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I want you to remember this name: Bob Bauer. The next time Congressman Elijah Cummings says that the IRS abuse was just rogue agents, remember that name. Bob Bauer. Members of the press, remember that name. He was the top lawyer at the Democratic National Committee. He was Senator Barack Obama’s mentor, he was White House counsel and then general counsel for the Obama/Biden campaign and he sent memo after memo to the Justice department, the IRS and “all interested parties” urging them to go after law abiding citizens who wanted to end voter fraud and exercise their rights to stop an out-of-control government. This abuse of Americans was directed from Washington and at the very highest levels of the Obama administration and campaign.

No natural disaster or foreign enemy has hurt us as much as our own government. The economic collapse that still has 12 million Americans unemployed was caused by our government insisting first that every American should own a home and then disastrously, that no one should restrain the new trillion dollar marketplace in toxic mortgages. Insult on top of injury then forced taxpayers to bail out the guilty parties.

Did this decision have the most important element of our experiment in liberty–consent of the governed? No it did not. We did not consent to be spied on either and it is our own leaders who are destroying the amendment the Founding Fathers wrote, remembering a king who swept up citizens and held secret hearings to condemn them. The true traitors are those self-important brutes in this building who dismantle that Fourth amendment in secret–without consent of the governed.

Nor did the new flawed entitlement program called ObamaCare have our approval, our core principle–consent of the governed. They did it anyway and rammed it down our throats. That force feeding is just beginning with the same woman who oversaw Tea Party abuse now in charge of ObamaCare at the IRS. It will get worse unless we rise up and do again what we did in 2010 elections–be the wild card that throws politics on its head and holds politicians on the left and the right accountable. We must repeal ObamaCare but that will not be enough.

We will never stop the abuse of our citizens and our Constitution until we repeal the income tax and close the doors of the IRS forever. It can be done. Here today are true grassroots patriots who have labored in the shadows for the FairTax. New Jersey FairTaxers, stand up. They want to tell you about it and they need your help. This national consumption tax replaces the income tax and repeals the 16th amendment so we can’t have both. No single piece of legislation since the founding of the Republic would do so much to shift power from Washington to the individual citizen. They hate it here in Washington for good reason–it takes the power away from Washington.

What can we do? Each and every one of us must now become Paul Revere. We must wake America up that our Constitution is in danger of being erased from within. Be patient with our opponents and love them as Barack Obama does not love us. They are not the enemy–they are misguided fellow citizens who will suffer right along with us when government controls everything…and does it so poorly that liberty itself is extinguished. Embrace your fellow citizens and win them over to liberty again.  We either restore the voice of Americans on public policy decisions or see America disappear. Stand and be counted. Be evangelists for freedom again. Our message is simple but profoundly important: Without consent of the governed, this is not America.

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  1. 1baronrichsnot1 says

    Yep! do away with the Irs, they really suck, fire them, let them hoe cotton or something else. All of gov’t is either corrupt or exceedingly stupid. It runs to the SCOTUS with matters that are so clear to the most casual observer “unconstitutional” for an opinion and ruling of their choice. Our society as a whole has adopted a rabbit who lays eggs for easter, a fat man in a red suit for christmas, lies about the thanksgiving celebration, 4th for independence day and many more religious examples. I have a suggestion: Lets call the 4th of July independence day! And just to keep with the US’s idiot electorate’s rendition of colors of cakes and cookies on this day, lets ice our cakes 1/25th white, the rest black and brown, with a red cresent and sword on top. Lets have red and white drinks in glasses that have a deformed eagle, to commemorate the Mexican flag, and call it “Cinco de Juneteenth”

  2. KalevEfrayim says

    This FairTax thing I do not support. If God ask me for 10% why should any government ask for more?
    Time to “refresh the tree of liberty…”

  3. Chuck says

    Oh yes! I advocate a consumption tax. The fair tax is a consumption tax but the problem as I see it is the idea to reduce the taxes paid by low income taxpayers. This is accomplished by a prebate. The problem is that this approach requires the government to know our income. This is a major flaw because it requires taxpayers to again file to provide income data to the government.

    I prefer to go with a straight sales tax and everyone would pay the same rate. If we go to a consumption tax or even the fair tax which I think is flawed, the stock market and the economy will go through the roof and so would tax revenue.

  4. Fox says

    I, and most others, would love to see the end of the hated IR↯↯ (Internal Revenue ↯chutz-↯taffel).

    I, however, would not want it replaced with anything that eventually would be just as bad for us, such as the flat tax, or the “fair” tax.

