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by Rodney Lee Conover

There’s actually a really strong reason why an abortion doctor would kill a baby, born alive. The problem is you’re not looking at it from their point of view. Hear me out:

Think about it: An abortion doctor is operating a thriving business performing abortions, perhaps exploiting poor, young women in inner cities – with someone else paying the bill in many cases. All you have to do is stay under the radar and give your business a fuzzy name like “Downtown Women’s Health Center” or “Emily’s” and you’ll rake in millions, sucking the life out of these women who are most likely fairly young and pretty desperate.

After a couple thousand procedures, it’s not even a question of life or fetus or health – it’s just a vacuum, a needle, a jar and a pair of whatever – bam – you’re on to the next one. Even late-term abortions become second nature, killing the little baby in the womb with scissors or poison and delivering a little boy or girl DOA.

Most abortion doctors don’t give the killing factory’s ghastly procedures a second thought, except if the expecting abortionee gets second thoughts, or… something goes wrong. Horribly wrong.

What happens when an abortion becomes an abortion and the late term baby is delivered – against all odds – alive and kicking and breathing? Most likely it sits there struggling for life, waiting for someone to clean it and place on its mother’s chest.

Instead, something else happens which must seem unexpected to the little person who’s been listening to their mother’s heartbeat and voice for some time now. They are summarily murdered. I don’t care how and I don’t care to discuss it – I’m only saying their life is ended by a doctor and with a damn good reason: They must kill that baby because their livelihood depends on it…

If you can, put yourself in that abortionist’s position: They’re making some major bank performing abortions and probably living a pretty good material life. Performing an abortion is relatively simple in most cases and does not require the bedside manner or follow-up which most doctors spend most of their time and effort on. A woman comes in pregnant and leaves barren – it ain’t brain surgery – and with modern facilities, a clinic can pump out thousands per year. That’s a lot of frijoles as they say, and nobody wants the money train to derail once it’s cruising down the tracks.

So think about it: Some late term, big money abortion is being performed. The twenty-four or twenty-five week fetus is viable, but no problem – a quick injection of poison into its heart or a stab in the spinal cord or brain will do the trick nicely. Labor is induced sometimes days in advance to make this slaughter happen – but sometimes all that is not enough and the baby is born… alive.

Question: You’re the doctor. More importantly, you’re the abortion factory owner. Do you really want to rush this baby to the emergency room and try desperately to save it’s life? Do you? That would be a story, for sure – you’d be the guy who botched an abortion and saved a baby who wasn’t wanted in the first place. That pregnant woman came to you to kill off that birth and you screwed up. Now we have a live baby and a whole bunch of litigation and press to deal with. None of it good for you, either.

What about your business? Who wants to go to an abortion clinic that can’t perform an abortion correctly? What woman who wants her unborn baby dead is gonna go to the guy who might in fact save that baby she is so anxious to get rid of? How are you going to deal with the lawyers, child services, the news stories, investigations, the scrutiny and bad pub? The truth is a botched abortion where a baby is delivered alive by mistake could ruin you. The money trainbaby screeches to a halt, except if…

That’s right. You could always kill the thing out of the womb, and why not? You were willing to do it a couple inches over there inside that womb – same thing, right? All that trouble goes away, and who’s going to complain – the woman who wanted it dead in the first place? You’re in the business of killing unborn children, so it’s hardly a stretch and you can justify it a million ways to Sunday…

People wonder aloud how doctors like Kermit Gosnell (and no doubt countless others), can kill babies born alive as the result of botched abortions?

The simple answer is: They have to. It’s the baby or them…


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 rodney on tapRodney Lee Conover is a writer / performer, living in Southern California’s Mohave Desert

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  1. WhiteFalcon says

    And the above article hits the nail squaely on the head. If a baby happens to be in a breech position, he will have to be born first and then murdered, and that is what happens. It is murder whenever it happens, but that is the worst. Dr. Gosnell should be convicted and executed.

  2. $5708171 says

    Dude… I’m makin’ like ya know, some major bank here. Don’t be messin’ with my stack, ya dig? It’s just tissue, man. It’s just stuff. Man, ya know, it’s not like there’s some god or something out there that gives a rat’s a** about anything, like ya know – nothin’ means anything anyhow. It’s like, ya know, a woman’s choice and stuff. Get over it.

    Yes. I can hear it now… Problem is – there IS a God out there, and it IS murder, and it IS sick, wrong and incomprehensibly selfish.

  3. Poorfoke says

    Keep killing babies and we have a shortage in the work force. Couple this with all the Baby Boomers retiring. Is this why we do nothing about Illegals entering this country. What areas do the Illegals move into? The inter city where rent is low. Now this cause 20% or more in unemployment amoung the people that already leave there. I do not want to talk about color but those that live there should not have to go thru that. This all starts by stopping the unnecesary killing of so many babies .

  4. borg says

    Why was Kermit Gosnell too stupid to realize that he could have sold the babies rather than kill them.

  5. William 1 says

    As in the Bible when God said to Cain, “Your brothers voice cries out to me from the ground where you buried himm” so the “ground” is in the very soul of the abortionest! God WILL speak to him and because God is longsuffering, to a point, He sill brings death to them horribly, as the voices of MILLILNS OF BABIES ARE CRYING OUT TO BOD FOR —–JUSTICE! And you can hear the hoofbeats of Gods’ judgment at Americas doors and it will start with the Statue of Liberty!

  6. MontieR says

    One of the major tenets of the Hippocratic oath is do NO harm. I don’t care any more about the atheists and the liberals. This country was founded on christian values and as such thou shalt not commit murder still means something to the general public. We have allowed this corruption to nearly kill this country. This is a call to all Americans to stand up and start to retake our country back from these Godless creatures. Stand tall America your life and country depend on it.

