Lets Play Jay Carney Dodge-ball

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The Hardest Working Man in Show Business

Ever wonder why there are no answers about who gave orders to stand down in the Benghazi murders, where the President was that evening, who directed the Cincinnati IRS office to discriminate against Tea Party groups, why the Justice Department armed Mexican drug cartels, whose idea was it to blame Benghazi on a YouTube video, or why is the NSA doing whatever it’s doing?

Well: Part of the explanation is that White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has not answered a question nearly ten-thousand times over the past two years. It’s true – Yahoo! looked it up. That’s a whole lot of not answering for someone whose job it is to give answers.

Never in the history of not giving answers has anyone risen to this awesome level of equivocation, sidestepping and just plain playing stupid as the king of all circumvention, Mr. Jay Carney. He can look you right in the face and say something which common sense would tell anyone he surely must have never even met Barack Obama, that he would be so bereft of any familiarity on so many imperative matters of the administration.

But there he is, not answering a damn thing it seems and smiling like we’re the idiots. On the other hand, maybe he’s right – after all, he’s still standing and I haven’t seen any charges, arrests or articles of impeachment related to any of the myriad of high crimes and misdemeanors – the scope of which would surely make Nixon do triple axels in subterranean Yorba Linda.

So it is in that spirit we bring you an apropos widget we call; “Let’s Play Jay Carney Dodge-ball!” You pick a category and the Jay Carney non-answer calculator spits out every Jay Carney evasion, skirting, ducking and dodging your heart can stand to browse through. It’s even more fun if you read them in Jay’s smarmy voice and pretend you just met with Hillary and promised not to say a word about covering up that thing with the underage prostitutes in Brussels. Enjoy‼

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