Veteran Has His AR-15 Confiscated By Police For Fending Off Burglar

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Medford, Oregon — This story is so outrageous that it’s almost beyond belief. How can the police confiscate the weapon of a crime victim who did nothing wrong?


An Oregon man has had his rifle confiscated and is facing criminal charges after he attempted to stop a wanted felon from breaking into his home by firing a warning shot.

…Authorities say 40-year-old Jonathon Kinsella, a wanted felon, was attempting to flee the scene when he was arrested on outstanding warrants, including for burglary and assault.

…Military veteran Corey Thompson, 36, told KDRV-TV that the wanted felon was trying to beak into his home via the back door. Defending his property, Thompson said he warned the criminal that he was armed and he was giving him his one and only warning shot.

“This is the end result. You break into someone’s house, there’s consequences,” Thompson said.

Wielding his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, the veteran made good on his threat and fired one warning shot. The bullet did not strike the suspect or anyone else.

…However, police later determined he wasn’t justified in firing his weapon. Medford Police Lt. Mike Budreau said “there was nothing that the suspect was doing that was aggressive enough to justify the shooting.”

Apparently, for police in Medford, a wanted felon trying to break into a law-abiding citizen’s home isn’t enough to justify a warning shot.

Thompson was charged with unlawful use of a weapon, menacing and reckless endangering. The veteran’s AR-15 was seized by police because they claim it was used in the commission of a crime.

Does this felon have to be stabbing Thompson in the throat before he’s allowed to fire a warning shot? This should not be allowed to stand. The behavior of this police department is outrageous and completely disgraceful. Everybody involved in this decision at the Medford Police Department should be sued, fired and even more importantly, Corey Thompson should be cleared of all charges and given his AR-15 back immediately.


Written by John Hawkins of

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  1. rukiddinsport says

    How many more of these crap stories do we have to read before we decide to fire the entire shooting match of miscreant pretend protectors of the law abiding? I’m sick of it.

  2. v steve says

    obama and the jews, Feinstein, Schumer, Blumenthal, Boxer, Jane Harman, Bloomberg, Ginsberg, to name a few of them are coming after our firearms.

    Start informing family and friends. Slavery and death will be administered by these communists when they ban and confiscate firearms.

  3. Lyvnxxl says

    The police really need to be educated on our rights as citizens. Stand your Ground Law??? Does that apply in that state? I am not from there. If that criminal was breaking into my home, he would be dead. Due to the increased price of ammo, no warning shots will be fired, just kill shots.

  4. mtman2 says

    To be a “devils advocate”; it wasn’t said if in fact the burglar had made entry or where the homeowners shot was directed-[the floor, up + out of the house]. A .223 is not a big bullet[60-grains] but is moving at 3k ft per sec. so can go quite a ways; was it a heavily populated area? If the crook had gained entry + a warning shot was fired into the floor or wall beam to stop the bullet, then he would have safely handled the sit. + the crook would be lucky to wait for police. But if the crook was outside yet, in a city + the homeowner shot out through the door into the air above the crook, to who knows where, then he made a bad call + endangered some one out there a mile or two away; your wife or children maybe! Then he should get his gun back AFTER a stiff warning from a judge about having endangered others by a wrong action, other charges then dropped[w/no priors]. But it would be true in that case that he could have killed an innocent person, perhaps a child. But if he did it right + safely the cops were wrong + the judge should determine that to be the case. Choices of action do make the difference for all of us in how that affects others. In this case JUMPING JOE BIDEN would’ve been in trouble!

    1. mtman2 says

      Not long ago a 16 yr old was drunk + tried to get into what he thought was his home[parents] but it was a neighbor; who shot + killed him. Wonder how the neighbor feels now. The man in Oregon did NOT have a police record or report on the the intruder so didn’t know he was a felon or a drunken neighbor. Some people might be OK with killing the wrong person if justified by Castle or Stand Your Ground law, but some would never get over it + it would ruin their lives not to mention the mistakenly shot dead mans family. That kind of sit. requires a cool head before as they say you ‘go off’ half cocked YET you +/or your families lives may be in danger. I’d back up to a safe distance in UR home behind an open doorway gun ready; then see what happens. If the intruder breaks in + you warn them they are covered yet come at you, then fire how you wish to, given what you see as acceptably necessary in that moment. Pepper spray is either an alternative to or with a firearm, if applicable. Bear pepper spray is the real deal + the cops can pick them up when they get there to sort things out. Some people should be shot dead, maybe some shouldn’t. It would be your decision at the moment!

