Megyn Kelly and Faux Outrage

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Here we go again. Another case where someone wants to play the insulted, oppressed and offended woman.  Apparently Erick Erickson struck a chord a little too close to home for Fox News’ Megyn Kelly the other day when opining on the differences between *gasp… men and women.  Feeling like you’re neglecting your children by working those long, late hours at Fox? Want to be offended and try to deny the fact that women were created with the nurturing gene? Well, get real. You want to know the real reason you’re feeling angry? You don’t want to face the deep down truth, which you know is in there:

You are the nurturer of the household! Before you flare those nostrils at me and begin kicking up dirt, let me share with you another woman’s perspective….

I am technically a new mother. I just had my first baby 3 months ago. My husband has a teenage son from his first marriage so when I came into the family I filled the mother role in his life. But I believe you truly don’t understand this mother role and how important it is until you have your own.

In my family pre-baby, I filled what I called the “buffer” role. My husband was the tough disciplinarian and I tried to be the softer, more mother-like figure in our son’s life. He needed a strong role model in his father but he also needed a softer, complementary role model in a mother. The same goes for our daughter. She needs to feel safe, protected, loved and provided for by her father and comforted, nurtured and loved by her mother.

I wish we had the financial ability to stay at home and raise our daughter full time, but unfortunately right now we do not. As mothers, it may sound crazy, but we truly know our babies and their wants and needs. I can tell you when my daughter is hungry, tired or just wants to be held.

My husband may not like this and I am in no way taking away from what he does in our daughter’s life, but she needs her mother. When I come home from work late and she is still awake, I truly believe it’s because she is waiting for me. She needs her mother’s touch. And sure enough when I get home I hold her, talk to her and show her my love and she goes right to sleep. Now I know my husband can and has done this (like I said, I’m not taking away from his role or what he does) but a child needs his or her mother!

Mothers and fathers are meant to fulfill certain roles, and I’m sorry Megyn, but nurturing falls under our category. Why do you suppose when children get hurt they cry for their “mommy”? I’ll take this from the WWII book, Flags of our Fathers, but why do you think grown men who were wounded and lie dying cried out for their mothers? Because at that moment they wanted the nurturing comfort that only a mother can provide.

You don’t need a study, a PhD or a job at Fox to figure that out.

Here is Erick’s article in question.

And below you can see Megyn’s faux outrage.

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  1. Shane says

    Kelly is a feminist, and the discussion on Dobbs show upset her. She was too hard on Dobbs, who only said that single women with kids is less than the ideal situation. Dobbs was being pro-family, not anti-feminist. I do give Kelly credit for being a career woman and having children (she is pregnant with her third child). Too many successful women have none or only one child and that is not enough to stablize the population.

  2. 44Grim says

    The thing to realize, folks, is that liberals have been pushing gender equality, and ‘neutrality’ for upwards of 50 years now. Out of this gender ‘equality’ flows feminism, homosexuality being normalized, sex change surgeries, abortion, and trans-gender normalization. They are pushing an idea that each gender is equal and the same, and because of that, their roles should be the same. How do you make women the same? Kill the family structure, rampant divorce, and give women the ability to NOT get pregnant. That’s what they mean by reproductive ‘rights’, the ‘right’ to enjoy sex without any baby side effects.

    This is how they plan on pushing America into a communist state. Families don’t have 1 parent staying at home which means they’re going to government schools for 8 hours a day which fill their children’s minds with anti-Biblical ideas and faux science to turn them into good little liberals. Government education is just a piece of the puzzle.

  3. blind democrat says

    Her information is wrong and she got angry because the truth to her goes against her thinking. Poor woman who is unkowledgeable to the truth.

  4. JuneUSA says

    I watched this and I never did hear what upset her so bad. She just wouldn’t back off for a second.

  5. yestradamous says

    You and Kelly both work. Who says her children get any less attention from her than yours do? If its the same then what nerve have you touched with her? You think she neglects her children but you don’t? How do you figure that? She didn’t like the statement Eric made that men were supposed to be the breadwinners and women weren’t, yet here you are working. You have to and she doesn’t?