    1. MsMoomMist says

      We really do not even have to bring Christianity into this for almost all religion including paganism go by “Do NO harm or the golden rule. That is humanity, anything else is just plan EVIL.

  7. Whackajig says

    There is one bright side to the abortions…………………… the vast majority of the babies would have become welfare rats just like their mammies.

  8. hornman2 says

    Let me assure all of you who read this; there is a “special” place in Hell prepared for anyone that kills innocent blood. However, those that kill babies for profit have a very, very, “special” place prepared for them. I believe the torment for all eternity will be the screams of those babies that were killed for no good reason ringing in their ears so loudly the sound will be deafening beyond description.

  9. dangerouspatriot says

    Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ must be in tears up in Heaven knowing what is happening to all those innocent little lives that are being snuffed out because they were an inconvenience or just plain unwanted. Or sometimes the abortion is forced unto a young daughter by her mother and the father didn’t have the guts to stand up and say NO and the abortion went on while the father knew and still said nothing. I can only hope and pray that all those little lives that could have been have been taken up by Jesus and His Father our God and they now have an eternal life in Heaven with people who love them. Forgive our sins Lord for what we do against your commandments. We must turn away from these sins and to sin No More.

  10. James Star says

    Those “doctors” and I use that term loosely care no more for killing those babies than a player of a war video game thinks about killing a game opponent. At least the game opponent can kill the player in the game, but a baby cannot defend itself against the abortion. Sadly I cannot say what I want to in this post without being banned I’m sure! Bottom line is the money, period. The mothers know what made them pregnant, and took the chance any way and bear some of the blame for this “way out”. Even if they convict this doctor, I doubt if it will make any difference. It will be business as usual.

    1. Whackajig says

      Abortion doctors would have no patients at all if no mothers wanted to kill their babies.

  11. hmdog48 says

    One big reason are we no select who can became a Doctor like Lawyer and Politician and Dems soft a Law. Zero tolerance in all like Doctor Kill? simple jail, Lawyer became Judge and don’t doing a good job fire and cancel his Law license for life and dirty corrupt Politician some fire and Jail. Any one won be a Lawyer first must prove are honest decent and conservatives, is NOT fire from school.

    1. Whackajig says


  12. JohnM says

    This whole thing just turns my stomach…..After doing a little research on Google, I found that for 2010 there were about 6300 deaths by gun….for the same year it is estimated that 1.3 million abortions were performed in America. And to think, Progressives think GUNS are the problem here. It’s beyond common reasoning that any person, (doctor) who take the hypocratic oath, (….First, DO NO HARM….) could even think about killing babies….
    Sad….Very very sad…..

  13. stephanie wilson says


  14. Nottheusual1 says

    “Rodney Lee Conover is a writer / performer, living in Southern California’s Mohave Desert”

    Charles Manson’s bio would have read about the same.

    1. Baron Von Kowenhoven
      Rodney Lee Conover says

      Was that funny, or what?

  15. VocalYokel says

    Real Doctors don’t kill babies.

    Leftard social-engineering, morally depraved, money-grubbing butchers do.

  16. Helen says

    To murder babies in or out of the womb is viscious and even a neanderthal would find it repulsive.
    We need to keep in mind the simple reality that abortion is not medical treatment, rather it is wanton murder.

    1. Sam Stephens says

      Business as usual. Wanton murder for profit.

    2. Poorfoke says

      This is all done in the name of voting in this country. Just imagine what the left could do without having the GOP always in their way

      1. Nottheusual1 says

        Feed hungry school kids breakfast? Not get into wars where our kids die? Not kill other people by the thousands in wars of choice?

        Which scares YOU the most?

        1. Baron Von Kowenhoven
          Rodney Lee Conover says

          killing live babies scares me the most. welfare and war have been around a long time. this is brand new – congrats!

          1. Nottheusual1 says

            So, since kids were hungry last week, there’s nothing wrong with them being hungry this week. Real compassionate ConservaTurdism. Mom’ll be proud.

            And what’s the congrats for – your comment didn’t approach clever and didn’t even address my post. Swing and a miss …….

          2. Baron Von Kowenhoven
            Rodney Lee Conover says

            abortion tops them all friendo

            not feed kids breakfast on the taxpayer dole?

            how about just kill them?

            nice “solution”. Hitler had one too

            how’s that for addressing your post?

            you’re not clever, you’re condoning murder.

            And for your records, I’ve fed more kids breakfast than you’ve ever even met, so go f&%$ yourself while you’re at it

  17. Shorty Stuff says

    Why is Rodney Lee Conover allowed to post on this supposedly “conservative” web site? Making excuses for abortion (murder) is just as immoral as doing it yourself. Maybe he’s trying to come at it from the doctor’s (shall do no harm) viewpoint, but that’s no excuse. The abortionist does this voluntarily, so is nothing more than a murderer.

    1. Mary B says

      He’s showing their reasoning. He’s showing what evil lies in their hearts. I doubt he condones it

    2. Whackajig says

      Most of the doctors performing abortions do not do it voluntarily, they are paid big bucks to kill babies.

    3. Baron Von Kowenhoven
      Rodney Lee Conover says

      Yo, shorty
      It’s called sarcasm. Read the whole thing especially the last line

  18. rchguns says

    I agree… So, why is Newtown a horrific tragedy, but killing children because they are still in utero, and their mother wants no responsibility for them is just a medical procedure? My son and his wife are trying for a baby, and would adopt, but thanks to abortion, babies for adoption are hard to come by without money…

  19. bahndon says

    May G-d have mercy on their souls.

    1. don says

      no don may god have mercy on our souls for letting this happen. god will have a question for all of us. why did you let it go on. how will we answer?

      1. $5708171 says

        Excellent question. We DO have the power to stop it, you know.

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