  5. Wolfman says

    do you really trust Obama and the IRS to run your health care ? it is like putting the foxes in charge of the hen houses. Obamas pay back to America for allowing slavery and other social injustices

    1. rifftop says

      the words …….trust and Obama are mutually exclusive. I only wish we had a congress that would neutralize this inept disgrace. I agree with the pay back theory. I have tossed the idea in conversation. Because Obama is a racist, pro muslim, marxist hack, he hates all things American……the founders, the history, anything to do with Judeo /Christian principles, business and free enterprise at any level. His upbringing and mentors were a bag of commies, black nationalists and muslims.

      1. Wolfman says

        Obama is also a imposter and not a American Citizen

    2. Fox says



      Were those YOUR hens?

      Heh, heh, sorry!

      1. Wolfman says

        Fox, *Fart* Oh! Don’t be sorry your turn is comming.

        1. Fox says

          Hee, hee, hee.
          Yas’ gotta catch me first!

  6. Albert Maslar says

    Universal; MediCare, Deficit, Debt, 3% Nat’l Sales Tax, ½% Wall Street Tax-Max Inc Tax 20%

    Plan includes a 3% National Sales Tax (NST) with NO-EXEMPTION for any retail or wholesale sales or trades, whether individual, corporation, partnership, church, school, charity, political contributions and spending, including contributions in kind; imports, exports, money transfers in and out of the country, and Government spending. Government tax paid to itself cannot be added to availability for general budget spending but is reserved for debt reduction only. This equates to difficult to achieve budget cuts.

    The 3% NST would be allocated: 1% for Budget; 1% to reduce National Debt; 1% for Universal Medicare (UMC) for all US residents having a valid Social Security Number, NOT EIN, Employee Identification Number that is meant for business only but used by illegal immigrants to get picture ID to gain welfare and benefits.

    Included in automatic UMC coverage would be residents having valid residence status, students and workers etc. A corollary would be a graduated 20% maximum income tax (Tax Table available upon request) that would make all income equal with no exceptions. The net result would be a single graduated tax table with limited exemptions and exceptions for individuals, business, corporations, non-profits and all other type organizations.

    Stock market transactions would be subject to a 1/2 percent transaction tax. That might put the brakes on HFT High Frequency Trading that adds to the problems connected with artificial volatility that gobbles up normal investor profits in the blink of an eye, while causing havoc in the market.

    Based on an available study touted by Lanny Davis published in the HILL, the NST would produce
    sufficient revenue to handle the Debt, Deficit, and National HealthCare that would operate under existing Medicare rules and regulations, thereby containing overhead and regulations.

    Using 2008 numbers as an example: there were $755 Trillion in total transactions that year. If the exempted $312 Trillion in stock transactions is deducted, with no exemptions or exceptions for NST that leaves $4.43 Trillion in annual revenues for each phase: 1% each or $4.43 Trillion for Budget, $4.43 Trillion) for Deficit; and $4.43 Trillion for Universal Medicare. This means there is a real chance for eliminating the national debt within the next 5-10 years, as $4.43 Trillion approximates the budget.

    The beauty of the NST is that everyone, legal or not, illegal income or not, welfare income or not, would pay 3% of their spending or benefit for support of the country including automatic Universal Medicare for ALL LEGAL residents of the USA. The NST could replace the need to rely entirely on the income tax that under this plan would be reduced to a graduated tax with a single tax-table for all entities, personal, business, and Not-For Profit entities with a maximum GRADUATED rate of 20% summarized as follows:

    Effective tax rate on Taxable Income of $100,000 2.74%
    Effective tax rate on Taxable Income of $1 Million 7.47%
    Effective tax rate on Taxable Income of $1 Billion 19.88%

    The present income tax code is too cumbersome and complicated and is beyond fixing its over 76,000 pages. Even the IRS does not understand its own conflicting rules and regulations.

    Revenue from the new income tax would make up any budget shortfall not paid by 1/3 of the 1% NST with any excess dedicated to further reduction of the National Debt.

    Request 3-page tax plan and/or 6-page “Plan To Fix It All” from: [email protected]
    Albert Maslar CPA (Retired)
    128 Huron Ave.
    Absecon, NJ 08201-2022

  7. Jay Star says

    The house will cave, they most always do… You see all this other mess has passed. Seems faxes, emails, phone calls, petitions, nothing gets through to this government. They are NOT listening!!

  8. Bonnie Somer says

    joe u could not b more right i was at the IRS rally in DC on June 19 we r doing what we can we need the rest of America to wake up as well the Tea Party is on top of it all Americans must b now

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