  6. Annmarie F. Cash says

    Sorry, but I have to side with Megyn on this one. It’s not the circumstance a child is raised in that forms their character. It’s the way they are raised. I was raised in a 2-parent household. It was as dysfunctional as any home could possibly be, and it scarred me and my siblings more deeply than children should ever be scarred. As a career law enforcement officer, I saw more than my share of kids damaged by their home lives. It didn’t matter if the home had 1 parent, 2 parents, grandparents, or foster parents who raised them. It’s how a child is raised, not what kind of “parents” raise them. If the raising is done right, the child will turn out well 99% of the time. My husband and I were both career cops when our daughter was born. He was also a tough and hardened former Marine, a man’s man. But when our daughter came along, he took up just as much of the child rearing roll as I did. I was a homicide detective while she was a baby, and that meant long hours, and a lot of time away from home. When I couldn’t be there, he was. He handled as many late night feedings, diaper changes, bath times, walk-the-floor-with-a-sick-child nights as I did. For MANY years, we worked opposite shifts so one of us could be home with her, take her to school, pick her up, help with her homework, etc. We couldn’t always be together with her at the same time, but we have ALWAYS been in her corner. She is now 20 years old, in college, and one of the most down-to-earth, well balanced young people I know. She has never, ever given us a moment of heartache. We are truly blessed to have her, and I believe she has turned out so well because she was blessed to have us. Fathers can, and should, nurture just as much as mothers. If they did, our society wouldn’t be nearly as screwed up as it is.

  7. badman400 says

    What a b!tch!!! Everytime one of her guests started answering her in a way she disagreed with, she rudely cut them off and began talking over them. The point the man makes is absolute common sense and displayed plainly in America today. She was simply angry because as a working mother, she decided to take the commentary personally. Very unprofessional and very rude! And for such a beautiful blonde woman, she just made herself ugly in her attempt to be manly.

  8. RKae says

    Instead of getting huffy, why don’t all these “offended” women give us their idea of a system that will allow for them to have their careers AND for their children to be raised? Who exactly is going to be there for the kids? If mothers relinquish that role (Oops! Looks like they have!) it will be the state.
    Good luck with that, kids!

  9. Terry Adams says

    I was raised by my mother alone. Father died at an early age. Mom had it tough raising three kids. But she did her best god rest her soul. she made sure we could cook,clean,do laundry,sew, anything that one would need to be self sufficient. I am very luck to have had her. Mothers you are needed but if your a single mom you must also be tuff. that may not be easy but you need to be a parent before a friend. God bless all of you who are raising kids by yourself. An easy job it is not.

  10. robert108 says

    Despite Megyn’s many positive qualities, she gets prickly when any of the old feminist issues arise. Having been in my Twenties during the Sixties, I can tell you how the feminist movement had a very negative impact on male/female relationships. All the “liberation” movements are Marxism with a different group as the ruling elite. So, the women’s liberation movement is Marxist govt with women as the ruling elite, and Megyn is a follower of this extreme ideology.

  11. Derekf900 says

    I disagree with Megan Kelly she is wrong on this subject.

  12. Derekf900 says

    Megan Kelly thinks just because she’s rich and can afford a full time nanny that her kids can be raised just as effectively as if she stayed home. Megan is selfish and self serving because she thinks that she can do it all. Well, she is wrong NO woman is an island. There is nothing that can replace the traditional family.

  13. anabomb25 says

    The truth is the truth & it hurts

  14. Whackajig says

    God created women with the physical and emotional abilites to raise the kids and give them the moral frame of reference to begin life. Unfortuantely, now many ladies have abdicated this job to the TV and other electronic devices. Mom would rather show the world she can be a breadwinner, than show that she is a good mother whol raises good kids.

  15. wildeagleone says

    I used to work juvenile and can tell you that the children of those in D.C. were locked up for petite crimes because they didn’t get the love they so disparately needed from their mothers and fathers. They were mostly raised by sitters (nanny’s) while the Mothers and Father’s enjoyed the lime light brought on by high positions in the corporate world or the government, either Federal or Military. Go home Megan as you in my book can easily be replaced by women in that organization that are prettier then you and just as talented and educated, with less arrogance and conceit.

