Fax your Senator on Amnesty: Letter #3 – Back Taxes, Learning English and Background Checks?

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Here’s your next cut and paste fax to send to your US Senator and to Mario Rubio…


Dear Senator NAME:

I’m writing you to express my concern over the amnesty bill (S744) that will be coming up for a vote shortly.

The Obama Administration and the Gang of Eight are spreading disinformation (or lies) about this bill in order to assure a repeat of the 1988 Immigration Amnesty farce.  You’ll recall that in 1986 the Congress promised President Reagan that in return for accepting amnesty first for about 1,000,000 illegal aliens the southern border would be secured.

That never happened.

We keep hearing that we “have to do something” because our immigration law is broken.  I would respectfully submit that it’s our “immigration enforcement” that is broken, not our laws.

Now we’re looking at round two.  The mantra is, once again, “Amnesty First, Then Security”.   Please Senator, once is enough.  Do not buy into the lie this time.

Here are some things to consider as you decide how you will vote.

The legislation is being pushed as requiring illegal immigrants to “pay back taxes”.  Here’s what’s really going to happen, according to an April 18th story in Politico.

Negotiators had to choose between a[n] approach favored by Republicans … that would have required immigrants and employers to painstakingly piece together a tax history so the government could collect what is owed and a less burdensome option of focusing on people who already have a past-due bill with the Internal Revenue Service.

They chose the milder approach and punted the details to the Treasury Department and IRS to hash out down the road.

In other words, it’s almost a certainty that no illegal immigrant will pay a nickel in back taxes.  Since they’re supposed to be flying under the radar and not filing taxes what’s the probability that the IRS already has an action started against any of them?

One of the so-called features of S744 is that illegal immigrants will be required to learn English.  That was a requirement of the 1986 amnesty law that INS, who was charged with enforcement of that law, ignored and then made some arcane rules that eliminated the requirement for the vast majority of illegals.  The INS decided that completing 40 hours of an English/civics program met the amnesty’s requirements.

Given that DHS refuses to enforce virtually every part of the existing immigration law, why should we have any confidence that they will enforce S744 if it is passed?

The Gang of Eight assures us that every illegal immigrant will have a background check before they are allowed to take advantage of amnesty.

S.744 appears to prohibit most criminals from receiving amnesty under the bill.  The bill provides that an illegal alien is ineligible for RPI status if he/she:

  • Has a conviction for a felony;
  • Has a conviction for 3 or more misdemeanors (other than minor traffic offenses);
  • Is reasonably believed to be engaged in, or likely to engage in, terrorist activity;
  • Plus a variety of other offenses.

However, when you look at the details, one sees that these bars do not apply a wide range of criminal conduct.  First, the language provides that aliens with certain “convictions” are ineligible for RPI status.  This means that anyone charged with the offense and released on bond is still eligible.  It also means that juvenile aliens who committed egregious offenses will not be barred from eligibility, as they are technically “adjudicated delinquent” not “convicted” of a crime.

The bill contains a glaring loophole: it allows DHS to waive misdemeanor convictions for the purposes of determining eligibility for amnesty. Indeed S.744 allows DHS to waive multiple misdemeanor convictions.

In addition to the loopholes built into the legislation, the head of the union that represents the personnel who will be doing the background checks is on record saying that they do not have the staffing to process 11 million background checks and that the system will eventually end up “rubber stamping” applicants.

We have no assurance that DHS would actually enforce the new immigration law, which is loaded with loopholes, any better than they’ve enforced the current law.

Nothing here assures that the border will be any more secure than it is today, and Secretary Napolitano has already said that the border is more secure today than it’s ever been.

Senator, please don’t be played a fool by the Gang of Eight.

S744 will not secure the border.  It will only spend billions of dollars and 11 million plus illegal aliens will get amnesty.

Please vote no on S744.

Thank you,


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