Fax your Senator on Amnesty: Letter #2 – Border Security, Ever?

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Here’s your next cut and paste fax to send to your US Senator and to Mario Rubio…


Dear Senator NAME:

I’m writing you to express my concern over the amnesty bill (S744) that will be coming up for a vote shortly.

The Obama Administration and the Gang of Eight are spreading disinformation (or lies) about this bill in order to assure a repeat of the 1988 Immigration Amnesty farce.  You’ll recall that in 1988 the Congress promised President Reagan that in return for accepting amnesty first for about 1,000,000 illegal aliens the southern border would be secured.

That never happened.

We keep hearing that we “have to do something” because our immigration law is broken.  I would respectfully submit that it’s our “immigration enforcement” that is broken, not our laws.

Now we’re looking at round two.  The mantra is, once again, “Amnesty First, Then Security”.   Please Senator, once is enough.  Do not buy into the lie this time.

Here are some things to consider as you decide how you will vote.

The legislation requires “90% effectiveness” in terms of border security.  DHS is supposed to have “operational control” over the entire border, which means they’re supposed to see every illegal alien crossing the border and they’re supposed to “catch” 90% of those.

USA Today, on May 14th, noted the following:


The Department of Homeland Security can say how much it spent last year on border enforcement ($18 billion). It can say how many crossers agents apprehended at the border (364,768).

Homeland Security officials admit their data is much fuzzier, though, when it comes to how many got away and to what worked and what didn’t: More agents? More drones? More workplace enforcement?

Bottom line, they have no idea how many are attempting to cross and they have no idea how to fix it.

In addition to not knowing how many are crossing, the metrics that DHS has been using on the number of illegals they’re catching are wrong.  DHS claims that they catch about half of illegals.

The Center for Investigative Reporting, on April 4th, noted that the Border Patrol used drones to count the number of illegals crossing between October and December of 2012 in the Tucson area.  They counted 7,333 individual illegals crossing and the Border Patrol caught 410 of them.  That’s a catch rate of about 6%.

That’s a bit short of the 90% requirement for the legislation.

When, not “if”, we don’t reach 90% effectiveness in five years, the only thing that will happen is that a commission will be formed to fix the problem, they will make a recommendation to DHS and DHS will ignore it and declare the border secure.

We have no assurance that DHS would actually enforce the new immigration law, which is loaded with loopholes, any better than they’ve enforced the current law.

Nothing here assures that the border will be any more secure than it is today, and Secretary Napolitano has already said that the border is more secure today than it’s ever been.

Senator, please don’t be played a fool by the Gang of Eight.

S744 will not secure the border.  It will only spend billions of dollars and 11 million plus illegal aliens will get amnesty.

Please vote no on S744.

Thank you,

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