  5. MacAaron says

    If you’re state doesn’t have a strong castle law, MOVE.

  6. NymRod says

    What we have here is a law abiding citizen and veteran that had his gun confiscated for following the advise of the vice president of this nation Joe Biden to fire warning shots.

    Only in the freest nation the world has ever known can one be damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

  7. Thomas Gentile says


  8. Joe says

    What kind of veteran was this guy? Every single weapon course I ever took while I was on active duty stressed very few key concepts over and over and over again and one of the big ones is warning shots are for the movies. They are NEVER acceptable. Everyone that knows how to handle a weapon properly knows you don’t shoot at something unless you want it dead. There are hundreds of accounts of warning shots gone bad. This situation is sad but the man clearly broke the law and showed a severe lack of common sense. He, in all honesty, probably shouldn’t be a gun owner.

  9. Derekf900 says

    There is a very fine line in this case. If Cory felt that his life was in danger and that this man was threatening his life and he just MISSED hitting / killing the perpetrator who was making an attempt on his life…forget the burglary part altogether …… Then the story may have ended differently. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a warning shot…The only time to discharge a defensive weapon in this situation is when the perpetrator or perpetuators are threatening your life or someone else’s life. Does Oregon have a Castle Doctrine or Stand Your Ground Doctrine ? If not then you must retreat and only use a firearm as a last stand measure and even then you will be arrested and charged and put in jail initially. I know this seems silly, who wants to let someone uninvited into their house ? Nobody….and who wants to kill somebody….nobody.. Cory was trying to be reasonable and give this guy a warning, but unfortunately the laws at least in many of the states are not set up to protect the law abiding citizens…they are set up in to protect the criminals. In the last 20 or so years in places like Oregon, California, Washington, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and a few others, the Leftist Socialist elite PC element have been eating away at the very fabric of this country and until we as a nation wake up and say NO MORE ! the country unfortunately will continue to erode in a Leftist Socialist direction…..The Marxist Obama and his band of thugs are hurrying that process along a quickly as possible. If Hillary Clinton or any other Leftist Socialist run for President , wins and gets into the White House next election cycle then this country will continue to slide downhill and the erosion will continue……..

  10. Grady A. Smith says

    My first warning shot is my 70 lb shepherd. Then she will be followed by 556 brass.

  11. Trump WILL make America Great! says

    I will NEVER go to the states like OR, CA, IL, CO, and NY that are trampling and violating the Constitution and OUR rights! Why anyone that stands behind the Constitution stays in these states is beyond me! Tell them to shove their liberal Constitution violating laws up their a#$es and sell out and leave! When they lose the taxes from all of the Conservatives that will not tolerate their s**t and go bankrupt good riddance!!! That is all they value is what $$$ they can take out of your pockets and that is the ONLY thing that will hit them where it hurts! If they will violate your rights and the Constitution it is obvious they don’t give a s**t about you and your only value to them is your $$$ so take it away from them and all of the liberals that remain that are milking the system out of your tax dollars can starve and let the looting and rioting begin! States that stand up for the Constitution and your Rights should pass laws that prevent these freeloaders from leaving these states when they go belly up and refuse any benefits or assistance if they try to relocate to them as it is just like the old adage, one bad bad apple will spoil the rest! Let them live in the cesspool THEY caused and live with their consequences!!!!

  12. Trump WILL make America Great! says

    This is stupidity and flies in the face of common sense!!! WE must stop this asinine push towards liberalism/progressiveness/socialism and restore common sense and stop the infringement of OUR Rights and the Constitution!!! Given the circumstances the warning shot was for the criminals well being and would these brainless idiots have preferred he stand there in silence wait for him to actually enter his home by breaking and entering then put a round right between his eyes which he would have been well within his Rights to do and would not have had his gun taken or been in any violation of the law??? I guess given the lack of intelligence and commonsense by law enforcement and the judicial system in recent time that is what WE are going to have to do but that will be one less career felon to deal with and keep up and save others from being his victim and it may make one of these lowlife violent thugs think twice about breaking into someone else’s property for fear of losing their life!!!