    1. Whackajig says

      Most of the kids in DC are black and have never known who their fathers were. Most kids in DC do not have fathers with high positions in the corporate or any government world.

  16. Coral Lee Swapp Kelly says

    you are wrong Megan, every thing you say says I’m on the defense because I feel bad cause I am not there for my kid when I need to be.

  17. bill says

    Megyn, while I love her.. got spanked in this interview. Her introduction of race was a desperate move that held no basis in logic.. I’d never before considered her a “bimbo”.. but she sure came off that way!

  18. Red47 pffft says

    I find it fascinating that Kelly pulls out the idiotic interracial laws as proof that what people think can be wrong. Are not her studies of the same caliber as all the studies and “wisdom” that made interracial marriage illegal and is now debunked? Using her “logic” one can easily say her studies are wrong, too.

    1. Whackajig says

      Interracial marriages produce offspring which usually exibit the worst traits of both. Similar to marrying a black and an orangutan, and you get a retarded orangutan.

      1. Red47 pffft says

        Your comment is weird and obviously cannot be quantified. I suggest mental screening for you.

  19. patriotds1 says

    You don’t have to be a liberal or femme-Nazi to
    both see and support Megyn’s position.

    I am as conservative as they come, and I support Megyn.
    I am totally against same sex marriage, but other than nursing, a husband can be
    just as nurturing as a mother after the first few months. I do
    not belive that Megyn, a conservative and a practicing Catholic, is slighting her
    children at all. It is a personal and individual choice, and the important
    thing is that children are wanted and loved.

    In Megyn’s case I belive that she and her husband are doing just fine. So, her
    response to what amounted to a personal attack on her with generalities, was

    Megyn is also as tough as they come, so back off or that is what you get, any you deserve it.

  20. TruthorConsequences says

    I am definitely pro-mother, having one at home, and readily available all my life and still, thank God, have her at the age of 89 and hope to have her years more. My wife is a great mother as well.

    There is some startling information that may not set well with some (mothers and fathers, even some sociologists and psychologists as well). More than 70 percent of men in prisons and jails throughout the country have one thing in common and it is not the color of their skin or their education level. It is that slightly over 70 percent of all men incarcerated in the U.S. grew up in households without a father throughout most of their formative years, if not all. The common factor is most of those serving time, having committed crimes deemed worthy of crime did not have fathers at home. In women’s prisons and jails, among the women incarcerated in the U.S. slightly less than 70 percent did not have father’s at home.

    That does not minimize the importance of mothers. This lack of a father in the daily life of a child is devastating. Our prisons, jails, youth detention centers, and alternative schools are filled with the results.

    1. Whackajig says

      The preponderance of men in the prisons have TWO things in common:
      1. Skin is black or brown
      2. No idea who their daddies might be

      1. TruthorConsequences says

        The latest statistics available from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics reveals that:

        1. non-Hispanic African-Americans comprise 39.4%
        2. Hispanics comprise 20.6% I(with Puerto Ricans the largest group)
        3. Caucasians comprise 40%
        4. While a little over 70% of these men did not have a father at home, most
        (over 90%) knew who their father was/is.

        In my personal visits to penitentiaries, these general percentages hold true with the national averages. This indicates a failure by parents (and most especially fathers) and by cultures.

  21. DougAMartin says

    Tread lightly on this one guys. I watched the exchange live, without attached commentary, and have to say that Megan wiped the floor with the two gentlemen. Great conservative couple of guys, but they really struck me a buffoonish and backward, and just weak in their suggestion that we are down the tubes because all women don’t stay home. Is this really a position we want publicized? Weren’t there just a couple such very foolish candidates on our side that sealed the image that conservatives were waging a ridiculous war on women, a line of thought that contributed highly to our defeat in the last go around? If life offers a golden ring such as a Fox anchor position to Megan, or any other unusually grand opportunity to any woman, they’re foolish not to take it. And there are plenty of ways to compensate at home, like the lesser earning husband to fill in. Her position was a far cry from the feminist one that men are entirely expendable, that single motherhood isn’t the horrible blight on children that it is, or other such extremist positions. But just watch out for getting us labeled as the group that believes women should only be barefoot and pregnant. Will NOT serve us or the country well.

