Maine Democrats kill bill to protect students

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Maine Senate Democrats kill a bill that would have allowed teachers to carry firearms

AUGUSTA, Maine – A bill to allow properly trained school employees to carry firearms to school to protect students from armed intruders died in the Maine Senate after Democrats united against the measure.

SchoolGunLD 1429, sponsored by Republican Sen. David Burns, was voted down by in a party-line vote this week, 19-14. The bill would have allowed schools to decide by referendum and school board approval to arm selected school staff members, who would be required to undergo background checks, psychological screening and special training, the Bangor Daily News reports.

Burns said the bill was intended to allow an armed, trained staff member to “stand in the gap” in the event of an armed intrusion until police could respond. In some schools in Burns’ Senate District 29 in northern Maine, police response times can take over an hour, and a tactical team could take much longer, he said.

“I had no intention of expecting a teacher or a staff member to take the place of a professional police officer, although I have met a lot of those people in that profession that I would have gladly had stand beside me in my law enforcement career,” Burns, a retired state police officer, said during floor debate.

“The only real response to deadly force is deadly force,” Burns said, according to the news site. “Facing an armed killer without a weapon is futile and can only add to the number of lost lives.”

Democrats said schools are currently able to hire school resource officers, and argued that more guns in schools will increase the chances of a gun-related incident. It’s the same argument teachers unions across the country have made against arming school employees to protect students.

Burns countered that many schools can’t afford to hire a police officer, and arming at least one staff member could serve as a needed compromise.

We understand Democrats’ preference for school officers who are “fully trained, not to the minimum standard but to the maximum standard,” as Sen. Stan Gerzofsky put it during debate.

But we see no reason why a school employee with the permit to carry a concealed weapon shouldn’t be able to bring their weapon to work. On top of that, the legislation called for specialized training at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.

Considering that some schools simply can’t afford to employ a full-fledged police officer, and are too far in the country to count on quick police response times, we have to wonder if lawmakers made the wisest decision.

We only hope a terrible tragedy doesn’t answer that question in an unthinkable manner.

By Victor Skinner at

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  1. James Holloway says

    NO, no, no. This can only be resolved in time by a twofor…..two for one child. I want them in pairs only. Increase the limit if you can, but, never less than two. It is more economical that way.

  2. bahndon says

    Democrats, and the teacher unions both support on demand abortion, the killing of school children is just a form of late term abortion.

    1. stillsane says

      Are you serious?????

      1. bahndon says

        What is the difference? both result in dead children!

        1. stillsane says

          I do not aprove of abortion!! But some can not afford to raise a child, nor are they qualified to parent a child. I think quite a bit about if there were another option such as orphanages. Like Bing Crosby ( the bells of ST. Mary’s )?

          1. bahndon says

            If they can not afford to raise children then they should not be promiscuous, not having sexual relations is the only 100% way not to get pregnant.
            Women who degrade themselves for sexual pleasure are being exploited by the men they pleasure.
            We need to change the adoption laws of this country and make it easier for adoption to happen. Currently it is easier to adopt a child from China than to adopt a child in the USA.

          2. stillsane says

            When I posted I was thinking of teen aged girls. I assume you would agree teens do not make good decisions.
            Also you are correct, the adoption laws Are a Mess!!
            If a cross section of society could be trusted to operate an orphanage, and don’t abuse the children, or do I ask for too much??

          3. bahndon says

            Teenage persons need to be taught Biblical principles before age 8, then their choices will be Biblical. Orphanages were closed by the time I was in high school, if I remember correctly, funding, and qualified people was what was lacking. Government can not and never will be able to educate, or take proper care of anyone, just look at the past governments and how they became corrupt, just like the current government is headed.

  3. mtman2 says

    That’s why they want your guns! You/WE can’t even imagine the final plannned outcomes of these Anti-GOD parasites. An FBI infiltrator[on Beck+Hannity said he heard the plans in the 70’s that these Anti-Americans figured on “eliminating” 25-million Americans who WOULDN”T BOW their knees to BAAL in the “…reeducation camps” they have planned for us…

  4. mtman2 says

    Finally the NRA was backed against a wall this last time + said it like they always should have, “The only to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”, YUP just like in the cowboy shows WE grew up on, and cheered when the -creeps+criminals- got what they had coming, while WE also cheered when good people were saved to then go about living/loving the American dream. No thought of tyranny from above + behind, it was OUR mistake in forgetting WHOSE country this really is?!!! So now the criminal IRS audits Billy Graham for opposing BO’s endorsing ‘same sex marriage’ in N. Carolina?!!! It didn’t make + he definitely help turn the tide…but could you/WE have imagined this mire WE now find OUR-selves in even 10 yrs ago? No logic, decency, dignity or common sense for what a morally sound society can endure for long.