  13. Guest says

    LONG STORY HERE and QUESTION. we have make my day law here in okla.. you cant shoot em thru door.. but if they are inside and then its fair game for whomever draws first. BUT you cannot own a gun with a felon in the house.. or its all about the cops deciding if gun in no way accessible to felon.. never left in shared living space ..has to be kept in locked safe with non-felon only knowing combination…I THINK..

    ANYONE WHO KNOWS FOR OKLAHOMA about this please enlighten me! Read the story below and see.. I need to know.. I am a 48 year old chubby FEMALE..and this should NOT have to happen. I enjoy guns.. have shot and owned them in the long ago past.. they protect us. but with a family member who has a felony.. I fear I cannot have one.. is that true?


    A few years ago.. 3 or 4 .. when i had NO gun, my FRONT DOOR WAS KICKED IN by two BIG mexican guys around 30’s or so.. two guys at 3AM. I ran all 200 pounds of me in a tshirt and shorts..ran thru two rooms and dove on the big ones chest.. we went out the broken doorway, across the porch, over the sidewalk and landed in middle of yard next to tree. I ended up on bottom and he was trying to poke his fingers in my eyes.. i was using my left hand to push HIS hand to keep fingers out of my eyes as they were TOUCHING my eyelids.. we were face to face.. i was feeling around on ground for a BRICK that I thought was in the monkey grass by the tree we were next to.. I would have given ANYTHING to have found that BRICK.. I wanted to hit him in the head to get him off of me.. and get on top of him and beat him in the head with it.. somehow he moved his hand and quit trying to poke my eyes which FREED up my left hand that was smashed between our chests as we were NOSE TO NOSE… I got my left arm around his neck and started punching him in the face and eye as good as I could, over and over with my right hand,BUT THE DAMN GROUND was IN THE WAY.. i could NOT get a full decent swing behind the punches as my right arm could only move a few inches…. but my DOG came out and attached his entire jaw to his shoulder biting him HARD and he let go of me and got up and ran to his van FULL OF MEXICAN friends.. and his friend was being held back by my roomie who was swinging a long piece of the doorframe (he KICKED OFF when he kicked in door) at him as if it were a weapon .. his friend was heading over to double up on me and kick me in the head.. the piece of wood.. . (it weighed NOTHING… it was thin and old and dry rotted and would break like a brittle twig if it ever made contact..but that guy did not know that).. After the dog bit the one wide guy and got his big ass off of me.. then the other guy ran off too.. turns out it was the wrong house.. NICE.. he was drunk and jealous of some girl.. I was lucky he was drunk enough for me to fight without him fighting me back more or pulling some weapon.. and lucky he did not have a knife or a gun.. I DONT KNOW what came over me.. I had NO TIME TO THINK .. I just REACTED after the door smashed open and I saw two STRANGERS I started SCREAMING AT THEM AS LOUD AS I COULD TO “GET THE FU&& OUT OF MY HOUSE.. GET OUT.. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE” BUT THEY DID NOT MOVE they JUST STOOD THERE.. so my fear and adrenaline flew off the charts and with my brains spinning I did not have time to think.. I just ran straight at them.. I saw he was too big to stop and punch.. so I threw my whole body weight on him.. I was gonna BITE or PUNCH or whatever I could do..I was deciding while I was running that I had to hit him hard as he was a WIDE chested dude.. made a good target tho.. but I had NO gun BECAUSE my roomie is a felon..(he was dead asleep and woke up to me screaming and then running). Here they will not differentiate whether the gun is locked in a safe and who has physical control of it.. if I had one and shot them.. then roomie would be charged for living with a gun.. and I would just have to make sure they were both in house.. maybe sock myself in the mouth a few times to PROVE I was in danger.. .. I dont know.. It was a mess.. I should have the right to have a gun without FEARING that the other person will get locked up for it. I WOULD HAVE NEVER had time TO UNLOCK A SAFE AND GET THE GUN.. I WOULD LIKE TO KEEP IT WAAAAAAAAAAAY HANDIER THAN THAT IN LIVING SHARED AREA JUST OUT OF SIGHT BUT WITHIN REASONABLE I cannot roll around with it in bed in my pajamas.. lol.. but the law here would not allow that I dont think.. I think we cannot even really do it even if it is under lock and key and i am only one with combination.. etc.. because the cops are not fair here…everyone gets charged for same crime in a car.. if one person has something.. everyone gets charged.. have seen it time and time again.. and if the gun is in a felons living shared area..(they consider the whole damn house the living shared area).. there is no apparent way for me to own my own protection.. wear it or keep it by me IN my own home.. and my roomie is a family member who I have lived with for almost 30 years.. oh, by the way.. I am a 48 year old female chubby regular housewifey kinda girl.. and that ass kicking crap is for young people.. I damn near got hurt really bad.. but I could not shut them out and lock door AS THEY HAD BROKEN IT DOWN.. I called cops..made a report.. showed em the door.. my knuckles .. and told them he would have a bitten shoulder and a blackened left eye for sure.. but that I did nothing to provoke this.. and wanted to make the report incase of future retaliation.. as he was HUMILIATED in front of his little GANG members in the van because he was fighting and old lady.. lol..

