Has Chris Christie Developed a Nasty Case of “Sorosis”?

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Just end the charade, Governor. It’s time to switch Parties and primary Hillary in 2016.

christie-creamForget the ill-timed “bromance” photo opp with Obama. It did Romney no favors, but it was not the reason he lost. Chris Christie is bad for the Republican Party and bad for America. Why? Like every other “RINO” (Republican in Name Only), he’s more than willing to demonize his own Party by adopting and advancing the Far Left’s false premises and straw man arguments. Need an example?

During the debate over Hurricane Sandy relief, he chose to criticize his GOP House counterparts who were simply looking out for taxpayers by advocating for a “clean bill” rather than blasting the opportunistic Democrats who were trying to insert unrelated “pork”. This was not only disgraceful but completely unnecessary. Shortly thereafter, he made the bizarre proclamation that he agreed with Andrew Cuomo (Moonbat-NY) “98% of the time”. This was a clear case of a Blue State Republican pandering to Democrats, but if his assertion is even close to being true, Christie is neither a Republican nor a “moderate Dem”. Now, reports are surfacing that top Democratic donors, including billionaire troll George Soros, are filling his campaign coffers.

Follow the money, folks. Clearly, progressives like Soros see value in having “R’s” promote their agenda. Some do so unwittingly. Others? Let’s just say that the jury is still out on that one. Intentions notwithstanding, a case could be made that self-interested “enablers” like Chris Christie and John McCain are more dangerous than the socialists who want to “fundamentally transform America”. Hopefully, the RNC, Karl Rove and others who have historically supported “the most electable candidate” will take note. Not only does the “Democrat-lite” approach virtually guarantee defeat in Presidential elections (e.g. McCain, Romney), but it also makes Congressional and US Senate victories far less likely. The progressive Left is already extremely well-armed…we don’t need to provide them with more ammunition by validating their talking points.

We need a change in mind set. We must reject false premises…regardless of their source. It’s time for GOP primary voters to weed out the “RINOs” and elect people who stand for something other than their own electability or job security. The late Andrew Breitbart frequently exposed “Big Government”, “Big Education”, “Big Hollywood” and “Big Media” as the main drivers of false liberal premises. I think we can now add “Big Governors” to his list.

By John LaRosa

Crossposted at JSL Consulting

John LaRosa is co-founder of FourTier Strategies which is not your typical political campaign consultancy.  John LaRosa and Brad Marston have a combined 50 years of business experience in the private sector.  FourTier Strategies works to develop plans with clear, measurable goals as part of a winning political campaign. 


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  1. Buzz says

    There are many claiming to be Republicans that need to leave the party; we also have the choice to vote, after research for the Constitution Party… I am going to try to run; defeat, I do not care; it is what I can try to teach others and the messages I can get out around my state.

  2. DenverKitty says

    Christie is a democrat liberal butt-kissing RINO. ’nuff said.

  3. dad666 says

    He has a great opportunity right now to save his Image. If he appoints a strong Republican replacement for the deceased Lautenberg seat, He might just convince us that he is really a Republican and not just a Butt Kissing RINO.

  4. NOT A LIBERAL says


  5. Ron Powell says

    Christie has no presidential qualities to begin with so why would anyone even consider having him run on any tcket?

  6. notislam says

    He is looking to be nominated == but which party? Sounds like a RINO ?

  7. colsooonscoorner says

    He sure isn ‘t a Republican. Worries me with Rove & company always looking for the most electable candidate. We need to steer clear of their choices!

  8. Angelina Sclone says

    Didn’t take long to see his real colors. He’ll go where the wind blows for his own good politically.
    NOT presidential material. After this horrendous corruption we need one with character.

  9. DustyFae says

    Christie is not a good Republican and really a poor choice to run for president. He is too much of a dictator.

  10. NoMoreMarxistsInDC says

    If Christie is a true Republican, he would send back Soros’s money (from whereever it came from, since Soros has a whole bunch of front groups and straw companies).

  11. KathySchweigert says

    Time for him to leave our party. Very disguisted with him and he betrayed all Conservatives out there.

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