The Fool-Aid Is Strong With This One

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FoolAid-41517244614I watched as much of the Benghazi “whistleblower” hearings as I could on Wednesday, but I had to cut out early as I had some testimony of my own that I had to give in an attempted homicide trial. I was able to watch the hearings up until Dem. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney launched into her completely misplaced Obama/Clinton protection speech. I did not see any of the hearings after that.

In addition to writing here, in my vast amounts of spare time (sarcasm) I run a page on Facebook (a political page, not my personal page) where I post much more frequently than I do here. When I returned home from testifying in court on Wednesday, I began reading articles and watching YouTube clips of shows talking about the testimony given, and some specifically on the ridiculously obvious way in which the Democrats on the House Oversight Committee were circling the wagons to protect Obama and Clinton. Some of the articles and videos, which I felt were worth reading or watching, I shared on that FB page I run.

I spent several hours yesterday (Thursday) morning doing more of the same. In total, over a period of about 15 hours, I shared a total of 13 articles or video clips related to Benghazi. I went about my household chores yesterday at about 10am and returned to the computer later at about 5pm.

I was surprised to find that one of my FB page contributors/moderators had been busy discussing/dismissing totally irrelevant Bush blaming, “he lied they died” statements in regards to the articles and videos I had shared. I was amazed at the liberal minions ability to shake off any and all sense of the reality of what occurred during the testimony, to ignore the blatantly obvious cover up that had taken place, to ignore the outright, egregious lies told repeatedly by Obama, Clinton and Rice, and to in turn, try and change the subject from the current topics of discussion to one of Bush bashing. The tone of the discussion was similar to the tone when I am scolding one of my young children who, in a juvenile form of defense of his actions, points out prior bad behavior of his brothers: “but, but, remember when he did that other thing…”. Completely juvenile!

I attempted to calmly intervene. I told folks to keep comments on the topic of discussion. I told them further comments would be deleted. I deleted ridiculous unrelated comment after ridiculous unrelated comment, and eventually, since the two primary problem children could not seem to get a clue, eventually banned them.

After dealing with that mess, I went to my main admin screen for that page and noticed that since I began posting the Benghazi stories, my FB page fan count had dropped by 13 (up to 20 as of this writing). I found that particularly odd since the fan count had remained steady at just under 5,300 for the last several months, during which we had discussed many things from abortion to gun control, and the FB page contributor’s and my conservative views were never hidden. Suddenly, start discussing the facts coming out of the Benghazi hearings and people were dropping like flies.

My faith in people, democrats in particular, was slightly restored later in the evening. It was actually refreshing to see that it was not just conservatives who saw the disgusting behavior at the hearings when Democrat Strategist Kirsten Powers, when appearing on The O’Reilly Factor, agreed that it was shameful. Too bad more democrats are not as open to the truth as it appears Kirsten Powers is.

Could it be that the liberal mindset is such that questioning their views on policy is acceptable, but questioning their choice of leaders is not? What suddenly changed? Is reality, that Obama and Clinton are lying, self-serving narcissists, finally breaking through the Fool-aid induced haze and that they don’t like it and would rather bury their heads back in the sand to avoid the truth for just a few more days? I honestly just don’t get it. That desire for intentional ignorance is beyond my ability to grasp.


Added 5-11-13: In writing this article, it was not my intent to promote my FB page. I just referenced it as it was pertinent to this article. However, since several people have asked, you can find it at Please keep in mind, that page is not affiliated with Joe’s page and nothing posted there should reflect on Joe.

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  1. azrt1 says

    democrats are destroying the Country, and liberalism is a disease, a plague, unchecked. Americans, read again (or for the first time) your Declaration of Independence, and Constitution. THESE are what are Country was founded on, what need to be followed. These usurpers, and criminals currently in places of power, have 2 goals. Absolute domination and destruction. They are succeeding, on our watch, our Country is going down. In most cases, with assistance, and praise from a good portion of the population.