    I would have given up a toe or finger or something to have had a GUN THAT NIGHT.. and I guarantee you .. I would have had MORE problems from the little shits in the van tho.. if I had killed the two in the house.. they would have come back for me.. so.. i do not know what the answer is.. we learned who he was and someone called him from my phone and asked him when are you going to come here and fix my front door.. all he would do was threaten to fill my house with lead and tell me how he was going to do a driveby.. I told him he was a punk and then he never called me back.. or came by and shot the house up… i was a little nervous about him doing that tho.. out of embarrassment and wanting to get me for embarrassing him in front of his little groupies .. what a piece of crap he was.. I think his friend was just there but did not want to be.. as he was THANKFULLY not aggressively attacking anyone.. just watching us fight.. like it was a show.. If I had protected myself with a gun then I think the others would have come back and shoot up my house after I killed their buddies.. legal or not.. how do you deal with that kind of crap… that night they were in a pack.. there were several heads still in the van they were running to get into.. so I guess I am also lucky they did not get out of van and join the fight.. it was a bad situation.. and I did not like the position I was in.. to HAVE to physically MAKE a person get out of my house with my hands and close body fighting.. when I am just an out of shape old fat lady and was running out of air and heart power about mid left hand was running out of strength and I thought he was GOING TO BLIND ME…. I need to find out what the damn laws are .. if I have a REAL gun… not a bb gun or paintball gun… a real one.. how can I wear it on my body.. around a felon famliy member that lives in same house.. is “on my body” considered personal control enough that it is okay.. and i just have to lock it in safe anytime I remove it from my person? I am getting too old for that other shit.. its too dangerous.. and i never planned it.. it just happened out of FEAR and ADRENALINE…. I live in Oklahoma.. and NEED to know FROM ANYONE who is TRUELY KNOWLEDGABLE like a lawyer or cop or someone who really knows.. IS THERE A WAY FOR ME TO OWN A GUN while I live with a felon.. YES and what are rules…. NO not until he moves or I do.. but we have a 30 year history and a grown adult child and i doubt that moving apart is happening.. I am able to pass any background check and have no issue there.. just worried about the legal ramifications of it as I do not want to find myself in a rediculous situation like that again.. I cannot afford anything.. I need to win that AR-15 or whatever it is that is being given away!! woo woo.. no more trying to fight drunk men 20 years younger than me anymore!!!!

    anyway.. just thought you gun appreciators might get a giggle out of it .. now that it is over.. but for awhile I was a bit traumatized that I had to worry about someone shooting my house up.. its been half a decade now.. or so.. so I guess they found other people to be mad at.. but I never forgot what I was confronted with.. that was bullshit that they kicked my door in.. they deserved to be treated like the criminals they were acting like… home invasion equals shot to death.. not a playful little fight and a dog bite and dotted eye.. I feel like they did not get what they deserved.. I lived in fear from it afterward for quite some time.. I dont need that kind of crap keeping me worried.. but if I had shot them… then the others would have been really upset and wanted to retaliate.. how do you handle that situation?? night by night.. wondering if you will be shot while taking out trash or something stupid..

  14. Bullrhider says

    There is a problem here: firing a weapon IS the use of deadly force in most states. In most states you must be in “reasonable fear of immediate death or serious bodily harm” to justify the use of deadly force. ‘Immediate’ is the issue. If there was time to fire a ‘warning shot’, then the threat was not ‘immediate’…. therefore deadly force was not justifiable. This is why I teach my CCW students that you cannot draw your weapon until ALL the conditions for deadly force as self defense is justified. In Ohio, simply pointing a weapon at someone is considered ‘using deadly force’. There is no such thing as a ‘warning shot’. You may only shoot for one reason: to stop the immediate threat of death or serious bodily harm. In this case, the attacker had NOT broken into the home; nor did the homeowner KNOW if the assailant was armed. The use of deadly was NOT justified. I don’t agree with it but that is the law.

