Al Roker “uncomfortable” with Obama’s Plan B decision

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The look on Al Roker’s face was priceless.

I watched with slight amusement as Mr. Roker, the gregarious weatherman on NBC’s Today Show, slowly processed the fact that the Obama Administration would no longer prevent the controversial Plan B drug from being sold to girls younger than 17 without a prescription.

“A little disturbing.” Roker conceded. “I’ve got a 14-year-old daughter and I’m not comfortable with the idea that you just go and buy this. It goes to obviously other issues as well, but I think it kind of almost in a way removes the parent from part of the process.”

rokerWelcome to Real-ville, Mr. Roker. The land where fathers and mothers work tirelessly to provide for our families, strive to pass on healthy lifestyles, and protect our children from those who would do them harm.

Yet at every turn, we are undermined by radical statists who seek to replace us with big-government programs. It’s nice of you to pay us a visit. Although I imagine the longer you stay, the sooner you’ll long for the comforts of Oblivion-ville.

In the meantime, for consistency’s sake, please Mr. Roker, spare us the incredulity.

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  1. joeupyours says

    unions an liberal demoRATS are getting just what they deserve,joeupyoursMF’S!

  2. hora says

    Is what I was said, WAKE UP AMERICA, all who have a common sense, honesty and decency plus love USA and considered patriotic, no mere what color, and that day point a finger against all Dem-liberals and don’t vote for, that day USA is will start moving ahead, dem-liberals are a we enemy.

  3. bahndon says

    Al is indoctrinated into the progressive mindset just as are most of the MSM talking heads.

  4. rchguns says

    One quick lesson to be learned from this administration. When you allow indiscriminate and unrestricted voting by people who were either too stupid to think about what they’re doing and too lazy to do their homework. Voting is not just a right but an honor and responsibility. When you have people voting three or four times, dead people voting, electronic voting machines that are malfunctioning and an electorate who are more in tune with video games and reality TV than the future of their country you get what you deserve.

    1. CapNCraigAgain says

      You forgot to mention domesticated animals (our pets), cartoon characters and undocumented citizens (Illegal aliens, yeah they may not be working for their livelihood) voting also.

  5. grassroot says

    Liberal Fascism, perpetrated by Liberal Fascists,,

  6. jaybird says

    They said that our children are not really our children that they belong to everybody. So they are now making decisions for them and us.

    1. BeautifulAmerica says

      If we allow them to, then it will soon be the UN doing it.
      Get the UN out of the US.

  7. DonHo says

    Well Mr Al you voted for him and his change, so what you gonna do now ????

    1. Wayne Klotz says


      1. edinvestor1 says

        I would say the odds were 95%.

        1. rollervic says

          How about 99.9%. Remember him jumping up and down on inauguration day to get Obama to notice him on the street in Washington. He looked like a fool.

          1. edinvestor1 says

            I stand corrected and wished I had put that after I had posted it.

      2. BeautifulAmerica says

        If he works for an alphabet channel, it’s a requirement for the job. Any job.

  8. Wolfman says

    Al Roker another MSNBC token libtard

  9. $4119491 says

    I’ll take a born-again conservative over one the Administration commies any day.

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