8 Year Old Beaten To Death, Cries For Help Left Unanswered

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Ann-Marie Murrell over at Politichicks wrote a very disturbing article about 8 year old Gabriel Fernandez, brutally beaten to death…

8 year old Gabriel Fernandez

Last week a little boy died.

While most 8 year olds were playing games, riding bikes, Gabriel Fernandez was struggling to survive and to avoid being beaten.  Chances are he never had a really “good” day in his very brief life.

Anyone who saw Gabriel on a daily basis knew what was happening to him. If they didn’t see the bruises and burns and cuts on his face and body , he wrote it in a note, saying he wanted to kill himself.  According to the LA Times, the social worker assigned to that case “did not make first contact with the family until 20 days after the complaint was received, and then ‘made minimal attempts to investigate’”.

A lot can happen in 20 days when someone is threatening suicide, and in the case of an 8 year old, you would think a social worker would maybe drop a few cases to check out the reasons why—but I digress.

Some of Gabriel’s teachers tried to help him, reporting abuses to California Child Protective Services (CPS) whenever Gabriel looked “bruised and battered”, or the time when Gabriel came to school with BB pellet marks on his face.   One  teacher had CPS “on speed dial”, telling them about all of the abuses she was aware of.  Yet according to the LA Times, all but one investigation was determined to be “unfounded”.

So paramedics arrived at Gabriel’s house in Palmdale, California on a Thursday and by Friday he was dead. His mother’s boyfriend allegedly told authorities that he beat Gabriel repeatedly for lying and “being dirty”.

Read the rest of this story at Politichicks.

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  1. valkyre74 says

    Could this be Gabriel being beaten live on Youtube??

    MW3 | Kid gets beat by his mom on the mic!


  2. stratman51 says

    There you have it… the mother’s “boyfriend”. Where’s the little guy’s father? Most likely another loser. This boyfriend should be beaten until he passes out, revived, beaten again until he passes out, revived, beaten again until he passes out, revived, again, again, again, again…

    1. rs1123 says

      I totally agree. It is time we gave those evil people a taste of their own medicine. Maybe then they would think twice before doing such things. If not, at least they’d be getting actual justice.

  3. jamohio says

    This is so sad!! And to think all these regressive demonizercrats actually think government can do everything better!! This country needs a strong dose of God at every level of government and definitely BACK IN SHOOLS!! Gabriel is with God now!!

    1. rs1123 says

      We need more programs! And more gun controls! Yeah, that’s how to fix it!

      (hint: I am most certainly kidding.)

  4. rs1123 says

    This is what happens when we ‘trust’ the government to be the benevolent all-responsible source of bringing up children and protecting them; we find out the hard way that they are just a bunch of people punching a clock and doing a job, and their interest is no more than that. As the father of a young son I cannot fathom how any parent could do this to their child or not do something to protect him from it. Anyone who harms my son will regret it with his or her heart and soul – it may be the last thing they ever do.

    May the person who killed this little boy suffer appropriate vengeance and may Gabriel rest in peace, hopefully bound for a better place beyond this life.

  5. doctorbob says

    I am in the medical field, and I have worked in several Los Angeles-area ER’s. We call CPS frequently, as well as the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office, etc., etc. We RARELY get any significant assistance, even if we turn up the fire on them and demand it. They’re very long on excuses, and very short on actually DOING SOMETHING! I remember one kid I had about 15 years ago, a girl that was being raped by her stepfather. I called CPS, and their response was, “well, she should move out of the house.” Oh, REALLY, CPS? She’s a kid! Tell me, where would she go. How would she pay rent on another place to stay? What would she use to buy food and clothes? In the end, the girl went back to the family, and I never got an update, but I was watching for the girl’s picture to pop up in the paper one day, that she had been killed by her stepfather. I seriously considered taking the girl home with me, but was told that I could be charged with numerous crimes if I did. Seems the law protects the abusers, NOT the rescuers. It’s ONE of the main reasons I got the heck out of Kalifornia! Let the State rot to the ground.

  6. tenndoug911 says

    Summary execution. He will never harm another living thing. Little Gabriel is at peace at last. Kudos to CPS they seem to be polarized on the extremes unnecessary action and no action but not the right reaction.

    1. rs1123 says

      On one hand if you post a picture of your kid on Facebook with him holding a gun, they will come and search your house and maybe try to take your kid away. But send him to school with obvious injuries, over and over, and nobody does a thing. Government sucks.

  7. edinvestor1 says

    When will people learn all government agencies at every level are worthless to depend on if you are a citizen. They are only there to collect a paycheck and support their masters …………. the elected boss. Why do we keep funding worthless bureaucrats?