  5. woofpacker75 says

    Yep, just WAIT until another wacko breaks into a school and starts shooting. And IT WILL HAPPEN. Parents and Repubs in MAINE (especially in Maine) need to POUNCE and slam every Democrat who was TOO [email protected] STUPID to do the right thing for the kids. This is yet another issue that proves Dems are hand-wring Utopia-seekers with no understanding or care for the real world and the needs of real families. BANNING ALL FIREARMS WON’T FIX THIS PROBLEM. IT ONLY CREATES PROBLEMS FOR FAMILY SECURITY AMONG LAWFUL GUN OWNERS.

  6. hora says

    Well that are liberals Dems, now Secret Services eliminate too, president no need protection. Dem must ban run any public office.

  7. Phaenius says

    I wish folk would
    press forward this irony.

    According to the
    Bible the government is a sword, and the founders talk of the same being a
    force, or a gun. If government is a gun and a school is a government entity,
    how is it the GUN will not allow its agent to carry GUNS to protect the most
    innocent and helpless charges.

    should not be involved in education if a gun is not appropriate enough to be
    allowed on the premises.

    Perhaps the GUN
    sign with a slash across it should depict that NO GOVERNMENT IS ALLOWED, and I
    would add, to mess up the minds of the children.

  8. stillsane says

    Close the school doors and lock them. Keep them closed. Do not let teachers and students put things in the doors so they can get in and out at will. Physical security of the schools is over looked and bypassed daily in thousands of schools nation wide!
    Guns should be THE LAST RESORT!

    1. JT1964 says

      If all schools had bullet proof glass, that may work. But a locked door is only a minor setback to someone who wants to get in. As they say, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes(15 to 60) away.” 15 minutes is WAY too long to wait; in northern Maine more likely 30 to 60 minutes. Shooting someone is always the last resort, but a gun in the hands of someone who knows how to use it is the BEST defense available; remember, center mass and shoot until there is no movement or the action locks back – 2 round bursts.

      1. stillsane says

        I work at a school, a large percentage of school employees are neither hunters or fire arms enthusiasts. In addition liberalism is the prevailing political point of view!

        Quite the conundrum.

        1. mtman2 says

          Some truth to this. However many folks just don’t say what they think or believe rather than argue or be laughed at + be ostracized[by the idiots]. Though when the horror really comes to pass + is unfolding they would all be “enthusiastic” about being saved +/or stop the horror. WE used to have rifle teams in about every school, with many teachers as hunter/sportsman or married to one!

          1. stillsane says

            I appreciate your point of view and your rationality.Thank you. I do know teachers with CCW permits, one has had theirs for years, another just got theirs I believe out of fear! But I would trust both ( calm rational thinkers ). The other 99% I’m not sure about.
            Rifle teams in todays schools I don’t think so! My parents used to tell me about them, I’m not sure if they have existed HERE since 1940s, corporate sponsorship went away.

          2. mtman2 says

            I remember us bringing guns to school to show or to hunt after school, game in the fall + winter, woodchucks in the summer. Our school principle gave the Pledge of Allegiance over the loud speaker every morning as we all stood, with hands over hearts, pledged along with him. Seemed like the right thing to do, felt right + good. God help any guy who was disrespectful to a girl, he’d come find’em-[including once the son of a university president]. This administrator hunted at a local deer camp along with many of our fathers + many other teachers. I don’t doubt he had a pistol in his office + I believe he’d of not only protected us, but willingly lay his life down for any one of us. He WAS a mans man, a good example and also sang in the church choir. Did I miss something?

          3. stillsane says

            I don’t think you missed anything, rather I believe you received something wonderful. Your principal reminds me of the principal at my elementary school. He bought coats, hats, and gloves for needy children.
            I remember the pledge of allegiance, and morning prayer. Then one year we didn’t do it anymore.

