Non-Racism In America

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What the George Zimmerman Trial Is Showing Us In Full 1080P High Def Clarity

9065_10151588382162740_1958737917_nSomething I have noticed, there is a ton of non-racism being thrown about in recent days.  I say non-racism because apparently you can only be racist if you’re white, and you are automatically white if you defended yourself against a young black “kid”, who happens to be beating you into the ground, by shooting him, even if you are only half white, but you are all black even if you are the only-half-black president and you decide to poke your nose into a local investigation and make racially charged comments about the poor innocent black kid who was shot and killed while beating a man’s head into the concrete.  Wait, I’m confused, who are the racists?

Well, if you ask that question to Rachel Jeantel, the star witness in the Trayvon Martin shooting, she sure is not.  It’s those horrible “creepy ass crackas” like the half Hispanic man, George Zimmerman.  You know, calling whites crackers is not racist at all.  That is just retarded, sir (her words, not mine).  Oh yeah, but then maybe she is not the best person to ask considering she was caught lying under oath about writing a letter about the events of that night, even though she can’t read or write…1012631_216073095209358_691507923_n

Well, if Jeantel is not an expert on racism, who can we turn to?  Perhaps the always calm, cool and collected Chris Mathews would be a better expert on racism, because God knows he never says completely ridiculous stuff without a shred of factual basis.  Here is a pearl of wisdom spouted by Matthews directed at Rush Limbaugh:  “Actually, Rushbo, racism is the belief that one race — whites — should rule all others.  Get your definitions straight!”  Hang on; no other race besides whites can be racist?  Well, if MSM coverage of events is any indicator, that would seem to be true, but since the MSM cannot be trusted to report on the weather without lying, I think I will not buy their narrative that whites are racist and no one else is.

Perhaps, a man who has fought against racism his entire life would be a better source in which to look for a feeling of what is truly racist.  I bring to you, the Reverend Al Sharpton who laid this beauty on us when talking about the Zimmerman jury: “I would hope that we get fairness,” Sharpton said. “I think, though, we must deal with what the obvious is in terms of what the county demographics are, what is on the jury. But we don’t think people can be fair or unfair based on who they are.”  So, since the jury consists of 5 whites and 1 Hispanic, they are automatically racist?

Well, if I can’t believe the MSM, and Rachel Jeantel is not an expert on what is racist and what is not, and neither is Al Sharpton, perhaps we should look to the people for guidance, and what better place to find the words of the people than Twitter, where the people can freely say whatever they want for the whole world to read.  On Twitter, we find such overtly non-racist comments as:

george-zimmerman-white-racist– “If they don’t kill Zimmerman Ima kill me a cracka”
– “ ima kill a white person in self defense if Zimmerman go free lol on everything.” (side note: I love that this person felt the need to add punctuation at the end of that “sentence”)
– “This Zimmerman shit so AGGY just lock his ass up cause if they don’t imam kill a white person and they better let me go”
– “F**k that nigga Zimmerman, I’ll kill that nigga myself” (now I’m really confused because I though the half Hispanic Zimmerman was a white guy?)

That is just a sampling of the best non-racist comments I saw from the Twitter-sphere.  There are abundant other examples of non-racist comments similar to those if you care to look, and Twitchy was doing a good job of tracking them.

Ok, now please don’t take this to mean that I think all blacks are racist because I really don’t, in fact quite the contrary.  I think saying all blacks are racist is as accurate as saying all whites are racist, or all Hispanics are racist.  I don’t make generalized statements like that based on anyone’s race, but it sure as hell appears that this nation does, including our all-black, half-black president, who has done absolutely NOTHING to try and quell all the anti-white racism brewing over the George Zimmerman trial.  Clearly, by the MSM coverage, what is happening on Twitter, and the deafening silence from the oval office, it is ok to be racist, so long as you aren’t white!

1011839_526508070730327_842355094_nI’m going to throw on my prognostication cloak here for a minute.  Zimmerman is going to be found not guilty of murder (which from everything I know of the case, he is absolutely not guilty of, but that is beside the point).  The prosecution’s “star” witness is a lying racist moron spewing lies and racist comments on the witness stand.  Another prosecution witness testified that he saw Martin straddling Zimmerman and beating him like it was an MMA fight, and smashing his head into the ground.  Guilty of murder beyond a reasonable doubt?  No way in hell!  When Zimmerman is found not guilty, there are going to be riots because of the horrible evil racist whites let that the white (half Hispanic) guy off.  The rioters are going to be claiming racial injustice all the while they are going to be attacking whites, who in no way shape or form have anything to do with the case, in order to get “even” for their imagined racism they see, yet those very people are incapable of seeing how racist they are being.  I ask you, which is worse, the overt racist who knows they are, or the racist who thinks they are not?

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