John Kerry Says Obama Looks Forward To Signing UN Gun Control Treaty

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Barack Obama hasn’t been able to impose gun control on the United States yet, but that doesn’t mean he has given up on the idea. He can’t wait to take another bite at the apple in Congress and in the interim, he’s signaling his intentions byhaving his Secretary of State let the world know he’s looking forward to signing on to a UN gun control treaty.

john kerry

Secretary of State John Kerry says that the U.S. will sign a controversial United Nations treaty on arms control in spite of bipartisan opposition from lawmakers.

Kerry released a written statement on Monday saying the U.S. “welcomes” the next phase for the treaty, which the U.N. General Assembly approved on April 2 but which gun rights advocates on Capitol Hill fear could lead to new gun control measures domestically, reports Fox News.

“We look forward to signing it as soon as the process of conforming the official translations is completed satisfactorily,” Kerry said, adding that the treaty is “an important contribution to efforts to stem the illicit trade in conventional weapons, which fuels conflict, empowers violent extremists, and contributes to violations of human rights.”

…Supporters of gun rights have warned that it could be used as the basis for more gun control measures in the U.S.

Last week, 130 members of Congress signed a letter to President Barack Obama and Kerry calling on them to reject the measure.

Unfortunately for Barack Obama, he’s President, not king. That means he can sign this treaty if he likes, but 2/3 of the Senate would have to approve it to be ratified and that’s not going to happen. So, he can sign the UN treaty, wag his finger and shake his impotent little fist, but it’s not going to be taking effect. The 2nd Amendment was here before Barack Obama came along and it will still be around after he’s gone.


 Written by John Hawkins of
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  1. Russ says

    Don’t forget about the Russian are here training. If Obama declare Marshall law. Who do you think will come after your guns.

    1. Cody says

      Dead Russians on US soil. Sounds like the best case of justified self defense if I ever heard of one.

  2. tinkerunique says

    BIG O is used to signing “Executive ORDERS” to mandate whatever he wants. Are we (Americans) ready to have Soviet troops HERE searching homes for weapons ? DHS, FEMA, and Russia have been “signed together” in case of a national emergency. Hilarity Clinton came back with that just before she “left” the Secretary of State position. She, Fine-stein, and others have been spouting gun CONTROL for years. Barry-O hides behind children to promote gun control – something he should know about, since he provides weapons to Mexican Cartel, Syrian (Al Qaeda) rebels, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

  3. WhiteFalcon says

    He can sign whatever he wants, but it still has to be ratified by some 3/4 of the Senate, and he is a long ways from ever getting the votes. He is wasting his time. He had about as well go on vacation, where he has been since taking office. Then there is the un-Constitutionality of the entire thing. Urinate on him and his entire crowd.

  4. Berzrkr50 says

    “EFF” Obama…

  5. IHateLibs says

    With this FRAUD, ILLEGAL KENYA Socialist, Destroying the very Fabric of OUR Country. Its NOW and or PAST time for REAL American Citizens to STAND. Enough is Enough. I fear we now Have to get Physical, Voting, E-mails and Phone calls DONT WORK. As we sit, scream and talk to each other, America Crumbles

  6. IHateLibs says

    And I look forward to the Day THEY SWING, for ALL their Treasonous Acts

  7. merle says

    I pray you are correct about our 2nd amendment. THis man is becoming frightening and if he isn’t stopped soon I am afraid we are all going to suffer. The people voted him in (still I think the 2nd term was illegally counted and voted) And why it wasn’t investigated puzzles me.

  8. BillMM1 says

    Let’s see now… The UN gets the Small Arms Treaty signed, including by Barack Hussein Phony. Another oppressive regime turns against their people, a common occurrence among the friends of the Phony President, And now the US is powerless to help those oppressed people. After all, the US wouldn’t want to violate the Small Arms Treaty. Next step is to disarm Americans, because, we know no other country will arm Americans against a future tyrannical regime. Freedom dies for hundreds or thousands of years.

  9. rs1123 says

    With Obama it’s all about appearances. He signs the treaty, it fails in the Senate, and then he can go around making speeches against our rights and the people who refused to help him take those rights away. Personally I get tired of his confusion over the fact that this is the USA and not some koom-by-ah branch of the world community. I want a President of the US, not a tool of the world to give away our rights and our wealth.

  10. rabrooks says

    Sometime I forget that the people running the show really don’t have a clue. For the most part, they have never done anything except run their mouths and convince others to follow their idea. The stars of capitol hill, aren’t the ones with good ideas, but they are the ones renowned for knowing HOW to get things done, or if the direct route is blocked, how to get around the blockage. Regardless of “if we should do it”. This is obozo’s forte. His first move was crushed, so now we must keep a close watch because he will try another route. There are these new treaties one with the EU and the other with japan. Both(I don’t remember their names) treaties will bind us to the “gun ban/no gun” portions that they live by. Watch for the “end-around”! It’s coming. Just wait and watch.

