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by Rodney Lee Conover

If Barack Obama didn’t tell Lois Lerner to target his enemies it’s because he didn’t have to. She knows who her boss is and they’re happy as hell with the job she did to help silence Tea Party, religious and conservative groups going into the 2012 election. Ms. Lerner hasn’t been charged, fired, or even had her computer unplugged. She took the Fifth and got a promotion administering ObamaCare.

My point is the Obama Administration is more than willing to use the power of the Federal government to deny Americans their Constitutional rights. “There is no direct link to the White House…” So what? When a baseball team is in last place no one says; “There’s no direct link to the manager. He wasn’t at bat or playing the field – he had nothing to do with it…” It’s his team, just like this is Barack Obama’s team. The manager and most of the players have got to go and this President is no different, except there are probably high crimes and misdemeanors involved here.

I care about Edward Snowden only to the extent that he’s the reason we’re talking about the NSA trolling billions of phone calls, email messages, texts, videos and other means of private communications. Apparently, the information Mr. Snowden “leaked” was already out there but other NSA whistleblowers, Bill Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe, who “did it right,” got harassed, were retaliated against, and most importantly – nothing changed at the NSA, except It got bigger and more secretive. Defenders say the programs are effective and agents can only collect the data, not actually look at it without a court order. Yeah, about that…

In first circlea secret Capitol Hill briefing, the NSA recently disclosed that thousands of analysts have the authority to listen to domestic phone calls. That goes for email and text messages as well. And when I say “secret” Capitol Hill briefing, I of course mean  everyone knows about it. This would be funny if the story didn’t end with me kicking someone’s ass in the gulag. In light of such clear evidence this Administration is not to be trusted with information; why would we grant them the ability to collect this ‘meta-data’? It’s insane. Do I have to list the other Obama scandals that involve secrecy, deception, obfuscation and outright lies?

You know how it’s not cool to make a joke about a bomb when you’re at the airport? Do it and you’ll be detained for hours and be put on a list or two. Does the airport bomb-joke rule go for private conversations, emails, or texts now? Is there even such a thing as a private conversation now? If someone at the NSA finds something they deem suspicious, can they go back years and listen to everything you say to anyone – on the phone, email, text, video – whatever? What’s stopping them from investigating your friends and family using the powers granted to them to catch terrorists? Is this just a continuation of Bush policies or is it much, much bigger as Mr. Snowden claims – a Marxist conspiracy by Chicago thugs?

My point is, do I have to watch what I say on the phone or email for fear Big Brother will become suspicious? They have all my records now and just need to get a FISA court to sign off on further intrusion. How would I know they’re investigating me and everyone I’ve ever called, emailed or texted? And what if I did something private I don’t want anyone else to see? Just to be clear: It’s none of your business. I don’t need another reason.

Trusting government to follow the law are Boehner, Feinstein, Rogers, Saxby, McCain, Reid and others who have been collecting a government paycheck since before the Louisiana purchase. Then there’s Karl Rove who said on Fox that folks opposed to NSA programs must also be against local police forces who use the same type of intelligence gathering to solve crime. Mr. Rove – I haven’t committed a crime! I haven’t been accused of one either, and I damn sure don’t want government agents collecting my records without cause for any reason. patrick henry2

There are people I do respect on a certain Fox News Show… let’s just say it’s on at FIVE, who say these are necessary anti-terrorist programs because if just one nuclear bomb gets through we’re all dead. I’m not going to say their names because I sincerely think they’re both solid people and great conservatives, but their initials are Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld. Question, you two: Does “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death” ring a bell? Did you miss the part where Eric Holder goes from judge to judge until he finds one to sign off on James Rosen being a co-conspirator and a flight-risk? Now we’re supposed to believe they wouldn’t do the same with a FISA court? Did the IRS petition anybody to deny Obama’s enemies their civil rights?

Look at what this President and Congress has done over the past five years with the dollar, the military, the economy, welfare, unemployment. Talk about endangering the well-being of the country – they’ve done a million more times damage to the safety and defense of this nation than Edward Snowden ever could. It’s shocking to me that we’re even debating giving them these kind of powers after all the questions about voting irregularities in the last election. Ask anyone who escaped a place of tyranny if they think this is a good idea.

With every phone record, text, and email of everyone in the nation at hand, a motivated administration could easily fix a national election. You don’t think they’d be on board with that? These are the same people who give automatic weapons to Mexican drug cartels in order to gin up a phony gun crisis here in America to push their anti-Second Amendment crusade. They invented a crazy anti-video riot to cover-up the deaths in Benghazi. These are bad, bad, people who should not have any power at all, much less this kind. This NSA matter isn’t about terrorism, it’s about you. Controlling you. Ten years ago, I would have called myself crazy for saying that.

2014 is right around the corner.


