Who Is Holding Whom Hostage?

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There have been so many false narratives getting tossed around by the Democrats that it’s hard to keep up with them. For a while the narrative was that the far right wing whacko Republicans are to blame for all your problems, and that’s why the House needs to flip in 2014. Lately the narrative is that the Republicans are cowards who are afraid of Rush Limbaugh, and that’s who to blame for all your problems. Instead of trying to chase down every narrative that they throw against the wall to see what will stick, let’s look at some data.

Heritage Foundation has an entity, Heritage Action Scorecard, that measures votes to see how conservative members of congress are. Since the Republicans control the House, one might think the Heritage Action Scorecard position on the majority of the key votes would be Aye. This is not the case. Most of the key votes so far have the Heritage position to vote No. It’s not been conservatives that have been in control of the docket of key votes coming to the floor. There is an inherent problem with placing too much trust in the No votes to measure how conservative members are. Nancy Pelosi is voting No on these same floor votes. You know what someone is voting against, but you really don’t know what they are for. One key vote the Heritage position on the vote was Aye occurred back on March 20th.

Bill: H.Con.Res. 25: Establishing the budget for the United States Government for fiscal year 2014 and setting forth appropriate budgetary levels for fiscal years 2015 through 2023.

Introduced by Rep. Paul Ryan [R-WI1] on March 15, 2013

Amendment: H.Amdt. 35 (Woodall) to H.Con.Res. 25: Amendment in the nature of a substitute sought to insert the Republican Study Committee budget proposal.

Offered by Rep. Rob Woodall [R-GA7] on March 20, 2013

This was a vote to approve or reject an amendment.

Result: Failed 104-132

Now the result is a very interesting number. At the time of this vote there were three vacancies in the House, but only 236 of the 432 members voted. There were 14 Democrats who voted No, but their votes did not matter. They could have joined the 171 Domocrats on the floor who voted Present or the 15 Democrats who were not there and didn’t vote. The bill still would have failed.

The Aye votes are 94 out of the 168 Republicans who are members of the Republican Study Committee and 10 out of the 64 Republicans who aren’t members. Obviously there are those who join the Republican Study Committee to leave people the perception that they are conservative. There also those who hold TownHall meeting and interviews with the driveby print media and Sunday morning talk shows so they can be perceived as conservative. Don’t assume by perception. Verify by looking at the vote result.

    8 No votes and 2 who did not vote that may surprise you

  • Jeff Miller FL-01
  • Jason Chaffetz UT-03
  • Lynn Westmoreland GA-03
  • Ed Royce CA-39
  • Steve Southerland FL-02
  • Tim Walberg MI-07
  • John Campbell CA-45
  • Lynn Jenkins KS-2
  • Michele Bachmann MN-06
  • Virginia Foxx NC-05

    10 Aye votes by those who aren’t a member of the RSC

  • Jo Bonner AL-1
  • Dave Camp MI-4
  • Candice Miller MI-10
  • Charles Boustany Jr. LA-7
  • Lee Terry NE-2
  • John Duncan TN-2
  • John Mica FL-7
  • Tom Rooney FL-16
  • Dana Rohrabacher CA-46
  • Jim Sensenbrenner WI-5

Discovering the details reminds me of something Ronald Reagan often said.


Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.

Our elected politicians are comparable to major league batters in one respect. It’s more important how well you are batting and helping your team now than what your lifetime batting average is. Let’s remind our elected that they serve us, their constituents. We don’t serve them. They are not royalty to hold the power to bequeath us with royal pardons and favors. Conservatives should hold on to the principles of freedom and opportunity instead of going for a bidding war with the Democrats on promising to give away stuff.

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