    1. Whackajig says

      Hey………. we are not down the tubes because mom has abdicated her job of raising the kids, but the kids are down the tube. Modern day children are little chits and will grow up to be big chits. ovomit’s black loving mom gave him to the grandparents and look how that turned out.

  22. Robert Rios says

    Why the hell is everyone sticking their nose into someone elses business. I raised three children and I would resent anyone telling me or my wife how I should raise my children. All of this is Megyn and her families decision, and no one else. The rest of you do-gooders take care of you own families. I suspect many of you have created disfunctional families of your own and speak from experience.

  23. [email protected] says

    Having children is biologically and physically possible for most married couples. However, there is a tremendous difference between ‘raising’ children and simply meeting their needs. Feeding them, clothing them and carting them around to various activities after a stop off at the fast-food joint is not raising a child. Neither is leaving them with a nanny except for the one hour each day when they hold them and give them a treat to pacify them.

  24. voterid says

    For Pete’s sake people. Megyn has a 2 hour show…which may very well take some time to prepare but I doubt that she is gone all day long like women that work full time jobs. Although I know she goes out of town on occasion, but she is very good at what she does. I was a little bit surprised to watch her get upset over this particular subject but some women are very sensitive to the fact that some men talk as if women should have to stay home pregnant and barefoot and not have a right to her own personal time to do what she’s good at. I’m sure Megyn Kelly is doing everything to make sure her children are receiving the care they need…leave her alone and just enjoy her program because she has one of the best daytime slots on Fox News. I believe she should only care what her husband has to say about their children not any of us!!

    1. Red47 pffft says

      Rest assured, she works a minimum eight hour day. The news biz is grinding and demanding, sometimes requiring very long days.

    2. Whackajig says

      Megyn got hot because she knows she is not being the mother she really should be.

  25. LorettaMarie says

    Why be afraid to admit the truth. Children do much much better when their mothers are at home with them. That doesn’t mean mom’s can’t or shouldn’t work. In today’s world they almost have to. But be honest, women were made to fulfill the role of motherhood. It is THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD. So why not admit it. We fulfill that role better when we do it full time.

  26. spartacus says

    just another loud mouth bimbo who thinks the world revolves around her ! .I will take a “stay at home mom” over these poor excuses for females any time !

  27. jamohio says

    God made man and woman to fill roles and it works pretty well! Its never easy being a single parent but thats where family should try and help. Megyn needs to face biologic reality. God made us different!! Embrace it instead of fighting it!!

  28. Mike McKeown says

    Just one for Grayzel God is spelled with an O, and not a -, get it? You can say God here! This is America. It’s OK! Get it! This is not Russia or China or ISLAM! GOD, GOD, GOD! This a Christian country despite what Obama said! So PLEASE spell His name with the respect He deserves! Thank you! You don’t have to hide Him!
    Remember: Without God, America is just one nation under!
    Mike McKeown

    1. flyovercindy says

      See my answer to Robert Anderson Sr.:

      “In Judaism, sometimes, out of respect for the name of God, it is written
      G-d. Erasing or otherwise “disposing” of even the name of God is
      disrespecting God. I am Christian, not Jewish, but I like this level of
      respect for God.”

      1. Shira Drissman says

        Agreed. As a religious Jew, I spell it G-d, out of respect, not out of hiding Him. I have no problem with this being a Christian country, it has nothing to do with that at all.
        PS. Messianic “Judaism” is NOT Judaism.
        PPS. I am a “stay at home” mom working very hard 24/7!

        1. Whackajig says

          How do you pronounce G-d ? When you speak about Him, does it come out God or do you say GD like rev. wright?

