The Issue the Media is Missing: Not all Nonprofits are Created Equal!

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IRS logoMedia Matters logoThose of us who founded tea parties knew long ago that the IRS was targeting our organizations. The Blaze reported this in February 2012. Apparently, though, the president of the ‘most transparent administration ever’ only found out about this a day ago, even though the White House’s Legal Counsel knew three weeks ago, according to ACLJ’s Jay Sekulow. We’re so used to his lies that this is not surprising. Of course BHO knew. Duh.

Even the liberal MSM is “appalled” by the IRS actions. But maybe they’re just grateful for something to take attention away from Benghazi. There are liberals out there who are not jumping aboard the “this wasn’t right” bandwagon. Some idiot (Jon Green, on AmericaBlog) wrote an article agreeing that the IRS shouldn’t investigate the Tea Party. Rather, he thinks the Department of Homeland Security should investigate these groups. Here’s an excerpt: And this, maybe groups with “tea party’ or “patriot” in their name really are more likely to be stretching, or abusing, their 501(c)(4) status, and since they’re coordinated through a central GOP authority, any abuse could potentially be systemic.

“Coordinated through a central GOP authority”? As in Pelosi’s “Astroturf”? We all know that’s bull crap. I wonder if he really believes this. Maybe he does.

Juan Williams, on Fox News the other day, questioned why tea parties even deserve tax-exempt status. But I’ve never heard him question Media Matters, the progressive organization dedicated to ‘bringing down Fox News’ and ‘fight right-wing bias’ (LOL) in the media.

There’s one thing nobody in the media is covering at all. There are different types of nonprofit organizations. Let’s look at the two most common. A 501(c)(3) organization accepts donations and the donors are allowed to deduct this contribution as a charitable donation on their tax returns if they itemize deductions. These organizations, under IRS rules, are extremely limited in the types of political activity allowed. They cannot promote or denigrate specific legislation or candidates.

Most tea parties (I know because I helped advise many of them) applied for 501(c)(4) status in order to avoid these restrictions on their activities. A 501(c)(4) organization CAN promote/denigrate specific pieces of legislation and is allowed to lobby for legislation germane to its values. However, donors to a 501(c)(4) CANNOT deduct the donations as charitable contributions on their tax returns. Of course, for fundraising, it would be much better to be a 501(c)(3). People are likely to give a bit more if it’s tax-deductible. The restrictions on political activity made this option not viable for tea parties. (There are some ways in which a tea party may have a 501(c)(4) arm AND a 501(c)(3) arm, but it’s tricky.)

Guess what organization is a 501(c)(3)? Yep, George Soros’ Media Matters. Give me a break. Take a look at what’s on the home page of Media Matters:Media Matters mission

Gosh, that’s not political at all, is it? If you visit the website (I just did, though, so you don’t have to), you’ll see a lot of political articles. My favorite one today is “Four Media Reports From Libya That Linked The Benghazi Attacks to The Anti-Islam Video”. Yes, this shill for the Obama administration has an article saying ‘it really was the video – honest!’ Wow. Apparently, though, it’s OK with the IRS. Many have called for an investigation into Media Matters’ tax status, but to my knowledge nothing has been done. It’s acceptable for George Soros (fake name by the way) to be able to deduct the millions he gives this arm of the Obama administration.

Waco tea party logoIn contrast, check out the inflammatory tag line on the webpage of the Waco Tea Party. “Limited government, free markets, fiscal responsibility” That is LESS political that the post on the front page of Media Matters. The tea party of Waco Texas was indeed one of the groups targeted by the IRS.

Another targeted group was the Central Texas 912 project. Today this group organized a ‘flash mob for random acts of kindness’ in several Texas cities. So, donate to Media Matters and get a tax deduction. But donate to Central Texas 912 and

CenTX website screen grabyou won’t. And there’s still no word as to whether organizations like this will indeed be able to obtain 501(c)(4) status.

Can we survive another 3 ½ years of this administration? I worry about that.

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