Bill Ayers: World Changer

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New book exposes how Bill Ayers has been using K-12 classrooms to continue his anti-America revolution

SCOTTDALE, Ga. – Terrorist-turned-education professor Bill Ayers is 68 years old, but he’s still suffering from an identity crisis that’s more common among people a third his age.

Ayers has long described himself as a “small c” communist (whatever that means), but lately he’s been describing himself as an “anarchist” and “freedom fighter.”

JailHe also likes to refer to himself and other educators as “world changers.”

Regardless of how Ayers is branding himself these days, there have been two constants to his lifelong political philosophy: a hatred of free market capitalism and a desire to create a social revolution in the United States.

As Ayers explained to a group of Occupy Wall Street supporters in 2012, “I get up every morning thinking, ‘Today I’m gonna make a difference. I’m gonna end capitalism.’”

In a new book, “Bill Ayers: Teaching Revolution,” professor and author Mary Grabar traces how that ideology has shaped Ayers’ entire adult life, all the way from his bomb-making days in the 1960s and ‘70s to his 23-year career training future public school teachers at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The book also explains how Ayers has become an icon in the education community, and how his revolutionary views are continuing to influence young K-12 teachers today.

From terrorist to teacher

Grabar notes that Ayers began putting his radical ideas into practice at a fairly young age.

When he was 25, Ayers co-founded the Weathermen, a domestic terrorist group that bombed a number of public buildings – including police stations, the U.S. Capitol Building, and the Pentagon – during the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

He then spent a decade as a fugitive, trying to avoid arrest for his terrorist activities, but he ultimately escaped punishment on a legal technicality. Ayers once explained his good fortune to an interviewer this way: “Guilty as hell. Free as a bird. America is a great country.”

Ayers eventually recast himself as an educator and moved his revolution against America into the nation’s classrooms.

Ayers began his career as a kindergarten teacher, but he quickly worked his way into the university system. Once there, he became a celebrated education “expert” who began shaping “all levels of education,” Grabar writes.

When Ayers retired from his university job in 2010, his plan of using the nation’s public schools to change American society from within was firmly in place.

“His is now the dominant view in colleges of education,” Grabar notes. “Others with advanced degrees perpetuate his radicalism in curricula and classrooms. Many parents and citizens don’t know how harmful or insidious these philosophies are.”

Ayers’ strategy

Since Ayers’ overall goal for education is to spread radical ideas to up-and-coming generations of Americans, he didn’t train future teachers to impart “a discreet body of knowledge and set of skills” to students, Grabar writes.

Instead, Ayers advocated a “pedagogy of questioning.”

Under this approach, K-12 students are asked “fundamental” questions such as, “Who in the world am I?” “How did I get here and where am I going?” “What in the world are my choices?” “How in the world shall I proceed?”

Grabar writes, “Such questions are intended to make students question the values of their parents, churches, and communities, their entire tradition.”

To help students arrive at the “correct” answers, Ayers encourages teachers to use leftist teaching materials that focus on “white privilege,” “social justice” and being a “global citizen.”

Grabar describes this as a “content-less education” and concludes that Ayers is a “fraudulent” educator who is no better than a “medical doctor who forges credentials and sets up shop.”

The end result of Ayers’ approach is that many students leave school unprepared to be self-reliant and independent thinkers.

Instead, they become unsuccessful adults who are “very susceptible to the siren call of the community organizer, the one who leads mobs in protest,” Grabar writes.

That does appear to be Ayers’ overall mission.

In December of 2012, Ayers reminded a group of New York City educators, “Our job is movement building.”

And at a conference earlier this year, Ayers told teachers, “We are world changers, one person at a time.”

Fortunately, education reformers have (unwittingly) taken steps to rein in this radical approach to teaching. Now that teacher job reviews are commonly linked to their students’ standardized test scores, activist teachers are forced to spend more of their time teaching the assigned curricula, and less time being “world changers.”

That’s why Ayers and other leftists rail against standardized testing and tougher teacher evaluations. And that’s why Ayers travels the country, urging teachers to “look for institutional cracks” that will allow them to get their message to students.

Grabar writes, “Such strategies involve subverting state standards, changing curricula, and fighting testing. It means sneaking in activities and messages whenever possible, whenever supervisors or principals are not looking.”

Ayers’ legacy

DissidentAyers’ efforts to radicalize the teaching profession have been hugely successful.

Not only is he revered by many academics and journalists as a master educator, but Ayers’ best-selling textbooks are staples in colleges of education all across the nation.

Grabar found Ayers’ most famous book, “To Teach,” listed as required reading for education majors at numerous universities, including Georgia Southern University, the University of Washington, Iowa State University, San Jose State University, New York University and Hamline Law School.

“Ayers’ book is cited in numerous theses and dissertations,” Grabar writes. “He has had a profound influence on younger education professors.”

Ayers’ influence may be equally strong among students, too.

Grabar cites a 2011 Pew Research Center poll that found 49 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds held a favorable view of socialism. Only 43 percent held an unfavorable opinion of the wealth-sharing economic system.

In one of the last chapters in the book, Grabar offers some steps ordinary Americans can take to counteract Ayers’ philosophy in public schools. At the top of that list is reforming the nation’s education colleges.

That’s not an easy task, considering that state universities are managed by nearly anonymous boards of regents, instead of state lawmakers. Grabar tells EAGnews that state lawmakers can hold those boards accountable for their management of the state universities.

But that will only happen if citizens put pressure on their politicians.

Grabar urges Americans to ask their state lawmakers pointed questions, such as, “Why are education professors more concerned about gender politics and post-colonial studies than about helping raise math scores?”

She also encourages concerned citizens to go on their local university’s website to find out what classes are being taught in the college of education and which books are being used.

