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by Rodney Lee Conover

There’s actually a really strong reason why an abortion doctor would kill a baby, born alive. The problem is you’re not looking at it from their point of view. Hear me out:

Think about it: An abortion doctor is operating a thriving business performing abortions, perhaps exploiting poor, young women in inner cities – with someone else paying the bill in many cases. All you have to do is stay under the radar and give your business a fuzzy name like “Downtown Women’s Health Center” or “Emily’s” and you’ll rake in millions, sucking the life out of these women who are most likely fairly young and pretty desperate.

After a couple thousand procedures, it’s not even a question of life or fetus or health – it’s just a vacuum, a needle, a jar and a pair of whatever – bam – you’re on to the next one. Even late-term abortions become second nature, killing the little baby in the womb with scissors or poison and delivering a little boy or girl DOA.

Most abortion doctors don’t give the killing factory’s ghastly procedures a second thought, except if the expecting abortionee gets second thoughts, or… something goes wrong. Horribly wrong.

What happens when an abortion becomes an abortion and the late term baby is delivered – against all odds – alive and kicking and breathing? Most likely it sits there struggling for life, waiting for someone to clean it and place on its mother’s chest.

Instead, something else happens which must seem unexpected to the little person who’s been listening to their mother’s heartbeat and voice for some time now. They are summarily murdered. I don’t care how and I don’t care to discuss it – I’m only saying their life is ended by a doctor and with a damn good reason: They must kill that baby because their livelihood depends on it…

If you can, put yourself in that abortionist’s position: They’re making some major bank performing abortions and probably living a pretty good material life. Performing an abortion is relatively simple in most cases and does not require the bedside manner or follow-up which most doctors spend most of their time and effort on. A woman comes in pregnant and leaves barren – it ain’t brain surgery – and with modern facilities, a clinic can pump out thousands per year. That’s a lot of frijoles as they say, and nobody wants the money train to derail once it’s cruising down the tracks.

So think about it: Some late term, big money abortion is being performed. The twenty-four or twenty-five week fetus is viable, but no problem – a quick injection of poison into its heart or a stab in the spinal cord or brain will do the trick nicely. Labor is induced sometimes days in advance to make this slaughter happen – but sometimes all that is not enough and the baby is born… alive.

Question: You’re the doctor. More importantly, you’re the abortion factory owner. Do you really want to rush this baby to the emergency room and try desperately to save it’s life? Do you? That would be a story, for sure – you’d be the guy who botched an abortion and saved a baby who wasn’t wanted in the first place. That pregnant woman came to you to kill off that birth and you screwed up. Now we have a live baby and a whole bunch of litigation and press to deal with. None of it good for you, either.

What about your business? Who wants to go to an abortion clinic that can’t perform an abortion correctly? What woman who wants her unborn baby dead is gonna go to the guy who might in fact save that baby she is so anxious to get rid of? How are you going to deal with the lawyers, child services, the news stories, investigations, the scrutiny and bad pub? The truth is a botched abortion where a baby is delivered alive by mistake could ruin you. The money trainbaby screeches to a halt, except if…

That’s right. You could always kill the thing out of the womb, and why not? You were willing to do it a couple inches over there inside that womb – same thing, right? All that trouble goes away, and who’s going to complain – the woman who wanted it dead in the first place? You’re in the business of killing unborn children, so it’s hardly a stretch and you can justify it a million ways to Sunday…

People wonder aloud how doctors like Kermit Gosnell (and no doubt countless others), can kill babies born alive as the result of botched abortions?

The simple answer is: They have to. It’s the baby or them…


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