          4. James Holloway says

            It was never about corporate sponsorship. They paid their own way. I’ve been shooting since I was seven. It is in the training and above all the attitude of the trainee. If you didn’t have those attributes you were dropped from the program. You were a hazard to yourself and others. We had respect for the teacher, the coach and the gun as well as for power tools and vehicles that could kill. It is all this adult creep-ed out attitude that infringes on the ability of a child to understand the affect on life and liberty when a gun is misused. Kids follow the emotional reaction of their parents until they start thinking cognitively on their own. For some it comes early and others it seems to never happen at all. It is simple so quit trying to make it something that it is not. Guns still function in basically the same way as they have for 100 years. They go BOOM! Now, it is the parents and administrators that go BOOM every time they attempt to educate on a subject they know NOTHING about. Their words are more powerful than a cannon with grape shot. (look it up). Once they cut loose they can’t take it back without inflicting personal injury on their own person. A bullet works in the same manner except that it flies in a straight trajectory. Words are omnidirectional and can be eternally causing damage. A bullet expends its energy and dies until a person pulls the trigger the next time. Words have unintended consequences and it seems we have much more illiteracy than ever before. It’s not about knowledge, it is about common sense and the will to stick to it. We have enough educated idiots to last 10 life times!

        2. James Holloway says

          Then let those liberals line up single file in front of the children. Maybe the perp would run out of ammo on them before getting to a kid that didn’t have the sense to “run and not walk”.

  9. purplewings says

    Why is it difficult for so many Democrats to understand? If just one staff member had a gun at the Sandy Hook school when the gun-wielding madman came inside, there wouldn’t be dead children or staff. The dead person would be the madman. These kooks deliberately choose places without protection because they don’t want to be shot, but they do want to be the shooter. Once the word is out they have guns, there would be no madmen approaching. It makes no sense to vote that idea down if your interest is really into saving lives. However, if you are more into appeasing the president, it is understandable, although dumb. After all, the president’s children have multiple armed guards to protect their daughters at school, just as they have multiple gun carriers to protect themselves everywhere they go, as do most politicians and people with money. It’s about saving lives. We all only get one and when it’s gone – that’s it!

  10. daveveselenak says

    Not the least bit surprising as the “Dem-O-Coms” are a culture of death, just look what the HHS lezbo did for that 10 year old girl – ZIP, NADA!

    1. mtman2 says

      Y’all notice the ice coldness of all these ??-men, nothing natural/feminine or warmly human, almost robotic. These are the real “woman-haters”, warring against the true inner beauty of real women and true femininity.

  11. garysvent says

    They can’t afford police protection? What, did they have their own sequester?

    Fire the g-d 7th assistant vice principal — that’s the one that gets donuts for all the other non-working members of the school district — and hire someone who doesn’t wet his pants at the mention of a gun. Gees, folks, these are kids we’re talking about protecting, not some useless communist union.

  12. disqus_hNXvhwdNeI says

    Dear Government, we don’t need your permission to exercise our Constitutional rights.

  13. SammysDad says

    “Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth, and democrats are the lowest form of politicians.” George Patton
    “When people try to truly rectify problems for the good, there are always those politicians who think it’s bad.” Me

  14. vet says

    With all the liberal teachers I’m surprised they found one the could even look at a gun.Fine if you don’t want them to have a gun then we want you to stand in front of the children when the firing starts.And if there is one teacher left standing they should be sent to jail for endangering the welfare of the children.

  15. MN_in_CA says

    Maine is just refreshing the “Gun Free Zone” sign which actually is target on the schools

  16. Graywolf12 says

    Teachers must NOT be allowed to carry weapons. They may kill an obama voter. Check out the political affiliation of the mass killers. Most mass murders are liberal or not affiliated with a party.

  17. JT1964 says

    I guess that the next time that Maine has a deadly shooting in one of it’s “Gun Free Zones”, the Teacher’s Union and The Senate Democrats will have to explain why they were against allowing a teacher to carry. Pretty stupid. Leave them unarmed and exposed and somehow expect an outcome different from the ones in the past. Is it just me, or does it seem that people continue to become less able to understand basic, inexpensive solutions to the school shooting problem. Heck, none of these guys would have ever tried attack any of these places if they knew that someone might shoot back(i.e. they were all chicken crap douch-bags). Each of them was a coward from the start and only chose the places that they did because they knew that no one would be armed.