  29. flyovercindy says

    As much as I like and admire Megan, I think she is not seeing a reality here. I’m sure she is a wonderful mother, and that her children get the best she can give as far as love, attention and physical needs and comforts. I’m sure she is aware of, and supplies, their need for discipline, education and the training necessary for their lives.

    What I think she, and many “modern” working mothers miss is the possible connection of the lack of nurturing “Mommy” hours with the somewhat disconnected personalities I’ve seen in the last couple of generations. Some may see it as a progression to a more modern society or the adaptation to an almost exclusively electronic world – maybe it is and I’m just an old (just under 60) fuddy-duddy. However, I’ve seen young job applicants who can’t successfully complete a simple interview, a lack of empathy (bullying to the point of the subject being the basis of several successful TV series) and other social handicaps that I feel would be greatly diminished by closer early mother/child interaction.

    Maybe I’m all wet, but it’s an observation I’ve made among our circle of friends and neighbors in our community in the past 40 years….

  30. irish7_1sg says

    This theory was proved in Nazi Germany before WWII. Children were taken away from their mothers to be raised by the state, to be bred into Aryan super soldiers. There was a marked deficiency in these boys, largely the separation from a mother’s nurture and love. Sorry, Megan, you are dead wrong.

  31. Cornbread (like it or not) says

    I really do like & respect Megyn Kelly, & believe she’s a lot smarter than me, for example & as such has done an excellent commentary/journalistic job. However, maybe she, like a lot of other women, men too, had a bad day or let her “feelings” overtake her. Women are also like that, more so than men. & unlike the metrosexual or unisexual or asexual or secular sexual utterly foolish re-definitions of gender roles we get from liberals. Plus her “studies” are based in some sort of “new normal” suppositions, as created by liberalism, also the creator of heavily taxing middle class wage earners, who must have both parents working, oftimes just to make ends meet. And Megyn was kinda “tongue in cheek” ,somewhat. Thank you, God for the differences , part of which is accurately & aptly described by Katie, above!

  32. badman400 says

    Methinks she dost protest too much. Penis envy? Regardless of how obviously female in shape and beauty, she sure appears to want to be a man by her actions, her tone, and her body language, She seems to be bitter that she cannot be thought of as a man. Maybe her mother worked too much out of the home?

  33. edinvestor1 says

    While I respect Megan in general, you are 100% correct on this.

  34. Kathy W says

    Sociological studies and common sense shouldn’t be ignored for political correctness. Megyn is the first one to complain when a man speaks to her in a loud, scary or sexist way. I think it’s good for men to know how they come across to us but not when a large part of your career is public debate. She wants special treatment as a female but she doesn’t want them to notice there are differences between males and females. A mother with lots of money for nannies really doesn’t understand the situation of little ones whose mothers can barely pay for childcare and basic needs.

    1. top7170 says

      I believe Megan is showing her real roots as a feminist and liberal. Great job tearing a man apart that is really defending women. It takes a fool to look at our great society and not see how it has deteriorated and family’s destroyed because of a 1 parent home or a money shortage that takes mom out of the home too. I believe she should go to CNN where they don’t try to hide their ignorance.

  35. Robert Anderson Sr says

    Megyn we love ya BUT as my kids tell me -Take a nerve pill ! This is going to be your 3rd child and it is time to think about their needs also !! This world did start out that the man worked and the mother raised & nurtured the younguns !! Right now your hormones are raging so take leave !

    1. JOHN T. FOX says


      1. reepete says

        Why in the world would you say such a thing, John T? Megan is not just ice candy, and if that’s the reason you watch news you are part of the problem. How old are you, 19?

      2. badman400 says

        I understand what you’re saying John, but I think that what she said and how she said it in that one sided, unprofessional interview, made her look ugly. She just sounded bitter, bitchy and upset that she cannot be a man. Time for her to go, simply because she is no longer capable or doing the job properly. And as pretty as she “should” be, it is hard to watch a woman carrying on that way. Her bad behavior overwhelmed any physical beauty she used to possess. I think this was sign that she needs to hang it up. Not to say she will make all that good a mother. She seems to want to be a father figure more.

