8 Year Old Beaten To Death, Cries For Help Left Unanswered

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Ann-Marie Murrell over at Politichicks wrote a very disturbing article about 8 year old Gabriel Fernandez, brutally beaten to death…

8 year old Gabriel Fernandez

Last week a little boy died.

While most 8 year olds were playing games, riding bikes, Gabriel Fernandez was struggling to survive and to avoid being beaten.  Chances are he never had a really “good” day in his very brief life.

Anyone who saw Gabriel on a daily basis knew what was happening to him. If they didn’t see the bruises and burns and cuts on his face and body , he wrote it in a note, saying he wanted to kill himself.  According to the LA Times, the social worker assigned to that case “did not make first contact with the family until 20 days after the complaint was received, and then ‘made minimal attempts to investigate’”.

A lot can happen in 20 days when someone is threatening suicide, and in the case of an 8 year old, you would think a social worker would maybe drop a few cases to check out the reasons why—but I digress.

Some of Gabriel’s teachers tried to help him, reporting abuses to California Child Protective Services (CPS) whenever Gabriel looked “bruised and battered”, or the time when Gabriel came to school with BB pellet marks on his face.   One  teacher had CPS “on speed dial”, telling them about all of the abuses she was aware of.  Yet according to the LA Times, all but one investigation was determined to be “unfounded”.

So paramedics arrived at Gabriel’s house in Palmdale, California on a Thursday and by Friday he was dead. His mother’s boyfriend allegedly told authorities that he beat Gabriel repeatedly for lying and “being dirty”.

Read the rest of this story at Politichicks.

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