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INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: Hold your loved ones close


In times of stress, too often husbands and wives turn on each other. Maybe it’s the, “If I’m miserable, I want everybody to be miserable,” mindset. Whether the stress is caused by money problems or just a vacation gone bad, it’s easy to forget how important family relationships are to our survival.

Recently, our family had a brush with a very scary medical emergency that involved one of our children. As we drove to the emergency room, my first thought was, “I have to call Stephen.” If there was one person I wanted in that ER with me, it was my husband. Yeah, he would help me remain calm, his being there would reassure the kids, but above all, he’s the only person on earth who has as big a stake as I do in the health, welfare, and happiness of our family.

So what’s my tip? Recognize the ways stress affects you and your relationships with your family members and other loved ones, especially your spouse. Step away, physically, if you must in order to slow down and avoid saying words that will damage relationships. I’ve taught my kids, “Just about anything you do in anger will be a mistake.”

If tougher times arrive for America, we are all going to need each other, but more importantly, we’ll need the love and support of our nearest and dearest. Hold them close. Hug them tight.


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