cama9 says

    Get your kid out of the government’s indoctrination centers! Homeschool NOW!

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