    2. Nancy says

      I’m upset w her abt all the insults to the people of OK. Storm shelters, storm chasers, people of OK. Has she ever been there? She’s not helping and she sounds mean and uncaring.

    3. Whackajig says

      If you wish to view an extremely funny short video clip, google Megyn Kelly farting on air.

  36. gainez.bruce says

    OK some folks do have to work for a living. My wife enjoys many days with the grandson becuse both my daughter and her husband have to work to stay off the welfare rolls. I do understand from my own kids how much they missed me at times growing up, but they survived and even though it was touch at times, they came out alright. I suspect the grandchildren will do OK also.

    1. Whackajig says

      Your daughter married a man so untalented that she must work just to keep off the welfare rolls and you think that is “coming out allright? Maybe your sights were set very low. Maybe the low earning people should not reproduce.

  37. david286 says

    Agenda: Grinding America Down

  38. Joe Severa says

    What’s your point Katie? If all women aren’t like you then they are wrong-headed? You’re just narrow minded Katie, for shame!

    1. flyovercindy says

      It’s called opinion, discussion and free speech, Joe. Shame on you for thinking either side should be suppressed.

      1. Whackajig says

        I disagree with Joe Severa, but where did he say anyones’s speech should be suppressed?

        1. flyovercindy says

          Apparently, Joe feels that by disagreeing with Ms. Kelly, Katie’s opinion is shameful, and should not be expressed. Disagreement with honest debate is different than expecting the silencing of one opinion over another.

  39. ejlawyer says

    I guess Megan has never had a talk with Phyllis Schlafly.

    1. $21707116 says

      Holy crap Phyllis Schlafly??? Why would anyone with an ounce of sense want to talk to that dingbat? Have you ever really listened to what she says!! She is beyond crazy!!

      1. top7170 says

        I have a hard time listening to Phyllis because she is constantly interrupting but she’s been ahead of this ball game for a long time. I encourage you to read her book Child abuse in the class room. It was written in the early 70’s and she tells you then why our worlds is upside down today.

      2. reepete says

        it sure would be nice to read intelligent discussion without people calling people crazy or ding bats etc.

        1. Whackajig says

          What is your take on the first amendment?

  40. Grayzel says

    I thank G-d every day for my wonderful wife because she is one of the women who fit your description to a tee.

    1. Robert Anderson Sr says

      why-G-d Can’t say GOD ?

      1. Grayzel says

        Actually no. It is a conviction that I have been given. I can write El, Elohim, Abba or many other names for the all powerful being you name G-d.

        1. Classic Liberal says

          Is this similar to the (forgive my ignorance if the spelling is incorrect) spelling differences to YHWH spelling and the vowel-ized “Yaweh”. Being that the vowels add the breath to words and the symbolism of the breath of life? Sorry if the question isn’t clear–I am hoping you (or someone) will know what I am talking about through the ignorance of the question. It seems like I heard something about this a while back and wasn’t in a position to ask for clarification.

          So… yeah, hopefully someone will know what I am talking about, as I clearly do not.

          1. Grayzel says

            Classic Liberal, first, how many people attack you because of the name you use? Second, you are clear and show no ignorance. Third, people that use the word spelled G-d have many different explanations but yours is the explanation that convinced me to spell the word that way. Given that the term g-d really could mean any deity, (example allah) I think Messianics and Christians should use the word less. In an open forum I sometimes see the need use the word. HaKodesh has given me this conviction and I do not expect anyone else to follow me, I am not insulted when asked or offended when I see the word spelled with the vowel included. May our Great Abba bless you.

          2. Classic Liberal says

            No one has given me any trouble about it as of yet, I am hopeful that most know that “Classic Liberal” is the original term for Libertarianism when the progressives hijacked the name for a myriad of reasons (mainly confusing a belief that government should keep their hands off of social issues, with the acceptance of a “loose, free, and easy” standard of morality). On the flip, when I do post my positions are usually unmistakably not “liberal”.