  8. Debbiewa says

    CPS is so worthless…and they need to start putting these people behind bars for their part in these children’s deaths. THEY are certainly in some way responsible…they were told…NOTHING being done. Do they NOT believe that TEACHERS when they call to report this outrageous abuse? What is the problem. It’s very obvious that they do not care about the children. NOOOO person who takes a job to protect children WHO REALLY LOVED kids would have let this go. Heads need to roll. The person who did this…well..he’s just a sick SOB and needs to ROT in hell…in PRISON or be put to death…get rid of this scum bag. But the very people who had the POWER to take this poor child away from that abuse….didn’t do it. THEY NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE…and just firing them is NOT an option. PRISON is what I’m talking about. BABIES are dying….DO SOMETHING about it…and DO NOT tell me it’s due to stress. I don’t care what kind of stress they are under…you don’t let a child be abused….how many more kids need to die?


    This ANIMAL!!! needs to go to a dull wood chipper on slow feet first. RIP little one.

  10. Timewarped says

    That’s what all of these government workers almost always do, they avoid the hard cases, the only case that even begin to justify their existence and the money the taxpayers spend on them and their control over us. These government workers only care about one thing and that is staying alive at all costs, collecting as much money, benefits and retirement paid for by you and me so they can live the good life while not doing the really hard work and lifting. They want to control, control and control! IF PEOPLE WEREN”T SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY ON GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF US WE’D HAVE THE MONEY, TIME AND ENERGY TO HELP OTHERS AND THIS SORT OF CRAP WOULDN’T BE HAPPENING. AND, IF WE EXECUTED CRIMINALS … NO REPEAT OFFENDERS AND NO BREADING OF MORE OF THAT GENETICS.

  11. $4119491 says

    The pure evil of beating a kid to death is beyond words. May God now give him what his earthy father refused to; LOVE. May God have mercy on his soul. And, may God remember well the abuser at the judgement. May mercy, grace and peace be far from him.

  12. Matt says

    Not to defend CPS in this instance, but they like the cops walk an extremely fine line in a position that the general public (with much thanks to the sensationalizing media) loves to jump all over them any time they are perceived to have either done too much or not done enough. In the realm of CPS, they should be the last resort. Family members of that child (aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc) should be the first line of defense. Expecting CPS (ie: big government) to save the day is not something I am willing to do.

    1. Debbiewa says

      When a teacher calls more than once to complain of abuse….There are NOOOO excuses…NONE….When he appears at school with bruises and cuts….NOOOO EXCUSE.

      1. Matt says

        As I started my comment with “Not to defend CPS in this instance”, I’m not sure what you see as an excuse. They very clearly dropped the ball here.

        However, just because CPS blew it does not absolve any family members who were aware of the abuse of their moral responsibility to act. We should never come to rely on government to solve problems for us.

        1. Debbiewa says

          I wouldn’t want to rely on this stupid government for ANYTHING….however…these people at CPS are there for this reason. They took that job to protect children and you are right..they did drop the ball. I’m not excusing ANY parent or relative or anyone close to that little boy for what happened…but the reaons CPS is there….is because of sick animals like that man that did this. Those teachers did what they were suppose to…and CPS didn’t do what they were suppose to. In the end…a little boy died…It’s soo sad.

        2. RottDawg says

          I think part of the problem is that we live in a society where everyone expects the schools to raise their kids and the police to keep them from getting raped or murdered… Families are encouraged to be less involved. Instead we are being told they (this Government) is going to solve all of our problems… when in fact they are not. Matt, I think you will see much more of this (hating on anyone that works for gov being a SOB) as more people embrace government to solve all of injustices in the world. The more they fail in doing so, the deeper the distrust goes… ending where?

          1. Matt says

            Sadly RottDawg, I think you are 100% correct. People are convinced by the government to rely on the government for things that very government cannot possibly do. Yay Socialism/Communism/Progressivism!

          2. RottDawg says

            The sheeple will get sick of it. The question is, will gov peacefully cede the power that the sheeple gave them? With the little games that they (gov) are playing with drone programs, DHS training on home schooler scenarios, IRS targeting groups, CPS pulling babies from the Russian couple a few weeks ago… I think we have a good indication how this administration sees it playing out. Hopefully someday enough people will show up at the polls to change it. And to be truthful, the Republicans don’t seem to be for less Gov, they want more of it, they just want it slower…

        3. MortarMan107 says

          The point seems to be that CPS routinely “blows it” to the detriment of those they are charged with protecting.

          And where are the Liberals swarming this site with righteous indignation over a case like this? They’re so quick to judge conservatives but when the blame arrow points Left they turn and walk away whistling a tune.

          Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

  13. Ron Powell says

    The CPS is largely another worthless agency designed to be politically correct. Effective in actions against only decent parents. Whoever is responsible for his death should be publicly flogged until he succumbs to his injuries and his body buried at the public dump.

  14. omega2 says

    Takr this BEAST TO THE WHIPPING POST AND BEAT THE HELL OUT OF HIM TILL HE DIES. Then charge the CPS with DERLICTION OF DUTY in not taking this kid out of that envirement. CPS SURELY SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!

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