Truth vs Power: the real game

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Leftist truth to power
Lefties just LOVE to think of themselves as speaking truth to power. JournoList types become journalists for the express purpose of using the printed and spoken word to change the world for the Left. Self-important neurotic pot-heads like Obama get themselves voted into power and then rail against their vision of the powerful – oil & coal industries, big corporate barons who “oppress” their workers and bring home money in large sacks every day, Christian terrorists who impose their extreme vision on helpless populations, and so on.

But really, truth to power? When you are a leftist reporter, with the full weight of a major TV network and the government behind you, and you criticize and smear Tea Party faithful — who’s the powerful one? When an ordinary citizen makes your leftist president look bad, and you have buddies in government bureaucracies who deliver to you this citizen’s tax, employment, and financial histories which you then post on national news — who’s the powerful one? When you use your position to stoke up hatred toward corporate leaders, then make known their home addresses so that mobs of union thugs come to their homes — who’s the powerful one?

And when the entire monolith of news reporting (except Fox News) believes one way and can completely bury a story forever to protect your favored political allies, and do so — who’s the powerful one?

Looks to me like a whole lotta POWER, and not much interest in TRUTH.

At this point in America, it takes no courage whatsoever to criticize conservatives and ordinary Americans, white Anglo people, Christians, or people who think the Washington Redskins are entitled to keep their name. It frankly takes no courage to “come out” as a homosexual athlete. It takes no courage to make a movie about homosexual cowboys. What’s hard about that? The entire pop culture and political force are behind you, and are in fact geared to effectively attack those who might speak against you.

This fantasy that any leftist is speaking truth to power is a delusion. They are the power. And they aren’t generally the truth.

Real courage
Information has now come to light about the way the Obama government conducts its business. Much of it was known or suspected by conservative activists, but the abuse of power has become so public and problematic that even the sympathetic leftist press has been forced to cover it.

Now we know that as an individual, you can find yourself attacked, scrutinized, criminalized, and bankrupted by the IRS, DOL, EPA, FBI, DHS, or any number of state or federal agencies if you become identified as an opponent or a threat to the Obamanistas in any way. If you: donate to a Republican candidate for office; join or donate to a Tea Party group or any advocacy group that practices or preaches conservatism or Constitutional governance; operate as a newsperson or blogger whose words might hinder the agenda of the Left; join or donate to a group that opposes Leftist programs and institutions such as Planned Parenthood or Obamacare; or in any way act privately or publicly like a conservative.

Real courage? Well, that’s a group called Patriots Against Government Excess applying for tax-exempt status as a conservative group, and when the IRS comes down on you with obviously intrusive questions about what material you teach from, you send them a copy of the Constitution. Real courage? In a committee hearing devoted to beating up on Apple for justly paying only the taxes they were obligated to pay, Senator Rand Paul taking his turn to savagely berate his Senate “friends across the aisle” for doing so. Real courage? True the Vote and other groups, who are now filing lawsuits against the IRS for their political oppression.

Big and small, public and private, people are now coming out of the woodwork, and instead of cowering in fear, are standing up and speaking real truth to real power.

Now that we know that the Obamanistas will grab phone records and emails of news reporters critical of them, and now that we know they will vindictively audit and deny rights to conservative citizens, real courage is speaking out against them even more than you did before.

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  1. Zeon Deikun says

    Truth is the first casualty of war! Make no mistake we are in a war, John Edwards was correct about “Two America’s”, one that doesn’t bother anyone and doesn’t want to be bothered and the other that minds everyone’s business but their own! MOLON LABE!

  2. Craig Daniels says

    One thing I didn’t like about this was the statement that it doesn’t take courage to come out as a gay athlete. That definitely does take courage! For many people it is hard to come out in a small community, or even just to one’s parents or close friends. Add that with the scrutiny of the public eye!

    Another thing, regarding the whole “truth” thing, is that every news source has a bias. My strategy for “sleuthing” through the news is to get a good look at what every station is saying! If you want, here’s a cool article I found about media bias. You could look through this, too, to look at what news stations you’d like to watch!

    Also, in regards to the part about being easy to criticize “conservatives and ordinary Americans [this isn’t the best phrasing, Americans come with a whole array of beliefs and backgrounds, who’s to say what’s “ordinary”?], white Anglo people, Christians, or people who think the Washington Redskins are entitled to keep their name”: it IS true that white Christian men have the power in American society. Just keep in mind that it takes courage to voice any opinion, whether you identify it as “liberal” or “conservative” (or anything else, for that matter)! Sorry for the long comment, guys. 🙂

    1. Cougar Smith says

      Almost all heterosexuals keep their sex lives private and ‘in the closet’ and homosexuals should do the same! It is nothing to be proud of.

      1. Craig Daniels says

        You’re right, Cougar! Most of the heterosexuals I know keep their sex lives to themselves, too (Except for the ones I have to say “TMI” too, haha!). However, this is not an issue of sharing all the details of what goes on in the bedroom, it is an issue of people coming out of hiding.

        1. Cougar Smith says

          They need to stay hiding.

          1. Craig Daniels says

            Thanks for proving my point, Cougar! 🙂 Responses like that are exactly why it does take a boatload of courage to come out of the closet.

          2. Cougar Smith says

            It’s not ‘courage’… it’s stupidity,

        2. disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2 says

          Homos “issue” isn’t “coming out”, it’s only to attack us normals and turn us into more of them. THEY ARE PERVERTS in EVERY WAY. From their sexual deviancy to their degenerate so called “thinking”.

      2. Frank W Brown says

        Ditto!! I’m tired of the left ramming the evolutionary dead-end of queerness down my throat everywhere I look and go!

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