    1. rchguns says

      No not really. They have their stock answers for any of these tragedies occur in so-called gun free zones. They start off by blaming the gun, after all everyone knows that every gun has its own mind and free will and will just walk out and start shooting people. If that doesn’t fly then they try to blame it on Bush, if that doesn’t work there is global warming, if that doesn’t work they’ve always got sequester. If none of these work you can always blame the NRA.

      The first cardinal rule of being a Democrat is that you must never take the blame for something you do you always blame it on someone else.

      1. JT1964 says

        Sure seems to be the case. Just keep handing out the ADHD meds to developing individuals and we will continue to see these freaks of nature. Ever notice the freaked out eyes on the people doing the shootings? Bet most, if not all, were “medicated” earlier in life. Fact is that we have about 25% of our school children on ADHD and associated meds. I guess that substitutes for exercise and parenting these days.

        Take Care and God Bless.

        1. mtman2 says

          Drugs they say are gateways to witchcraft + the darkness that lies on the other side of a Godly society, with NO limitations, inhibitions, guilt or remorse.

      2. mtman2 says

        It really boils down to the two denominators holding us all up that WE might have a Republic conceived in Liberty under God; George Washington + the Providence of God Almighty. GW could have said “Yes , I want to be King” but he knew it was not Gods will + therefore NOT right. But he could have!!!

        1. rchguns says

          Our founding fathers knew a little bit about what happens to a country when the people allow themselves to be controlled and rules by a king. The Republic was founded and consecrated by the blood of freemen. It was not something that happened by chance.
          I personally am not what people like to refer to as “The Bible Thumper” but I do believe in God and his works. I believe that God guided our founders to create this Republic. There had never been anything like it in the history of the world .

          That brings us to today, we are ruled to a large part by the Social Progressives love long ago turn their backs on everything that the Republic stands for. Their concept of morality is quite simple, they believe that freedom, morals, faith, and honor are a weakness in something that needs to be stamped out. They’re perfect world is a world without law, honor, and God . Pretty much like Sodom and Gomorrah on steroids.

          They have managed to instill their Crown Prince and the White House. Congress is infested with his minion dedicated to promoting the perversion of this Crown Prince. We the good people of this nation have allowed this to happen because we have done nothing to prevent it. The free Republic can only exist when the citizens are educated and dedicated to God and country. Everything that is happened could’ve been should have been prevented simply by educating our youth.

          1. mtman2 says

            True Lib/Progs + Atheists/Hedonists are in the minority. True Marxist/commies are even less. WE the People have been to busy enjoying OUR GOOD + FORTUNATE lives to ‘get involved’ until WE became aware that Lincoln was right the only enemy that could take us down would be from within…from both apathy/preoccupation + determined detractors{Tory’s} that want control to change us from Liberty to socialized statism as England has become, where WE should have shipped ALL the Torys that hated what OUR Founders did. They sided with and fought alongside Great Britain against OUR colonist forefathers + Founders Declaration of Independence. I believe -most- children want to hear the valuable history of America but instead get how evil WE were + are[compared to what?]. No one will say WE were perfect in all aspects, again compared to who else? I naturally found all aspects of how We came to be fascinating + OUR FOUNDERS as true hero’s + role models to learn from+about. The NEA union heads are in control of Dem centered dues contributions + course/textbook studies; this must change!

          2. rchguns says

            Truer words have never been spoken. On the history from many schools have opted for history books that have a tendency to be more fiction than fact. Our County has taken it one step further, under the pretense of saving money they have eliminated history in the high school entirely.

            Whether we can dig out of the hole we are now in is about 50-50. The next generation has been indoctrinated and dumbed down to such a point that they are totally dependent upon the government. If this continues the United States as we know it will cease to exist in a grand Republic will be no more.

    2. mtman2 says

      All true of course though you’d have to more than a “douch-bag” to take the lives of innocents, that is a Satanic type of determined action, beyond poor impulse control. There is a line so far out there they have to come to cross, most people can’t imagine it, … is Demonic!

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