  15. Dasgeiss says

    It’s not clear, but if he fired the shot while the burglar was still outside his door, then he is guilty of firing in a non life threatening situation. If he fired once the burglar was inside his house and he felt threatened for his life or the life of his family then he would have been justified to shoot. He should have dragged him inside after shooting him in the first case. This is the law as I learned it for a CCW permit.

  16. traffic272 says

    I’m from the great State of Texas and while I hate to see this gentleman arrested, if the same thing happened here, as conservative and gun friendly as we are, he may have been arrested in Texas also. NO WARNING SHOTS! You shot to stop the threat AND YOU MISSED !! (get it?) (OR, again, NO warning shots).

  17. THOMAS says

    Stupid cops an stupid laws the VETERAN was endangered by a known criminal. These peaces of sorry law in forcement garbage needs to be investigated an then put in jail with their criminal buddy.

  18. $474680 says

    this is why I ask ? Will the police work against or for you when things get bad , From what I see they all need to flex their power and show their authority , they love to put the cuffs on and then push you around , I trust a cop like a snake

  19. William Mdcannold Jr. says

    In response to Yehuda: Had our man shot and killed the perp outside his home he would most certainly be indicted for second degree murder! Ya gotta wait for them to break in. It’s a good idea to keep a large sheet of 6mm plastic film on the floor at all doorways. Clean-up after shootings always requires a lot of expense to replace floor coverings.

  20. William Mdcannold Jr. says

    It has become obvious that police departments here and there have become paranoid – so much so that they “enforce” incorrectly and regard “contempt of cop” as a crime. In so doing they are justifying contempt of cop in the minds of many a citizen! The citizens of Medford should recognize this affront to their well being and raise hell with the city council in particular. Council persons who justify the cops and any ordinance interfering with citizen’s well being should be distinctly targeted for replacement!

  21. Asphalt_Ranger says

    There’s an old saying…”No good deed goes unpunished”…I would say this is a perfect example. Next time shoot the bastard, never mind being humane.

  22. Asphalt_Ranger says

    Just another example of law abiding veterans that own firearms being targeted by an unscrupulous and unConstitutional police department. They should be giving him the key to the city for helping to catch a wanted felon, NOT trying to make him a criminal for defending himself and his property. The lunatics are running the asylum in Oregon, or as I like to call it, the socialist state of “North California”…idiots, everyone of them.

  23. Vern Davis says

    I bet if the Vet had been a Democrat they would not have bothered him. I guess he should have killed
    the bad guy, and there would have been one less crook.

  24. Sharon Jones says

    Call a good conservative attorney.

  25. Luanne T Reason says

    Don’t fire any warning shots !! Shoot to kill

  26. Loran Carlson says

    He should have quietly asked the felon to leave. If that didn’t do the trick he should have blown a whistle in his ear and if that didn’t work he should have finally peed on the the felon. That would have surely made the felon leave. Seriously though, we have police departments who are feeling their oats and do not like veterans. They feel that they are the only ones who should be carrying firearms. I hear that here in California the legislature is pushing a bill that would BAN all semiautomatic firearms which have removable magazines. Really?

  27. jj says

    When are “We the People” going to finally stand up and say “Enough?”

  28. Bruce in AZ says

    Warning shots are a waste of ammunition.

  29. Lobo VNVMC says

    When I lived in Oregon the law was a CCW was allowed to use
    the weapon to defend someone’s life and property. A home owner was allowed to
    do the same, but the perp had to be in the house. First statement and last (without
    a lawyer) to the LEOs was ‘I feared for my life’ and the holes had to be in the
    front of the perp. No warning shots.

  30. GinoV says

    This is a total crock of government bull S–T

  31. flyingfish7000 says

    I’m not familiar with the laws in that State or the subdivision for that matter. What is the actual charge against Thompson? Is there an ordinance against discharging a firearm within the limits of the subdivision or State? This article is far from complete and there is a good possibility that Thompson broke some law or laws.

    1. GinoV says

      Yeah he should have nailed the burglar

  32. PLW says

    Next time, let the Dirt Bag make entry into your residence, then take him out with the AR15 after he makes a threatening move and you fear for your life… The Dirt Bags have more rights than their victims, so you have to follow the letter of the law. This Punk will probably sue the victim for mental anguish that he will complain about while in jail… Funerals stop the mental problems of criminals….

