Fax your Senator on Amnesty: Letter #5 – Border Fence, Border Security Strategy, eVerify

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Here’s your next cut and paste fax to send to your US Senator and to Mario Rubio…


Dear Senator NAME:

I’m writing you to express my concern over the amnesty bill (S744) that will be coming up for a vote shortly.

The Obama Administration and the Gang of Eight are spreading disinformation (or lies) about this bill in order to assure a repeat of the 1988 Immigration Amnesty farce.  You’ll recall that in 1988 the Congress promised President Reagan that in return for accepting amnesty first for about 1,000,000 illegal aliens the southern border would be secured.

That never happened.

We keep hearing that we “have to do something” because our immigration law is broken.  I would respectfully submit that it’s our “immigration enforcement” that is broken, not our laws.

Now we’re looking at round two.  The mantra is, once again, “Amnesty First, Then Security”.   Please Senator, once is enough.  Do not buy into the lie this time.

Here are some things to consider as you decide how you will vote.

The Gang of Eight is telling us that we will build a border fence, that we will have a comprehensive border security strategy and that the current eVerify system will be replaced with a  new eVerify system.  The Gang is lying to us.

In an article for the Daily Caller on April 29th,  Mickey Kaus points out the following…

[The Gang of Eight] has already caved on the fence. The bill [they] “negotiated’ only requires (on page 24)  that the Department of Homeland Security come up with a “Southern Border Fencing Strategy”

to identify where fencing, including double-layer fencing, infra-structure, and technology should be deployed along  the Southern border. [E.A.]

This is the same Department of Homeland Security that has already decided that fencing shouldn’t be built “from left to right, from east to west,” undermining what many thought Congress had passed in 2006.   They would rather rely on “virtual” fencing that requires lots of DHS personnel and doesn’t offend Mexico –and also doesn’t work very well.  DHS isn’t going to reach a different conclusion just because Rubio’s bill gives it an extra $1.5 billion to spend on fencing.  It will probably just buy more useless but diplomatically uncontroversial high tech ”fencing” gear. Nothing in the bill says it can’t.

Congress passed a bill in 1986 requiring increased border security and a fence on the Mexican border.  Nothing happened.  Congress passed a bill in 2006 requiring increased border security and a fence on the Mexican border.  Virtually nothing happened.  Actually, something did happen, DHS spent billions on a “virtual” fence.  It didn’t work.

How can we expect DHS, who won’t enforce current immigration law, to follow this new version?

As far as the so-called “Comprehensive Southern Border Security Strategy” is concerned, Congress and multiple administrations have been wrestling with that since at least 1986.  In seventeen years they have produced no strategy, they’ve spent billions and we’ve got at least 11 million illegal aliens who’ve crossed the Southern border.

This time around, S744 will authorized more billions to be spent and if certain targets are not met in five years relative to illegal crossing the matter will be referred to a “commission”.  If the DHS doesn’t like the commission’s recommendation they can discard it.  Five years from now, with this legislation, we’ll still have a porous border, we’ll be another eight billion or so in the hole and we’ll have at least 11 million new “legalized” residents who will be on their unimpeded way to US citizenship.

And we’ll have Senators and Representatives who are shocked that we’re still in the same boat we’re in today with respect to the flow of illegal aliens and the lack of border security.

Finally, with respect to eVerify, the so-called “trigger” is a fraud.  DHS has ten years to develop a new eVerify system.  Why?  The current eVerify system works to an accuracy of about 98%.  How about we simply implement that immediately and work on any fixes that might be required to close the 2% error gap?

The real stopper with regard to the eVerify “trigger” is a clause in the legislation that grants an exception.  If litigation has prevented eVerify from being implemented all legalized illegal aliens will get green cards no matter what.

I hope you understand that the ACLU and dozens of other open borders groups will be filing lawsuits in favorable federal court jurisdictions immediately.  They will tie this provision – and any others they don’t like – up in federal court, most likely in the 9th Circuit, for decades.

We have no assurance that DHS would actually enforce the new immigration law, which is loaded with loopholes, any better than they’ve enforced the current law.

Nothing here assures that the border will be any more secure than it is today, and Secretary Napolitano has already said that the border is more secure today than it’s ever been.

Senator, please don’t be played a fool by the Gang of Eight.

S744 will not secure the border.  It will only spend billions of dollars and 11 million plus illegal aliens will get amnesty.

Please vote no on S744.

Thank you,

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