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We hear about Facebook censoring things all the time, but is it really happening?

I have used Facebook for adverting on many occasions. The ability to target people, groups, interests and locations is pretty impressive.  They obviously have ton of data on anybody that uses their network and they use that data to help their advertisers.  With the recent disclosures regarding the PRISM program they maybe using that data to help the Federal Government keep tabs on their users as well.

Earlier today, Joe shared a new article on Facebook as he does every day, but this time, things were a little different.  The Joe for America Facebook page had more than seventy thousand people that follow it, and on average, when something is posted, 10 -20 thousand people usually see it.

So here is a run down of events:

Latest post: Notice the in the lower left hand corner, 5,098 views in 56 minutes.
Latest post: Notice the in the lower left hand corner, 5,098 views in 56 minutes.

And here is the post that is in question:

37 people saw this post in two hours.
37 people saw this post in two hours.

Two Facebook updates on the same day, one is up for an hour longer than the other. One has only 37 views while the one that has been up for a shorter period of time has more than 5,000 views?  I am sure there are many explanations for why this may have happened, but knowing now what we do about Facebook and other big Internet companies sharing data with the Government, is it possible these companies are also subscribing to Eric Holders desire to brainwash people?

If it’s true that there is such a thing as Facebook censorship, that’s fine by me. If someone get annoyed enough by their policies, I suppose they can go try to find a company that they like better. Private companies should be allowed to make their own decisions and consumers should be able to do the same.  When the Federal government does it, well that’s a when we need to start looking for a new one.

So Joe, get to work and post this one and let’s see if Facebook is “OK” with this one…

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  1. Guest says

    this guy is a doophas. the criminals will not change the way they view guns…including the criminal element in government and homeland security after they have been brainwashed into believing they should be the only ones to have them. I guess our country would be more safe if all our military and law enforcement would stop carrying them too.. then the criminals all over the world could know we are victims just waiting to be taken advantage of… oh, but how SAFE we would all be. what an idiot!

  2. Merlinever says

    I would be inclined to believe that Facebook is sensoring the comments its member make……since virtually all the other similar websites are doing the same thing. And if you read the “Terms of Use” for most of the websites like Facebook, you will notice that what is described as not tolerated is described in terms so vague and wide open to subjective interpretation that the owners can delete any comment for no other reason than that they decided they didn’t like it or did’t agree with it……which is an obvious violation of our First Amendment rights.
    Yahoo News is imfamous for such anti-Contitutional actions; I’ve posted comments on news articles, and when I’ve returned to the article to see if anyone replied to my comment, I would find that my comment had magically disappeared (actually, been deleted).

  3. FedUp says

    You are absolutely correct about people going elsewhere if they become annoyed enough. The only thing many of these companies take into consideration when dealing with users is their bottom line revenues. If you want to voice your displeasure, leave their service and find an alternative. A great post today talked about http://prism-break.org/ which lists secure private alternatives for many services.

    Additionally, many of these companies are trying to manage damage control, but do not believe everything they say. I saw an add for Microsoft stating how important your privacy is to them, but http://www.startpage.com which is a secure private search engine lays out a timeline for the NSA Prism
    program and Microsoft was the first to sign on back on 9/11/07 (see the slides here https://www.startpage.com/eng/prism-slides.html ).

    Share these sites with friends and family who want privacy, and if enough people migrate away from the Microsoft’s and Google’s of our non-private web adventures, then maybe, just maybe, they and the government in turn will get the message when it hits them in the bottom line. Once the
    companies suffer major losses in the number of users, they may climb out of bed with the government and grow a backbone.

  4. linnicy says

    I stopped using Facebook. They are BBF with BO. I do not need either.

  5. Axelgreaser says

    Robert Gibbs corrupted FACEBOOK long ago. btw, Joe The Plumber is a hero and classic outer of the real Barack Obama. I still wish he were in Washington, D.C. He’s REAL. He hasn’t the ability to ‘buy his representative seat’, but he belongs in the system and I hope he runs and wins someday.

  6. blair152 says

    I’m on Facebook only because my high school graduating class is on it.

  7. Sharon Jeanguenat says

    I shared the article on FB, so lets see if they do something with it!

    1. RottDawg says


  8. monacall says

    dropped face book for calling someone queer……

  9. monacall says

    I dropped facebook an asked them to get rid of my data…….I got blocked because I called some queer, and few other explicate words…..so I can do without that group…..so be it….who cares, am 60 didn’t have years ago….don’t need it now….

    1. stephanie wilson says


      1. monacall says

        so it shall begin….I say cb radios, smoke signals….or just send a letter

        1. stephanie wilson says


    2. msueh says

      they will never get rid of your data; it “belongs” to FB.

      1. monacall says

        whatever but you can bet your sweet ass they will get not more…..at least on facebook

  10. threeball says

    With the new Zeus malware hitting FB I no longer open their mail or even post there.This censorship is just another reason to leave them.

  11. Ben Faust says

    Holder’s idea is absolutely brilliant. The average person will start to think guns are uncool, and will not want to have one. And the criminals will be the only ones who still have them (except for the right-wing extremists who tend to be annoyingly difficult to brainwash, but there are other programs being put in place to deal with them). After all, guns in the hands of non-criminals is the problem, right? (yes, this is sarcasm)

    1. Sharon Jeanguenat says

      I HOPE you’re being sarcastic??

      1. Ben Faust says

        Most definitely. I’ll edit my comment to say so.

  12. Spartandax says

    I have decided that FB is more for entertainment. However so far my posts have not been deleted when i complain about Ovomit. and I agree with the poster who said his whole administration should be in jail. If they want to target me, so be it. I am old and not afraid of them. God is my anchor and they will have to answer to him one day if they get away with what they’ve done here.

    1. NOT A LIBERAL says

      You said the G word, I’m telling Big Brother!
      Thank GOD for people like you Anne, speaking your mind and not being afraid to praise the Lord!

    2. Kathy Hansen says

      Anne you spoke eloquently and reflect my thoughts too. And I like your Ovomit-new one I can add to my list of references to the muslim/dictator/nazi/communist ect. ect. ect. in the WH.

  13. jsgurl says

    Facebook has been actively trying to prevent many of my status updates too. I’m not a blogger or anything but I freely share good posts I get from different pages, friends and things I read online. I have noticed that a lot of my posts with the words ‘Obama’, ‘Islam’ or conservative type posts won’t take or I get suddenly logged off of Facebook – forcing me to redo the posts. They hide a lot of my favorite pages posts – I have to go visit their pages to find the really good ones that are not PC. Its getting ridiculously obvious whose side they are on: the punish our enemies side.

  14. LiberRepubliCrat says

    FB would not allow me to share the link. It claimed it has been reported as spammy. Hmmm.

    1. AZ Grammy says

      Try it again, I just shared it without any problems.

  15. Steve Arthur says

    Holder is an asshat who should be in prison

    1. Hotnike says

      Obama and his whole administration should be in prison.

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