  2. Guest says

    “Subversive Activity — Anyone lending aid, comfort, and moral support to individuals, groups, or organizations that advocate the overthrow of incumbentgovernments by force and violence is subversive and is engaged in subversive activity. All willful acts that are intended to be detrimental to the best interests of the government and that do not fall into the categories of treason, sedition, sabotage, or espionage will be placed in the category of subversive activity.”

    Obama should be impeached for treason.. but if not that then all the evidence piling up would in total at least prove Subversive Activity.. He is Poisoning our great nation and undermining our constitution. People Wake Up!
    His heart is with Islamic ways not our constitutionally based way of governing. He is in the VERY position he wants to be in to manipulate the masses and he is doing it .. story by story is telling MUCH but NO ONE seems to be ACTING on seeing it or getting him IMPEACHED and TRIED for “treason” as it is listed for an exact reason for impeachment.. he is trying to change the very government structure he was elected to protect.

  3. Frank W Brown says

    Great fun watching dumbocrats circle the wagons to try and save themselves!
    Can you say IMPEACH???

  4. sysadminpgh says

    Where is the footage from all the cameras inside and outside that compound? Where is the footage from the drone they had in the air? Who sent the drone? Seems that word has gotten out that the mission was to funnel guns and worse to the Muslim Brotherhood creeps in Syria. You know those “Too dangerous weapons for Americans” to own but OK for the ones that want to kill Americans.

  5. sysadminpgh says

    Ah… It’s just the life cycle! Didn’t you watch the Lion King? Everyone and everything dies… Remember these are the morons that only care that their oBooboPhones are FREE and the welfare and food stamps cards are credited each month. I for one can’t wait to get my Google Glasses so I can record the crap we see at Sheetz at 2 am and at the various places like Walmart.

  6. StarDust Dolittle says

    Clinton lied about the video before anything was known about her running for president.

  7. StarDust Dolittle says

    Cummings have you ever lost a child… death comes is not a nice thing to say to parents who have lost one.

  8. THOMAS says

    Sham you shouldn’t be so truthful about the wantaby dictator & the Clinton want to be.They already know what they are lying scum bags.The thing is everyone know it to.Just don’t know why they are still in office.

  9. MontieR says

    Does it matter if it was incompetence or cover up, IT WAS WRONG and patently disgustingly arrogant to perpetuate a BLATANT lie. But that is the modus operendi of the democrats even if it is BLATANTLY illegal the ends justify the means.

  10. bahndon says

    Liberalism is a mental defect!!!

  11. stephanie wilson says


  12. Charles Ingram says

    The Fool-aid analogy is a good one…..although, insted of a pitcherful, imagine a swimming pool full. As Conservatives confronted non-stop with Obama’s …..its much like dog paddeling in a pool we’re sure someone has peed in. We just need to remember to keep our heads up, watch out for floaters and keep our lips pursed tightly…….THE POOL GUY IS COMING.

  13. $13614178 says

    After listening to Kirsten Powers on this and on the Philly abortion / butcher shop cover-up I think she is becoming enlightened and will one day be a proud conservative

  14. James Riley says

    The Blind leading the Blind.Those that believe Obama is not lying to them??They will uphold the Obamanation and his crew.People do not like to admit they are wrong and shut their mind off.

  15. vet says

    The only time that the democraps even ask questions I thought they would come out and say it was racist or bushes fault.We still don’t know who gave the order to stand down but we all know the only one that could was ovomit.Why hasn’t anyone asked the question why killery and panetta where flying in weapons to the alquida through turkey for a year prior to this.Is it now ok to arm the very people that did the 911.When did it change?

  16. William Nall says

    Way to go Joe.

  17. crofootski says

    Great article, Matt. I totally agree (and I watched the entire hearing) with you. Saying I was appalled at Ms. Maloney and the rest of the Dems on the committee is an understatement. Incredible!

    Say, what is your political facebook page? I’d like to check it out.

  18. ZaMan says


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