Teacher Who Stomped on Flag Considered to be Genius

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Scott Compton is a genius.

I einsteinshould explain that I reserve the word genius for people who do something that sounds simple, yet is perhaps the greatest achievement a man or woman can accomplish: Find something you love, and then find a way to get paid for doing it. Scott Compton did it and I say congrats, my man! You see, Mr. Compton was a teacher, a noble profession which most people get into not for the money, but because they love it. But Scott Compton did not love teaching, for he was teaching in a most evil place: America.

Most of the young and impressionable high school kids sitting in his captive audience were predisposed by ~chill~ their parents, church, family, or friends to believe America is a wonderful and benevolent nation, always there first to help, always with arms open wide to those who believe in the pursuit of happiness. It must have been hell on earth for a man like Scott Compton to go into work every day and be confronted with this horror. Day after day, his lessons and descriptions of America as a racist, imperial, punk-ass, greedy bunch of Capitalists seem to at best fall on deaf ears or worse, met with confused looks.

But it wasn’t him, or his methods. It was those damn kids and their dreams. Something had to be done to get their attention and one day it finally hit him: He would degrade and dirty the ultimate symbol of American patriotism and in doing so – humiliate those bright-eyed, ignorant juveniles who dared to believe in God and their country.

And buddy, it worked! Hah!

One fine day last December, South Carolina high school teacher Scott Compton began a discussion on freedom in his classroom when he suddenly grabbed the American Flag from its standing place, threw it on the ground and in full view of the pupils began stomping on it. Wow, it must have felt good. Stomping on that dirty and evil symbol of the shining city was the genius that in a moment turned Scott’s life from one of lonely dejection to a man on the cusp of pure bliss.

Sure, Mr. Compton was removed from the classroom for his actions – but now he’s being paid $85,000 to avoid a legal challenge. Now get this: Scott is getting the eighty-five grand as part of the settlement by Lexington-Richland School District 5 in addition to his salary and over $30,000 in attorney fees. Compton’s lawyers say more money is on the way after they file in federal court against school officials who sought his dismissal. But most importantly – and make no mistake – Scott Compton is getting paid to do what he loves.


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