Is This Really the Land of the Free Anymore?

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Let’s face it—politically inspired abuse of citizens by the IRS is nothing new. We all know that Richard Nixon did it and so did Bill Clinton. Members of Congress see it as their right.

Now we’re told—with a straight face—that a few rogue agents got carried away. Meanwhile, those agents swear that Washington told them to do it.

catherine-engelbrechtLet’s ask Catherine Englebrecht, a wife, mother and small business owner from Houston. Worried about the nation she loves she also started two groups, “True the Vote” and “King Street Patriots” and dutifully filed her papers with the IRS.

Boom–she became an enemy of the state. Obama’s state.

She got all the same hassles and delays and intrusive questions that many others have written about. But then it got worse—much worse.

She was audited by the IRS. Then her husband was audited, then their business—a small engineering firm. They had never been audited before.

Then the FBI showed up and started asking questions about who attended their meetings. They came back four more times with more questions. The Englebrecht’s starting worrying but still refused to believe that this could happen here.

Then the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms showed up for a surprise audit of their engineering firm. Then they came back for another audit. OSHA also came calling in a surprise visit with audit papers.

Just for good measure—and to make sure she got the message—the EPA then arrived for one more surprise audit.

How in the world did the federal government in all it’s power, focus on one law-abiding citizen who had never before received any attention at all?

The answer may be in memos written by one Bob Bauer. He has an impressive resume as the White House counsel under Barack Obama, the general counsel for the Democratic National Committee, the General Counsel for the Obama/Biden campaign and a trusted mentor to newly arrived Senator Obama.

Mr. Bauer saw a threat in Catherine Englebrecht and especially her group “True the Vote” who were fanning out across America to work against voter fraud. He said so in memos sent to the Justice Department and others addressed to “All Interested Parties”.

He had the clout and had the reach to be listened to. Was he at the center of the government’s campaign to scare citizens away from criticism of Barack Obama and his policies?

That shoe has yet to drop although investigators in the House of Representatives are looking now at Ms. Englebrecht’s experience.

Englebrecht bravely insists that she will not be a victim but behind her eyes is fear—fear of her own government. How many others have learned to fear Washington because of the power of our government to intrude, disrupt, intimidate and punish? The cost of defense, alone, can ruin any citizen and any business. It’s about to get even worse.

One of the people at the IRS who oversaw intimidation of conservative groups has now been put in charge of implementation of ObamaCare at the IRS. Thousands of new agents have been hired to enforce mandatory participation and penalties for those who refuse. Health records will be seized and eventually used as leverage.

Thus, for all the gnashing of teeth and moaning about, “How could this happen in America?” the power of the government to regulate and punish every aspect of our spied-upon lives just grew even larger.

Even conservative legislators are now rushing forward to tell us not to worry about being spied upon by Big Brother. Their aims are benevolent and they will protect us, they say. Just trust them, they say.  A good number of Americans are, by recent polling results, buying into this line of reasoning.

But let’s put together Catherine Englebrecht’s story with all those who were targeted by the IRS and then consider Obama lawyer Bob Bauer’s influence to motivate federal agencies to go after citizens exercising what they thought were their constitutionally protected rights to criticize their government.

Then add in the lies that were told to upcoming voters about the murder of our Ambassador in Benghazi, the bald-faced lies told by Attorney General Eric Holder to Congressional oversight committees looking into “Fast and Furious” and the secret court seizures of reporter’s phone calls.

It is fair to ask whether we are living in the Land of the Free anymore. And when Barack Obama and others in Congress say, “Just trust us” why should we? Based on what? Just their words apparently.

This fish is rotten from the head down. If Americans don’t rise up in the mid-term elections next year, we may see our country disappear forever as we become just the sheep who must be closely watched so we can be more efficiently sheared by our “public servants”.


Ken Hoagland is President of “Restore America’s Voice”—a two million person strong citizen advocacy group who believe that public policy decisions increasingly ignore “consent of the governed”.



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  1. OzzWorx says

    We can’t have anybody working against voter fraud, now, can we?

  2. londontubes says

    The nine most feared words in the English language:
    “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

    –Ronald Reagan.

  3. Littlechef says

    Midterm elections? Both sides are corrupt. The people need a restart.

  4. John Julian says

    Washington is using the “ME and Bobby Mcgee” strategy: “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

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