  33. Warren Cohen says

    with the price of ammo today, don’t give “warning” shots

  34. jj says

    With cops like these, I’m afraid the day will come that we will have to shoot them as well as the burglers.

  35. Michael says

    The Phone number to report a non-emergency is (541) 770-4783.

    1. Tonto says

      I called and my original number was not the right starting point. Thanks.

  36. Tonto says

    West coast crazy government! The veteran would be questioned by the law in Arkansas but probably why the perp did not get a double tap.

  37. badman400 says

    This man should sue this police department for MILLIONS! The NRA and the GOA should back his case. And the policemen responsible for this man’s arrest and confiscation of his weapon, should themselves be arrested and punished to the fullest extent of the law and the victim’s rifle returned to him in the condition it was in when taken, or replaced with a new one. This should be handled by We The People with a ZERO TOLERANCE postion!

  38. Schuylar says

    Here is the problem folks. The police report clearly states that the felon was fleeing the scene when the veteran shot at the ground near the felon’s feet. There was no danger to the veteran or anyone else at that point. Had the veteran shot the man off the fence…there would be a case in favor of the veteran, but that is just not what happened (though I truly wish that is what the guy did!). You cannot even draw a weapon unless there is a legitimate threat to personal safety or safety of innocents nearby. There was no need to fire the weapon.

    1. Tonto says

      In Texas, you can shoot somebody carrying stuff out of your neighbor’s house while talking to 911 if you use a shotgun. Seriously..

  39. crazywoo says

    Iam a retired Deputy Sheriff,and that PD is wrong.I would give the AR15 back,with some extra ammo for it.Here in Florida,no warning shots.If your going to use your weapon,ALWAYS!!! shoot to kill.

  40. Donald Congleton says

    Damn Right, no warning shots i just wait till he is over my threshold and give him a 240gr jhp surprise!

  41. wminaz says

    Maybe he should run for mayor of Medford on the “knock off the BS” ticket.

  42. ort says

    What is the phone number of the num nuts police department so we can flood those morons with outraged phone calls?

    1. Tonto says

      Medford Police Dept.

      I called and wound up with a voice mail recording that said it was January 20th. He did not mention year. My first post had a phone number from internet directory. They were all polite but I sure got the run around. I copied phone number from below. Nobody seemed to know if Mr. Thompson had any charges or not. Maybe they did not want to talk to somebody from a free state or the guy has not been charged yet.

      411 W 8th Street
      Medford, OR 97501

      1. ort says

        Thank you!!

        1. Tonto says

          If all these people posting here agreed to contribute a little, maybe we could get him enough to buy another AR15. Can this poor soul own a gun legally in Oregon? Maybe the Disneyland edition without the free state equipment?

    2. Tonto says

      I had to change number posted because internet phone app has 541-774-2000.

      1. ort says

        Thanks. ; )
        This will get me the front desk or something, right?

  43. dhb1ibo says

    If he’s given his gun back you can bet it will be damaged. Never let the police take your weapons unless your dead.

  44. Stuart Bothwell says

    Don’t fire a warning shot…Kill the SOB to reduce the paperwork.

  45. Sparten1 says

    I hope he uses Biden for a defense. Afterall, Biden did tell the nation to just fire a warning shot.

    1. EMIRCITNA says

      THROUGH THE DOOR ….none the less!!!!

  46. Sparten1 says

    Yup! That’s the message learned here. Wait til he gets inside, then shoot to kill.If the police weren’t azzholes they’d be thanking the man for help getting a real criminal off the street.

  47. Dan Moore says

    Never fire a warning shot. They will use it against you.

  48. Robert says

    Everyone should call Medford police dept and protest their action.

  49. Terry Adams says

    another state on my list of states to stay away from. I find that the only thing I can do is to boycott any state that messes with peoples rights. And my doing so isn’t going to bankrupt them but if enough of us do the same it will have its effects. My wife used to drink coors lite. No longer we wont purchase anything from Colorado until they reverse their current stand against the peoples rights. Only way to hurt a liberal is to take away the only two things they truly care about. Money and Power.