    1. DollarBill says

      I like to hear about treaties.Especially the ones the US Government made with the American Indians.They all but annihilated the entire culture of the people that were here FIRST.Now KING OVOMIT and his thugs think they will take away the 2nd Amendment.Well they better think again because it will NEVER HAPPEN.The UN is a worthless bunch of DOUCH BAGS and will NOT control anything to do with the US CONSTITUTION.
      This illegal alien(Obama)can sign all the papers he wants to and then use them for toilet paper in the WH.

  11. tinkerunique says

    The treaty forbids supplying to terrorist groups ? WHY does Obama supply guns and other aid to Mexican cartel AND Syrian (Al Qaeda) rebels, AND the Muslim Brotherhood ? UN Small Arms Treaty to get “support” with FEMA and DHS to assist Russian troops “in case of a “National Disaster”. Sounds like the “ducks are getting lined up” for a hostile takeover.

  12. azrt1 says

    I look forward to John shot himself in the foot, and barry the evil muslim moron being drummed out of this Country.

  13. PIERRE77L says


  14. PIERRE77L says

    Traitors and Collaborators ought to be hanged. If they betray us of our gun rights. That’s an act of WAR !

  15. farrightextreme says

    If Obama signs will he stop running guns?

    1. tinkerunique says

      That may be why the English Parlament nominated him for, “Hypocrite of the Century”.

      1. merle says

        Pretty sad when other countries see him for what he is ( and isn’t) but brainwashed folks here. voted for him anyway.I loved the gal in Ireland Parliment? and the 15 minute rant she gave on the Obamas . I hope most of you saw it .She was great

  16. Vern Davis says

    I am not sure why they let Kerry get voted in. He is a no-good chicken, and should not be in charge of
    anything to do with our services. Obama has put more commie minded nuts in office than all the Presidents before him. Obama. Kerry, Pelosi, Reid, and Holder should all be sent to Gitmo for a long long time.

    1. Guest says

      lol .. yes.. some of their own treatment for them! I agree wholeheartedly!

    2. tinkerunique says

      Forgot to add Clinton and Feinstein.

  17. waterman says

    Kerry, what an idiot, I wonder when he is going to back out of that nasty hole. Oh, well, dumb*ss Biden will just re-insert himself. I’m sure Obama likes it.

  18. hmmmmm says

    They can sign anything they want but I’d like to see them take guns away from honest gun owners. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

  19. bahndon says

    The UN must be kicked out of America. The small arms treaty will be the catalyst that starts the next American Revolution.

  20. welduh says

    Whose a** is Kerry going to kiss next? What a farce, along with the rest of his ilk in DC. Fonda’s left side image no doubt.

  21. Chris says

    Us patriotic true Americans have been stocking our arsenals the past 4-1/2 years so bring it on.

  22. Bob Miller says

    Hey john, show us your phony medals again! Ohh, uhh, by the way, did you ever get caught up on the taxes you owe on that multi-million dollar yacht, and the cheating on the mooring fees? LMAO.

  23. one_eagle_six says

    If they pass this bull shit law all guns will go under ground and only surface when they are needed to protect our country.

    1. TBJWebmaster says

      I want one of those guns with the barrel tied in a knot. Might not fire well, but it would sure be satisfying to ram it up some of these idiots where the sun don’t shine.

  24. Kent2012 says

    up yours johnny boy……….

  25. scott says

    Kerry, Obama and the U.N. what a combination. Sounds like a sick movie.

    1. Guest says

      lions and tigers and bears.. OH MY!

      what a joke.

      what will they think of next!

      1. azrt1 says

        sicko’s and freaks and psycho’s oh h*ll!

    2. merle says

      They all need to go NOW

  26. NOT A LIBERAL says

    It’s time the traitor Obama leaves the country permanently.

  27. Derekf900 says

    Mark my words……This will lead to insurrection……

    1. tinkerunique says

      Read above post = It sounds like they are expecting one.

  28. Michael Penson says

    Molon Labe

  29. VocalYokel says

    It does not matter one whit if Barry-O signs this or even if 2/3 of the gutless wonders in the Senate ratify it.
    Our God-given rights are not theirs to negotiate with or give away.

    1. DollarBill says

      Your correct.And just who is going to take our guns away?If they do sign it that piece of paper will be as good as the US made the Indians sign.This is the PEOPLE’S COUNTRY and will remain so regardless of who is in the WH,SENATE, or CONGRESS.

    2. Keith Luxton says

      Surely their signatures are meaningless. Our Constitution states very clearly that they cannot make any laws infringing upon our rights to bear arms. If congress passes the law, that makes congress outlaws and we should be able to remove them from office by whatever means are necessary.

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