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His Royal Highness: There shall be no coal in my kingdom


Any big surprises this week?

Not really. Republicans in the Senate sold out principle for a pat on the head. The Obamanistas screamed when the courts didn’t rule in their favor. And for the bazillionth time, Barack Obama decided that being President means being King.

As he desires, so it shall be.

He has decided to go ahead and regulate the coal industry to death. The consequences of this will be devastating to domestic energy production, the economy, and to America’s strength in the world. The cost of electricity to all Americans will rocket upwards, and the prospect of summer-time brownouts and rolling blackouts will be inevitable. And not just in stupid states like California, but in energy-rich and well-run states as well.

Why is he doing it? His excuse, which he may actually be stupid enough to believe, is to serve the false religion of the Global Warming Hoax. What other reasons he has, and he does. that’s bad enough.

Why does he think he has the right? Well…. because. Because he thinks he’s entitled to it. Same reason he plays golf while sending young patriots to die in Afghanistan. Same reason he takes expensive vacations on the taxpayer dime, while the nation suffers a 5-year economic famine. Same reason he ignores federal court orders and decisions. Same reason he makes recess appointments where there’s no recess.

Congress has refused to do what he wants, so today he declared he would do it anyway.

Consent of the governed? Rule of law? The Constitution? The good of the country?

The king cares not for such things.

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The weapons had evolved, but our orders remained the same: Hunt them down and kill them off, one by one. A most successful campaign. Perhaps too successful. For those like me, a Death Dealer, this signaled the end of an era. Like the weapons of the previous century, we, too, would become obsolete. Pity, because I lived for it.


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