Third Ruling Class

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regulationstapeThe Federal bureaucracy should serve, not rule the people. While regulations are needed to protect the environment and ensure clean air and water, the Obama Administration has abused its position to create a third ruling class of mostly appointed bureaucrats who impose costly regulations on the nation. New regulations enacted during President Obama’s first term alone cost Americans $70 billion, and much of it is to influence behavior, reward “good” industries and punish ones not considered to be friendly to the Obama agenda of hope and change. Just another way to pick winners and losers.

The Heritage Foundation has tallied up more than 130 major rules which cost at least $100 million, and at least right now there is no oversight, because the Obama Administration refuses itself to follow regulatory law. Some background:

Congress passed “the Regulatory Flexibility Act” making mandatory a regulatory agenda from each agency in 1980. Every April and October, a description of all rules likely to have a “significant economic impact” is to be submitted by all regulatory agencies. In other words, Federal regulators are required to release a report twice a year which details plans and anticipated deadlines for regulations. I’ll give you one guess how Barack’s presidency is doing on this: If you guessed the Obama administration has neglected to release its regulatory agenda for the second year in a row, you win a cookie. Perhaps it’s because with all their meddling, they didn’t have time? Here’s just a few:

·        In March of 2011, The EPA issued their infamous “final” rule establishing staggering emission standards for commercial, institutional, and industrial boilers. The costs for replacing or retrofitting these boilers are estimated at $14.5 billion, and will eventually cost the US 40,000 to 60,000 jobs. Even the EPA admits the initial cost would be over $5 billion with an additional $1.8 billion annually. Wow! Even if boilers had lawyers and a special-interest PAC, what can ‘ya do?

·        Dodd-Frank was signed into law with over a hundred new rules in July of 2010 with an estimated cost of over $100 million (even before all the rules are written). If this isn’t over-reach, please tell me what is? When you pass laws that aren’t written, you give people writing the laws a green-light for whatever floats their bureaucratic boat.

·        In August of 2011, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that under ObamaCare, employers are required to provide contraceptives and substances which induce abortion (such as the “morning-after pill”, with no co-pays.  Even religious hospitals and universities must discard their faith and morals to comply with Big Brother.

·        Even though the Senate was in session in January  of 2012, President Obama made recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board and the (newly created!) Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. If I hear the word “Bureau” again, I’m going to scream, btw. This is illegal on the president’s part – but who cares – it’s Obama! Take him to court if you don’t like it, brother.

·        The CBO says that the 10-year gross cost of ObamaCare is estimated to be $1.79 trillion. That’s the law no one read and many were bribed to stuff down our throats. Don’t worry though, it’s a great law. So great that Congress, unions, companies friendly to Obama and Obama himself were granted waivers. If you have a seat at the table of the insider ruling class, you get a waiver. Sound kinda fascist to you?

And when they can’t bribe or force regulation upon you, they run around it. When the Obama Administration couldn’t ram through cap-and-trade, they figured out how to get carbon regulations done a different way: The EPA decided carbon dioxide (yeah, that’s what comes out when you breathe), is a danger to the public at large. Even though the whole scam was based on flawed and phony science put out it still resulted in massive and burdensome regulations that slow job creation and new construction.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include the clever “Farm Dust Rule” which The EPA tried to foist upon farmers. It would have imposed the sickest, most rigorous and unmatched regulation in the history of regulation. They actually wanted to regulate the amount of dust kicked up by tractors. Sounds like a joke, but the real joke would be trying to get to the Capitol if it went through and those farmers all drove their tractors to DC…


The bottom line here is that large companies have compliance departments to deal with these sometime thousand page regulations, so who gets hurt the most? The smaller competition, that’s who. The reason laws and regulations are so bloody long nowadays is because longer and more in-depth verbiage is needed to identify exactly how people will be treated unequally. If these protocols were fair, they would only need to be short and to the point, with everyone treated the same. Those days are over, friend.

Thus, the regulators have emerged as the third member of the American ruling class. They stand squarely against the rest of the country. Unlike Obama and Congress though, this third ruling class has not acquired its position of power through any bothersome elections. They just roll in with the other two.

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