If they find that classes are little more than training camps for left-wing activists, Americans should let their lawmakers know that, too.

“Put pressure on leaders to change that,” Grabar says. “That’s where it needs to begin.”

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  1. Craig Schwarzbek says

    I’m somewhat torn. I do agree that children should question and learn who they are. Hell no I’m not torn at all. They should question his ideology as well. They should look at the man that hides behind his green curtain. He is a terrorust, a murderer. He admits his guilt. And if he were in a socislist country he would have been put to death for treason.
    History is not just a channel on cable. People need to put more enphasis on history and teaching the full story of America. Teach the full story of the world. There’s that saying about ‘ if you font know your history you’re destined to repeat it. They should be teaching that capitalism is what built America. That socialism leads to dictatorships. That communism has failed in nearly all countrie:s that have taken it on as their economic system. Even China has brought in more capitalism. That has spurred growth in their economy.
    Bill Ayers likes to use the terms ‘social justice’ what the hell does that mean? That is something that is subjective. You can do whatever you want, help an old lady across the street, that’s social justice. Kill your neighbor that could be social justice.
    The irony is that Bill Ayers wants the government to be controllibg all aspect of your life. The same government he was bombing and at war with. How hypocritical is he. How hypocritical is it that those that educate find him as someone they should follow. The whole educational system does not question this man? That doesn’t seem to be very intelligent. Education?

  2. bahndon says

    Bill Ayers is a traitor and should be shot.

  3. Dan Moore says

    Bill Ayers should never been able to get a teaching license in the first place. Felons should not be able to teach. That police book in picture of him looks like he is being hanged. Wishful thinking on my part I guess.

    1. beezwaxing says

      He never needed one. He got a PhD in Education at Columbia while the world had forgotten him. He then applied to the University of Illinois, Chicago, where they knew who he was, and that’s why they hired him.

  4. edgineer says

    Ayers is a Marxist. That means Communist. He is working with Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea to destroy Democracy and establish a totalitarian world government.

  5. R Babs says


    1. mtman2 says

      Proves “the vast right wing conspiracy” DOESN”T exist! All “those” evil, mindless killers + haters; NOT! They’re obviously on the LEFT… never believe a Lib/Prog, just reverse their verbal diagnosis to be correct!

    2. mtman2 says

      “IDIOT” no, treasonous anti-American, God + Founders hating Alinskyite yes!!!

  6. Herman says

    What really tickles me is if it wasn’t for Capitalism, he would have served Prison Time. The only reason Bill Ayers didn’t serve Prison Time was because his Dad was the CEO of Commonwealth Edison. A very Capitalistic Company. He was able to pull strings to keep him out. I would think more of him if he would have taken his punishment like a man and did his time. Right now I think he is just a piece of trash. I had two children that went to Georgia Southern, and I thank God that they didn’t come out as Socialists, as so many of their friends did. Now that I know his book is required reading at Georgia Southern for Education Majors, I am going to make it my main goal to stop it.

  7. Frank W Brown says

    I’m surprised that these TERRORISTS are employed by any institution of higher learning.
    I guess memories really are short-lived, this man is/was a terrorist bomber and NOW he teaches OUR kids. Something REALLY wrong with this picture!

    1. mtman2 says

      Lucifer appears as an “…angel of light”, the ‘Pied Piper’ never had it so good + he’s buying a stairway to heaven; paid for by the sleepers in paradise that let Madeline Murray O’Hare light the fuse that detonated the morally bankrupt social revolution that infected THE nation+society that once had the wisdom to “FEAR GOD”, which “…is the BEGINNING of wisdom”.

  8. raccman says

    When we Americans let our guard down, Anti American scum like Ayers, Obama, Holder, Soros, etc.,etc. ooze up and out of the muck to do their damnedest to destroy our country, our economy, our value system, our military, and everything else we respect, cherish, and hold true !

  9. shamu9 says

    Why is this PUKE, still Wasting Air??? I remember his Weathermen Group, I was at F.A.U. at the time! How come he isn’t a Punk “In the Joint” like he Would/Should be in ANY other Country??

    1. mtman2 says

      Hilter wrote “MEIN KAMPF” while in prison, as a nobody, for a coup attempt. In 1924, Adolf wrote his political beliefs + theories, outlining his plan for German domination of Europe. He got out early for good behaviour! These things happen + they/WE didn’t see it coming…the krauts suffered under war-reparations + Wiemar…..we’ve been too busy dancing to the good life as ‘free Americans’ in the land of Liberty WE inherited, but took for granted until ‘the fiddler’ called for payment. Can WE today even begin to comprehend what drove the Founders + kept them on track to an unknown future from the darkness of human history, illuminated only by Scripture? Knowing human nature past, IT IS INCOMPREHENSIBLE, that WE are even here! -PROVIDENTIAL- is the only conclusion possible, as is life itself!

  10. JT1964 says

    Why would anyone ever want to be taught by an idiot like Bill Ayers. BTW, what parent would send their child to a college that has a professor that is a convicted felon? Says a lot about both the college and the parenting skills of many americans(small “a” intentional, like the small minds it would take to do such a thing).

    1. beezwaxing says

      Because so few people know he is and was, and of those that do, many have forgotten his crimes, some don’t understand the significance of them, and others are true believers just like him.

      1. mtman2 says

        Uncle Joe called them “useful idiots”!

    2. mtman2 says

      True yet how many parents treat their childrens college any different than their highschool? THEY JUST SEND IN TRUST THAT THERE ARE GOOD DECENT PEOPLE ALLOWED IN POSITIONS OF TRUST….VERY WRONG ASSUMPTION, as the ‘folks’ in charge of oversight/administration are -not- “…GOOD DECENT PEOPLE” which IS the commie way to fast track the program.

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