Stop picking on MUHAMMAD!

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After two MUHAMMAD loving extremists hacked a British soldier to death with meat cleavers in a south London street, the suspected terrorist took to mugging for a citizen journalist.

nyc_obama_jay_z_beyonceToday, after cutting short a visit to France, Prime Minister David Cameron will chair an emergency national security meeting.  FYI Mr. President, that’s called leadership.

A recent Google search shows no immediate response from President Obama or his Administration.  In light of the recent terror attack in Benghazi, one would expect that the President is scouring the Internet looking for a video that may have cause this outrage.  Once the cause is identified, President Obama will then be going to a fundraiser somewhere and meeting up with Jay-Z and Beyoncé at one of their nightclubs.

One interesting point needs to be made.  This video was released just hours before the Woolwich attacks…

There you go Mr. President! Problem solved, now you can go get your groove on…

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