    1. Trump WILL make America Great! says

      AMEN!!! I will NEVER go to the states that are trampling and violating the Constitution and OUR rights!!! Why anyone that stands behind the Constitution stays in these states is beyond me!!! Tell them to shove their liberal Constitution violating laws up their a#$es and sell out and leave!!! When they lose the taxes from all of the Conservatives that will not tolerate their sh*t and go bankrupt good riddance!!! That is all they value is what $$$ they can take out of your pockets and that is the ONLY thing that will hit them where it hurts!!! If they will violate your rights and the Constitution it is obvious they don’t give a sh*t about you and your only value to them is your $$$ so take it away from them and all of the liberals that remain that are milking the system out of your tax dollars can starve and let the looting and rioting begin!!! States that stand up for the Constitution and your Rights should pass laws that prevent these freeloaders from leaving these states when they go belly up and refuse any benefits or assistance if they try to relocate to them as it is just like the old adage, one bad bad apple will spoil the rest!!! Let them live in the cesspool THEY caused and live with their consequences!!!!

    2. Trump WILL make America Great! says

      AMEN!!! I will NEVER go to the states that are trampling and violating the Constitution and OUR rights!!! Why anyone that stands behind the Constitution stays in these states is beyond me!!! Tell them to shove their liberal Constitution violating laws up their a#$es and sell out and leave!!! When they lose the taxes from all of the Conservatives that will not tolerate their sh*t and go bankrupt good riddance!!! That is all they value is what $$$ they can take out of your pockets and that is the ONLY thing that will hit them where it hurts!!! If they will violate your rights and the Constitution it is obvious they don’t give a sh*t about you and your only value to them is your $$$ so take it away from them and all of the liberals that remain that are milking the system out of your tax dollars can starve and let the looting and rioting begin!!! States that stand up for the Constitution and your Rights should pass laws that prevent these freeloaders from leaving these states when they go belly up and refuse any benefits or assistance if they try to relocate to them as it is just like the old adage, one bad bad apple will spoil the rest!!! Let them live in the cesspool THEY caused and live with their consequences!!!!

  50. Nemesls says

    Wasn’t it Joe Biden that suggested warning shots? Where’s he in this man’s defense? Biden should get involved and explain how this would be okay under his cabinet’s new vision of gun ownership.

    1. Nemesls says

      I live in FL. This state doesn’t allow warning shots. When obtaining my concealed permit the instructors said shoot to kill! It’s kill or be killed. If you fire warning shots you’re in violation. And if you shoot and don’t kill you could be sued. Bottom line is kill or flee.

    2. Hoodoo H says

      Wait…Biden said itust be a shotgun. Lol

      1. Tonto says

        Joe Biden is a weapons-grade idiot and great insurance for BHO.

        1. Hoodoo H says

          It’ll be a sad day in CA if the reason I walk away from my home and wife are all the new naziesque laws. However, they’ve just about done it. Wife doesn’t want to leave…so, if it has to be, it has to be.
          I must have freedom.

          1. Guest says

            you can get a new wife.

          2. Trump WILL make America Great! says

            If you see the problem and your wife doesn’t, there’s YOUR sign!!!!

  51. Knights of Thor_✔ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ says

    I’m so glad that I moved from Oregon after I joined the military and never looked back. I now live in Alabama, a Right To Work, 2nd Amendment-loving, God-fearing state that fully supports the Castle Doctrine. If a perp is on my property and I just THINK that he’s a threat to myself, or my family, I can empty a mag of 5.56 into his stinking carcass and there isn’t a court in the state that prosecute me or take my weapon. What happened in Oregon is typical of what happens in blue states controlled by far-left Progressives. My support for Corey Thompson is 100%.

    1. Hoodoo H says

      Well said Bro.

  52. cvxxx says

    This has been a problem since the 1950’s. A person has to be inside the abode before it is considered a threat. Then kill them for once they leave then it is you they will charge. These laws have some justification but the rules need to be clarified. Each state has different rules. many make no sense

    1. Nemesls says

      Yes, know your state laws. In FL you can use your weapon to prevent the commission of a felony.

  53. HongryHawg says

    Looks like the idiot authorities in Oregon just signed a death warrant for would be felons. No warning shots allowed? No problem.

    1. Guest says

      they did make it PRETTY CLEAR huh!

