Fax your Senator on Amnesty: Letter #4 – Fines, Fees and the Back of the Line

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Here’s your next cut and paste fax to send to your US Senator and to Mario Rubio…


Dear Senator NAME:

I’m writing you to express my concern over the amnesty bill (S774) that will be coming up for a vote shortly.

The Obama Administration and the Gang of Eight are spreading disinformation (or lies) about this bill in order to assure a repeat of the 1988 Immigration Amnesty farce.  You’ll recall that in 1988 the Congress promised President Reagan that in return for accepting amnesty first for about 1,000,000 illegal aliens the southern border would be secured.

That never happened.

We keep hearing that we “have to do something” because our immigration law is broken.  I would respectfully submit that it’s our “immigration enforcement” that is broken, not our laws.

Now we’re looking at round two.  The mantra is, once again, “Amnesty First, Then Security”.   Please Senator, once is enough.  Do not buy into the lie this time.

Here are some things to consider as you decide how you will vote.

The Gang of Eight is telling us that illegal aliens will have to pay a fine, pay fees and that they’ll go to the “back of the line” for citizenship.  The Gang is lying to us.

The Christian Science Monitor, on May 13th, noted the following:


The bill calls for immigrants to pay both a fee and a fine. In a recent speech Mr. Obama used the word “penalty” to describe the fine illegal immigrants must pay. Fees, on the other hand, are meant to help cover the cost of administering an amnesty.

As to the fees, the bill does not outline what the fees would be – and there are waivers.

…the bill gives Ms. Napolitano the power to limit the fee and to exempt “classes of individuals” altogether.

So, Janet Napolitano gets to determine what the fees and fines will be and who gets waivers.  You can guess what they’ll be.

the Christian Science Monitor also addressed “going to the back of the line” in the same article.

Most illegal immigrants who claim to be eligible for this amnesty will be allowed to stay in the country and will be given time to apply. Those approved for provisional legal status under the amnesty (i.e. those who have passed the background check and paid the provisional $500 fine) will be immediately entitled to a work permit, a Social Security account, travel documents, drivers’ licenses, many federal public benefits, and many additional state-level benefits.

While the green card may be delayed for a period of years and would require – to the extent described above – payment of the remaining fines, resolution of any pre-existing problems with the IRS, and proof of learning some English, it is undeniable that those who receive legal status through the amnesty are in a much better position compared to those overseas who have applied to come to the US legally.

Consequently, amnesties encourage illegal immigration by sending the message around the world that illegal entry is a legitimate path to US citizenship. The US Border Patrol chief recently testified to Congress that even the discussion of the amnesty has already led to increases in illegal immigration.

So they come here illegally, receive a work permit, Social Security account and that’s what the Gang of Eight thinks is “going to the back of the line”.

We have no assurance that DHS would actually enforce the new immigration law, which is loaded with loopholes, any better than they’ve enforced the current law.

Nothing here assures that the border will be any more secure than it is today, and Secretary Napolitano has already said that the border is more secure today than it’s ever been.

Senator, please don’t be played a fool by the Gang of Eight.

S744 will not secure the border.  It will only spend billions of dollars and 11 million plus illegal aliens will get amnesty.

Please vote no on S744.

Thank you,


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