Bob Corker Makes it the Gang of Nine.

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S744, the Marco Rubio Memorial Amnesty Bill, will come up for a vote in the Senate probably tomorrow.  It’s going to pass.  The battle for America will then move to the House of Representatives.

Corker got together with Democrat John Hoeven and they produced an amendment that supposedly provides for border security.  It’s nothing more than a Trojan Horse to give Republican Senators who had been wavering, cover.

The only thing Corker’s amendment does is to increase the length of the 1,000 page amnesty bill to about 1,200 pages.  There is likely not one Senator who has read the bill.  Here’s what Yuval Levin had to say about it in National Review.

Some parts of it are identical to some of the provisions of the original Gang of Eight bill, some parts are very different, and some parts are slightly different in ways that could prove very important but difficult to understand in a hurry. But it has to be understood in a hurry. Given the length and complexity of this proposal, I think it is fair to say that not more than a handful of the senators voting on it … will really understand it in any detail. There is almost no way any of the senators voting on it could have read it all, and it’s unlikely even their staff members could do so in a thorough and responsible way in that time. Only the people who wrote it will know what it says, and I imagine it was written in parts by numerous people from several Senate offices. That means there is probably no one who really knows what it says.

In other words, Senators Rubio, McCain, Flake, Graham and Corker are telling us we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.  Where have we heard that before?

Here’s how this legislative scam is going to work.

The bill requires “…700 miles of fencing (including double-layer fencing), infrastructure, and technology…” to be deployed along the border and DHS has 180 days to come up with a plan to accomplish that.

Federal law has required more than 700 miles of fencing along the border since 2006.

In the closing days of budget negotiations before Congress adjourned for the October recess, House and Senate conferees hammered out an agreement calling for a $1.2 billion investment in border fencing and barriers in Fiscal Year 2007. The bill was signed by President Bush in a White House ceremony on October 26, less than two weeks before the midterm elections. The amount called for in the bill is less than the $1.8 billion for construction of 700 miles of fencing called for in H.R. 6061, which was approved by the House in September.

So, if we’ve had a federal law mandating 700 miles of border fence since 2006, where is it and why does it take another six months to figure out where to put it?  Well, because nobody has acted on the law since 2006.  Just like nobody has acted on any part of the security requirements in the law that was passed in 1986.

Do you actually think that any of the security sections of this law will be acted on?  I don’t and here’s why.

On page 35, line 24 of the new bill, a provision was inserted that says Napolitano–who already believes the border is secure–can decide against building a fence if she chooses not to erect one:

Notwithstanding paragraph (1) [which calls for a security plan within 180 days], nothing in this subsection shall require the Secretary to install fencing, or infrastructure that directly results from the installation of such fencing, in a particular location along the Southern border, if the Secretary determines that the use or placement of such resources is not the most appropriate means to achieve and maintain effective control over the Southern border at such location.

As we’ve noted before, Janet Napolitano insists the southern border is secure.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has repeatedly claimed that the border is more secure than ever…

There’s just one little problem with that claim.  It’s not true.  Actually, it’s  a blatant lie.  There’s another problem as well, no Republican Senator has challenged her on it.

…when DHS officials were pressed at a recent Homeland Security Committee hearing to demonstrate how this progress has been measured, they had no verifiable metrics to support their claims.

In fact, Napolitano has stopped using the widely accepted term of “operational control.” This was not because they had achieved it — it was precisely the opposite.

In other words, not only is the border not secure, DHS can’t even define security.

While passage may be a done deal, it’s not too late to blow up the Senate phones.  Below is a list of Senators to call.  Let them know the following:

  • The Corker amendment does nothing for border security because the bill gives Janet Napolitano sole discretion to decide if any security measures must be implemented before legalization.
  • The 700 miles of fence has been a requirement of federal law since 2006 and nothing has been done.
  • No security measures included in the 1986 immigration law have ever been acted on.

Please be polite, the folks taking your calls, or listening to your voice messages, are just lowly folk on the totem pole.  Don’t take their bosses stupidity out on them.

US Senator

DC Phone Number

DC Fax Number

Mitch McConnell



Orrin Hatch



John Thune



Roy Blunt



Jerry Moran



Lisa Murkowski



Dean Heller



Saxby Chambliss



Susan Collins



Rob Portman



Marco Rubio



Bob Corker 202-224-3344 202-228-0566

What else can you do?  After calling the Senators above, use the “Share” button at top of this article to forward a link of this post to everybody you know and follow up with them encouraging them to take action.

Call your US Senators and tell them to vote NO!  Your talking points are all laid out above.

Call your Congressman and let him or her know that you want this immigration fiasco stopped.  Again, talking points are supplied.

Ask your friends and family to make a call as well.  We’ve made it easy for you, click below and you can get your representative’s numbers and you can send them a fax letting them know that you want Security First!

Click Here

Our Nation is hanging in the balance and we’re running out of time.

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