  54. josephmn says

    Warning shot Not on my life If breaking in my home he means harm Shoot him then warn him

  55. YehudaPa says

    I say either call the police and risk having the guy kill you, or if you take the gun out, NO WARNING SHOTS. If you really feel like warning they give the warning the but the shot that comes after that, if there is one, is to kill the sob. Police don’t like warning shots and will charge with a crime. So either you are going to call the police or you are going to do something about it yourself. This is a perfect example of how people need training in order to know how to deal with this kind of thing. In fairness to the veteran he was trying to give the guy a break and signal to him, look I don’t want to kill you just get the heck out of here. But in truth perhaps killing the person would have been the proper course of action. It is hard to know without being there or having first hand information as to what actually happened.

    1. disqus_DDRrrpZYhP says

      I totally agree with this statement. I would only add that gun owners need to know their state’s laws. Get educated and stay lawful.

      1. Guest says

        let him enter the house… you hide and be quiet.. you call cops before and tell them your having a break in and they want you to ‘stay on the line and talk to them’.. like you can talk to them without alerting the burglar to find you and possibly HARM you..
        then you can shoot them when they are in front of you threatening your life.. what a crock of shit.

        so, drag em inside and put a knife in their hand and cut your shirt to show where they tried to stab you.. that would be wrong and planting evidence and lying hence…
        the gov is MAKING criminals out of normal good citizens that way..

        so WHEN ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO PROTECT YOURSELF BY SHOOTING SOMEONE WHO IS BREAKING IN.. when they are INSIDE YOUR HOUSE. if they run back out after you shoot them.. then are you in trouble again?

        Do you drag them back inside? lol all this has to be decided in a split second..

        what a bunch of crap.. the criminal should not be breaking in.. just let em get inside and shoot them to kill.. a pissed off one that heals and gets back out will come do more harm to you again at a later date.

    2. Nemesls says

      Sadly I think the police would’ve not only not taken his gun, but not charged him had he killed the man. He was on the run and it would’ve been tragic for that felon. Now, this poor man gets to endure the American justice system (on wasted tax payer dollars) and probably spend his retirement trying to stay clear of jail. Our system is broken and it’s a shame they’d rather you kill someone then spare their life. Kudos to him for taking a second to think about the consequences of shooting him, but sorry he’ll have to pay for it for years to come -this process is never quick.

      I would do what’s needed to protect myself, family and neighbors from harm if possible -who wouldn’t?

  56. Cornbread (like it or not) says

    This is, in fact, what “reasonable gun control” is really all about! Protect the criminals, make decent citizens into victims, give more power to the elite political class who are in fact the real criminals. Kinda like the Mafia does.

  57. cowboybobmt says

    rest assured, even if this vet is able to get the charges dropped, he will never see his gun again. But don’t worry, the Medford Police are here to help you…fill out the report after the commission of the crime. The perp is probably back on the street breaking and entering once more.

    1. Hoodoo H says

      Sick and backwards law…simply sickening.
      The Vet’s firearm should be returned with an arse kissing apology from the duty sergeant and the officers responsible should be fired.

      1. flyingfish7000 says

        What’s sick is that no one will follow up on this and you’ll never know what happened.

        1. Carolyn says

          Mark, google it in a few days, weeks.. You can find out.

    2. Carolyn says

      Wasn’t it yesterday that a woman in Oregon, called 911 to report she was trying to fight off an assailant? She was told by the dispatcher there was no one to help her.. They had no resources.. She was raped. Now they are taking the Oregonians Weapons? Google this story, its correct. Something is wrong in this Country and its called liberals and obama.

    3. denoferth says

      Job security in action.

  58. YehudaPa says

    So the answer is obvious. He should have shot and killed the person trying to break in. Then he would not be prosecuted and.. he would have done everyone else a service in not having to pay tax dollars to fed, cloth, and provide medical services to this miscreant. But he felt mercy on him. When one acts merciful when he should act with cruelty, he will be cruel when he should act mercifully. To summarize, he should have shot and killed the guy for trying to break in and likely kill him.

    1. nancy miller says

      An officer was heard to say, “but drag him into the house before you call the police”. Isn’t that great???? We aren’t supposed to protect ourselves and the police are never there to do it for us.

    2. Loran Carlson says

      You all are so right. Common sense is no more.

    3. Kerri Sweeney says

      Make sure when in a gun fight there is only one side of the story to tell, your side.

  59. kevin says

    Another example of government gone wild.

    1. 7papa7 says

      You are so right. Government is totally out of control. It supports the bad folks and condemns the good ones. Changes need to be made starting at the white house and working down through congress.

  60. quincyman says

    Clueless in Medford. Are they kidding. I am actually without any words on this.

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