Rodney Lee Conover is a writer / performer, living in Southern California’s Mohave Desert

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  1. Frank W Brown says

    Yes, there WILL BE a false flag causing obummer to declare martial law, then it WILL BE a shooting match! Practice, practice, practice until you can shoot straight! Lock and Load, Molon Labe!

  2. VeeDub57 says

    Let me take this opportunity to repeat the “SO WHAT”!

    Unless and until the ONLY body that is Constitutionally authorized to do something (CONgress) decides to stop the madness THEY are responsible for, and actually “DO” something, it doesn’t matter how much is revealed, or how many whistle blowers there are.

    NOTHING matters as long as the ONLY thing CONgress does is hold hearings and put on a show for the TV cameras. At this point, only an idiot would still believe that CONgress has the courage or sufficient patriotism to fix what CONgress broke or allowed to break.

    Obama and his minions can only get away with what CONgress allows them to get away with.

  3. Donald Congleton says

    Impeach the traitorous SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then Hang him
    as a traitor should be.

  4. JOHN T. FOX says


  5. Baron Von Kowenhoven
    Rodney Lee Conover says

    look at those giant pink lips just below my column!

    1. Baron Von Kowenhoven
      Rodney Lee Conover says

      they’re gone, forget it

  6. Matthew Hurt says

    You have so unfortunately hit the nail on the head. The leaders have proven themselves to be utterly corrupt and then tell us to trust them as they blatantly violate the Constitution “for our own good.” We need to take our country back from these tyrants.

  7. ort says

    Give me liberty, and the seditious, treasonous elitist scum bags in charge the end of the hangmans rope.

    1. Baron Von Kowenhoven
      Rodney Lee Conover says

      and a cheeseburger

      1. Clint says

        Too much cholesterol, sorry.

  8. ron44 says

    They used HLS to target freedom loving people in practice maneuvers by equating them as terrorist but by passed the occupiers that destroyed property.

  9. truthbeknown says

    38 states and we take back the country. throw out the government and start over. Its legal and it can be done. But it has to start in each state and the governors must meet and start the process. Wake up America the beast is upon you.

    1. Dot Pate says

      Sorry Truth: –the governors are in on it!!! At least in Texas, they are!

  10. Derekf900 says

    The media including FNC and people like former VP Dick Cheney are black listing Snowdon. Snowdon is a hero ! NO government has the right to spy on it’s own citizens, PERIOD !!

  11. wdcraftr says

    I’m in the Patrick Henry Camp. They don’t need me anyway, as I’m sure they can get Millions of Illegals to do their farming, laundry, dishes, cooking, pave their bloodied streets, cut their grass, and kiss their aasss! Just Not Me…

    1. Clint says

      Me neither!!!.

  12. TombstoneLizard says

    I am glad to see an intelligent article which perfectly reflects my conclusions about this administration, and the big government behind every administration who pull the puppet’s strings. Very well put, Mr. Conover.

    1. Baron Von Kowenhoven
      Rodney Lee Conover says

      Why, I’m blushing…!

      1. Clint says

        Don’t let the blushing go to your head. :<)

  13. Sagebrush6 says

    As a supervisor, if your people screw up, it’s your @ss that’s on the line also because you didn’t perform. Your Team !

  14. B-Mac says

    None of this is about terrorism, or ‘keeping our country safe for our children’… It’s all a giant load of crap being crammed down our throats. The real goal is power. Period. Power, for power’s sake. Until the people of this country can grasp that concept, the government will continue on its path to total domination of the people, and frankly, it’s the apathetic populace who are largely to blame. If people were more concerned with what is going on with our government, and the power they are grabbing in a brash and bold attempt to destroy the Constitution – that ‘outdated’ instrument which is our sole protection from a tyrannical government – then we might stand a chance of reclaiming our government as being “Of the People, by the People, for the People”. Without an engaged, enlightened and interested populace, we will get the government we deserve: a government that treats us as the enemy, tramples our individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We will continue to suffer under the tyranny we have allowed to gain power and influence over every aspect of our lives.

  15. foxxybey says

    Has nothing to do with terrorism, it’s about people control and a Marxist government who is planning the plantation of all races and colors, instead of representing “We The People”, it is now the masters in control, the reason for gun control just like Hitler and spying on the people and teaching the children to be good little brown shirts for the new SS in America. This nation under the new Hitler-in-chief will soon fold like a used Nazi newspaper.

  16. colsooonscoorner says

    Makes you sick to see the destruction of this nation & iti’s people. I don’t think they give a rats @$$ about terrorism..

    1. 7papa7 says

      I would not be in the least bit surprised if they don’t hope for a terrorist attack in 2016 so he can declare marshal law and stop the election.

      1. JOHN T. FOX says


        1. 7papa7 says

          I am aware of that, if he doesn’t declare it and put the troops on the street it won’t be a problem, if he declares it he can put off the election for ever basically

    2. Chris Mc says

      Oh no, they most certainly do care about terrorism. . .they’re experts at it and exploiting it for their agenda

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