Four New Voices of the GOP

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We recently have a column about Rand Paul speaking to a sold-out crowd at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California. One of the things he said is

I think the party can be big enough to allow people who don’t all agree on every issue.

The other three mentioned in this column don’t all agree on every issue, but they do agree on what is a very important issue, the national debt.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas headlined a big fundraiser thrown by the New York Republican Party in the heart of Manhattan.

I’m going to suggest the last election can be explained in two words: 47 percent.

Those words, uttered by GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, created the wrong narrative. Much better was Romney’s line, ‘You built that.’

And yet, as good as it was, it could’ve been a lot better. Because to whom was it addressed? It was addressed to the 53 percent. It was addressed to the people who’d already built their businesses. How much better would it have been if Romney had campaigned and said, ‘You can build that’?

If you sit back and you list who are the brightest stars in the Republican Party, who are the most effective for free-market principles, you come up with names like Marco Rubio, like Mike Lee, like Rand Paul, like Pat Toomey, like Scott Walker.

And, someone yelled out, “Ted Cruz!” Cruz just nodded and chuckled.

Mike Lee spoke on the Senate floor.

The unspoken premise of every argument we have heard in favor of going to conference on this budget without conditions is that Congress knows what it is doing. Trust us — to go into a backroom and cut a deal. Trust us — to ignore special interests and only work for the good of the country. Trust us — to not wait until the eleventh hour, to not hold the full faith and credit of the United States hostage, to not ram through another thousand-page, trillion-dollar bill, sight unseen. Trust us. We’re Congress! As it happens, the American people don’t trust Congress — or either party. And we have given them at least 17 trillion reasons not to.

Marco Rubio spoke on the Senate floor.

The problem, is that there has been in the past a bipartisan consensus to increase federal spending, and the debt limit along with it.

What I am concerned about is the regular order of doing things in this city, where the debt limit has been raised consistently, without any conversation about the fact that this government borrows 40 cents out of every dollar that it spends. My concern is that I do not have trust in Washington, D.C. I don’t care who’s in charge.

We face problems that require real solutions that will truly ensure our children and grandchildren inherit a stronger and more prosperous America. No issue is more threatening to our future than our debt, which is why we simply can’t let Washington keep running away from the debt crisis it has created.

These four new voices of the GOP are catching a lot of heat from the driveby media, the Democrats, squishy RINOs like John McCain and Susan Collins, and even fellow colleagues like Tom Coburn, Jeff Sessions, and Rep. Trent Franks. The gist of the heat is that these four have bad manners, and are not behaving the way that they should behave. Poppycock! These four give us hope that we can keep this Republic as a reference to Ben Franklin’s reply to the lady who asked what do we have. Politics just like sports are venues for spectators to pick a side, and it appears that the grassroots are picking to side with these four.

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