            I think the reference I heard in relation to the G-d issue was similar to the breath being symbolically divine just as it was added to Abram when his name was changed to abraHAm and Sarai to SarAH. Both having an extra breath sound to their name as a symbol of the blessing of “I AM”.

            Additionally I have been told the deletion of the vowel in expressing His name as YHWH is fundamentally unpronounceable and therefore cannot be spoken in vain.

          3. Grayzel says

            Again, you are correct and a more capable communicator in the written word than I am. Thank you for your help.

          4. Classic Liberal says

            No problem, though I wasn’t specifically trying to help; I was just being a curious gentile trying to pick the brain of everyone whom I learn is Jewish with a barrage of inane questions about culture, history and tradition.

            For example, I was trying to convince my family that “Easter” has been made profane by celebrating it as the tradition of a pagan celebration of a god of fertility including the pagan symbols of eggs and rabbits. Going so far as to call the MOST holy celebration of the Christian faith by the anglicized name of the the pagan god… I was trying to change the celebration (at least in our family) to the traditional day as it happened during the Passover by the Jewish calendar. It’s really not that easy to find a good answer about such things.

            So, I end up bothering the crap out of most anyone with personal knowledge of Hebrew tradition and culture. So thank you for your indulgence 😉 .

          5. Grayzel says

            I was going to give you a good site. I installed a circular stairway in one of their building 30 years ago. They started me on my quest for truth. Here is what I found—“My best advise for those seeking to practice the religion of Y’shua is
            to study traditional Judaism and disassociate from all other religions
            (including so-called Messianic Judaism, Two House and mainstream
            Christianity). If you wish to speak with me about this decision I invite
            you to write me.” If the ‘write me’ link does not work try this–

          6. Grayzel says

            There are very good articles about the Feasts on the web. They are good lessons and have lead me closer to Yahshua.

          7. NukeWaste says

            You are talking about a transliteration of Hebrew to English. Most Israelis don’t use vowels. The newspapers don’t use them. It is the Hebrew word for Jehova. Make the ‘J’ an ‘Y’. I hope this helped.

          8. 44Grim says

            Different languages interpreting the Bible gave us Yahweh and Jehovah based on how they pronounce words. The spelling in the Bible was the same, and they didn’t have vowels, so people added them as they saw fit.

            The Germans came up with Jehovah, which is cool because they pronounce a ‘w’ as a ‘v’ in English.

        2. TruePatriotInTX says

          Wow people, keep your eye on the ball…geez.

      2. flyovercindy says

        In Judaism, sometimes, out of respect for the name of God, it is written G-d. Erasing or otherwise “disposing” of even the name of God is disrespecting God. I am Christian, not Jewish, but I like this level of respect for God.

  41. MoodyRed says

    I can definitely say for a fact, that kids are neglected, not disciplined as well, and not given to love and care they deserve by most working mothers. I raised my kids alone as a working mom, and my job demanded mandatory overtime on occasion. It is hard to raise kids, and not always be there for them when they need you the most…

  42. George Gaither says

    On point, people will neglect their children to have status.

    1. Zeon Deikun says

      Or abort them, they’re so damned inconvenient to an ‘alpha’ career woman! Molon Labe!

      1. NukeWaste says

        I want you to think about the type of woman who has an abortion for convenience. Would you want them to be mothers? Think of the kid. Don’t we have enough psychos in prison?.I, for one, wish every liberal would consider abortion as the better option.

        1. Zeon Deikun says

          I understand your logic but emotionally abortion turns my stomach. Wouldn’t it be better to a) not get pregnant at all, I know that’s “inconvenient” too or b) put the child up for adoption so a good family who aren’t “psychos” could raise the child with good moral character. I know all of this is so 1950’s so I’ll wait for the ad-hominem attacks now! MOLON LABE!

        2. $26222150 says

          So you’re saying the babies are better off dead, or society is better off without them? Abortion is sanctioned murder of our most innocent.You’re just like the mother who aborts her baby. It’s too much trouble.

        3. Shane says

          No, they could put their chilren up for adoption

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