The Memorial Day Plotted Plant

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by Rodney Lee Conover

So I’m watching Barack Obama’s hour-long counter-terrorism speech on cable Thursday at National Defense University with my dad and suddenly, the President is getting heckled by what sounds like a deranged woman. At first I felt bad for him because it’s a lose-lose. When I was a comic, I’d just rip the drunk a new one and it would be over – but politicians can’t do that.

Anyway, he’s trying to be polite and patient with the protestor but she just keeps going, making the President stand there with that embarrassed look. But nothing happens to her. She’s still screaming and I’m thinking, isn’t he at “National Defense” University? Where’s the national defense? Then I thought, well maybe she’s old and they don’t want to break her hip taking her down or she smells, I don’t know. But then something happened really unusual in this type of circumstance: The President ceded the floor to her. She was able to get her entire message out in full: “You are commander-in-chief! You can close Gitmo today!”… etc.

Obama_magic_articleI said to my dad; “This is a setup. She’s a plant – they planned this.” My dad agreed there was no way they’d let her drone (sorry) on and on and not escort her out at some point. Sure enough, the President was completely prepared for the eruption as his teleprompter continued rolling with content germane to the subject of detainees, prosecuting terrorists and the bad, bad Republicans who won’t let him close GitMo. While security stood around watching and the woman finally finished – Mr. Obama joked that he was going off script.

Hah-ha, lots of laughter at the poor President’s predicament… But he wasn’t off script. Things were right on track, friendo. This was a scam. Some background:

Nothing in politics is a coincidence. Ask anyone in the game – everything is done for a reason and the purpose for this speech on this day was pretty simple: With all the scandals swirling around his administration and a few gaining traction, the President needed something else to be on people’s minds during the barbeques this weekend. The subject should be controversial so there would be push-back and chatter; he needed to look like a tough leader; and most importantly – the President needed to appear that he isn’t the anti-patriot leftist which he clearly is. How about a speech on fighting terrorism? Cool…

Let’s see: I got Bin Laden? Check. Killer Drones? Check. I’m a tough guy those crazy people on the far-left hate? Check. Okay, cue the party-crashing, left-wing troublemaker that somehow got in!  Yeah baby, rock ‘n roll!

The only problem here is the gal screaming like an idiot (Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin) was actually invited to the gathering. That’s right – she was on a very exclusive guest list, so when the ranting started, she was treated like a guest. No muzzling her, no handcuffs, no bum’s rush, no order to stand down, nothing. In fact, when the shrieking subsided Barack Obama feigned some deep thinking and declared; “… the voice of that woman is worth paying attention to…” Cue the applause, and Blam! Everybody gets a taste of the bitch-juice!

Never mind that Barack Obama agrees with everything she said, this was a nicely choreographed bit with the President looking very presidential in the face of far-left insanity. He knows how to handle these left-wing ne’er do-wells better than Chris Christie, Rodney Lee Conover, or even Ronald Reagan. Did I really just do that? Yep.

I know, I know – I’m just one of these conservative cynics looking for a birth certificate under every rock. Well, guess what I got in the email today? (I did the highlighting, but this is from the National Defense University website…)



It seems someone at the DOD was sick of hearing how they dropped the ball on security at the President’s gig and sent out this not-so-subtle missive on why this woman was there in the first place: “Attendance for non-media was limited to invited guests from the National Defense University faculty, staff, and student body, along with those invited by the White House.” Let’s all guess whether it was the NDU staff or the White House, m-kay? If you’re going to tell me they had no idea that Medea Benjamin might disrupt the proceedings, a quick glance at her extensive history of public commotion tells you all you need to know. It’s kinda her thing, man.

obamamagic2This was nothing more than a lame attempt at getting people’s minds off the cover-up of dead Americans in Benghazi, Fox News reporters being intimidated, or the vile IRS targeting people based on their political beliefs. I figured at least Fox News reports would get this right, but all they and everyone else did was replay the incident over and over, suggesting it made the President look bad.

No it didn’t.



Rodney Lee Conover is a writer / performer, living in Southern California’s Mohave Desert

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