My Dad

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When I became known as “Joe the Plumber”

A question or comment I heard pretty often was “you handled it well” or “how did you handle the pressure?”

My answer to that is GOD and Family. Since it’s Father’s Day, I’ll share with you a little about the influence my dad has had and still has in my life.

“Look it up” that is all I ever heard when I would ask my dad a question. My dad wanted me to know things for myself… From spelling a word to how and why Mt. St. Helens exploded. It’s not that he didn’t want to teach me, (far from it) he wanted me to have a base which then he could expound upon.

The dictionary and set of encyclopedias we had growing up (which I have now) were well used. Not to mention the newspaper. My Dad required me to read the newspaper an hour a day. I think I was the only nine year old that knew what was going on in El Salvador.

GOD hates Liars, Cheaters, and Thieves… Sound harsh? Lets put this way, there wasn’t much lying going on in our house. But, when we did do something that required discipline my Dad was not lax. We would go into our room, my dad would explain to us why we were in trouble. He would talk about how we made the choice to break the rules and that we would have to face the consequences of our actions. He would spank us (without anger) and have us then sit in our rooms and think about what we had done. This was usually followed up with another conversation and then it was over. BUT I need to make something very clear here… It wasn’t the spanking that hurt, it was the disappointment in my Dad’s eyes that hurt me the most.

Growing up, my Dad was never my friend… He was my Dad. Some of you will understand that, and some of you won’t, I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Honor, integrity, civic responsibility, love of country… My Dad instilled these virtues into my very heart and soul.

I could fill up a book talking about my Dad, and maybe one day I will for I think we could all learn from his wisdom.

My Dad was and is my Hero. He is the man that I look to for guidance.

Happy Fathers Day!


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  1. EvaStClair, deplorable redneck says

    Beautiful tribute to your Dad!! God Bless you both.

  2. Cougar Smith says


  3. pdxracefan says

    Well said, Sir!

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