Facebook Censorship

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We hear about Facebook censoring things all the time, but is it really happening?

I have used Facebook for adverting on many occasions. The ability to target people, groups, interests and locations is pretty impressive.  They obviously have ton of data on anybody that uses their network and they use that data to help their advertisers.  With the recent disclosures regarding the PRISM program they maybe using that data to help the Federal Government keep tabs on their users as well.

Earlier today, Joe shared a new article on Facebook as he does every day, but this time, things were a little different.  The Joe for America Facebook page had more than seventy thousand people that follow it, and on average, when something is posted, 10 -20 thousand people usually see it.

So here is a run down of events:

Latest post: Notice the in the lower left hand corner, 5,098 views in 56 minutes.
Latest post: Notice the in the lower left hand corner, 5,098 views in 56 minutes.

And here is the post that is in question:

37 people saw this post in two hours.
37 people saw this post in two hours.

Two Facebook updates on the same day, one is up for an hour longer than the other. One has only 37 views while the one that has been up for a shorter period of time has more than 5,000 views?  I am sure there are many explanations for why this may have happened, but knowing now what we do about Facebook and other big Internet companies sharing data with the Government, is it possible these companies are also subscribing to Eric Holders desire to brainwash people?

If it’s true that there is such a thing as Facebook censorship, that’s fine by me. If someone get annoyed enough by their policies, I suppose they can go try to find a company that they like better. Private companies should be allowed to make their own decisions and consumers should be able to do the same.  When the Federal government does it, well that’s a when we need to start looking for a new one.

So Joe, get to work and post this one and let’s see if Facebook is “OK” with this one…

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