Stop picking on MUHAMMAD!

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After two MUHAMMAD loving extremists hacked a British soldier to death with meat cleavers in a south London street, the suspected terrorist took to mugging for a citizen journalist.

nyc_obama_jay_z_beyonceToday, after cutting short a visit to France, Prime Minister David Cameron will chair an emergency national security meeting.  FYI Mr. President, that’s called leadership.

A recent Google search shows no immediate response from President Obama or his Administration.  In light of the recent terror attack in Benghazi, one would expect that the President is scouring the Internet looking for a video that may have cause this outrage.  Once the cause is identified, President Obama will then be going to a fundraiser somewhere and meeting up with Jay-Z and Beyoncé at one of their nightclubs.

One interesting point needs to be made.  This video was released just hours before the Woolwich attacks…

There you go Mr. President! Problem solved, now you can go get your groove on…

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  1. fcsuszka says

    What can I say that would be kind? I mean after all, Christians are the scourge of Islam aren’t they? I
    could lower myself to their level and spew obscenities about what the Muslims call their Satanist god, I could say??? Oh I could say much but that would lower me to their level of mentality. After all, isn’t Islam supposed to be a “peaceful” religion? No? Oh I see… Kill, kill, kill. Oh you say they are pedophiles, women beaters hate mongers and enjoy beheading and st9oning people? Oh I see. That surely shows peace to the world now doesn’t it. Hmmm I wonder how many Christians do that?

    I will pray for them. I will pray that “my” God, the creator of heaven and earth have mercy on them. That they be forgiven because they know not what they do. Oh Lord please help them.

  2. mdblanchard says

    I guess”the film maker” will have Steve as a roommate. In all these inquiries and congressional hearings I have yet to hear ANY politicians ask as to the status of “the film maker” that was incarcerated shortly after the whole “video” fabrication was put forth. This whole thing turns my stomach! Muhammed was a fraud and all these barbarians that follow him/islam are bound for hell.

  3. joepotato says

    Them Moozlums are sooo sensitive. Crowder better watch his head….

  4. heavenbound says

    If the American public would read the Quran there would be a revolt in this country to throw every Muslim out. Islam boils down to three words; convert or die. It never makes me feel better when the talking heads on TV say that many Muslims are ‘moderate’. How does a moderate assassin work for you?

  5. wisdomcries says

    Pimp my Camel…on A&E next month

  6. James Riley says

    Make them all eat bacon.

  7. abbe says

    Time is long past to exact retribution

  8. James Maxwell says

    This only goes to show how insane and crazy the scum sucking bottom feeders really are and how
    embolden they are becoming. The reason for the Crusades was to drive them back to the stone
    age where they belong until they learn how to act in a civilized manner. When the follower of the
    pedophile bottom feeder quit attacking us we will let them live in peace but until that time we need
    to glass them over permanently.

  9. brownsfan51 says

    Why are trying to blame the President for this act of terror in the UK? I heard him address this yesterday in his national defense speech. He acknowledges the war on terror has changed, from organized overseas groups like Al-Qaeda to small independent cells (like these psychos in Britain and the Boston Marathon bombers).

    1. Dan says

      Its not blame. The muzlim potus indirectly supports these kinds of terror tactics. In this way he can always claim that we are at WAR with the enemy and that we are WINNING that WAR (we just need to give and/or give up a little bit more). Please read “1984 REDUX: Say Hello to Big Brother” by Andrew Curtiss.

    2. g paltrow says

      He is not a president.He is a joke who only cares about criminal Muslims and Beyonce’s big behind..

  10. Dj says

    The UK police must use FMJ 32’s…… shoot the perp full of holes and haul to a hospital to get the leaks fixed. Some departments here use the FMJ in 9mm and the effect is about the same…….shoot the perp full of holes and get him/her fixed up. We make perfectly good ammunition capable of doing away with the perp….and not taking eight shots to do it unless there are six or seven misses. The little 32acp has been the weapon of choice for most EU law enforcement officers…..hey, if it was good for 007 it is good for me…not.. I think the left side of socialism calls for a bullet that will hurt, but not hurt toooo much and for sure not kill the perp…much like some police departments here. To do away with large calibler handguns here, if not able to confiscate all handguns, for sure is on the drawing board. Dirty Harry was a movie thing, but many officers would love to carry more power than a 9mm with FMJ. The FBI made a move to go to a more effective handgun and so the 10mm was developed. Now that is a bit of a cannon……but best not shoot in a crowd or you will take out more than who is being shot. It is a one shot and down gun, but most of the female agents could not handle it….so….they went to the 40cal which is a heck of a lot more effective than the 9mm. Many departments have switched to the 40 and I venture that you will not hear of a perp being shot eight times or more and hauled to the hospital in good condition. If open carry was permitted my wife would have the 40 instead of her mini 380.

    1. Ranchman says

      The Walther PPK, used by James Bond, is chambered in .380 auto, 9mm short, or 9mm Kurz. They’re all the same. .32 auto went out of service decades ago. I don’t think it’s in use by any LEO’s anymore.

    2. phil62 says

      Same old reliable thing that has been around for a long time: Colt .45 hollow point. I shoot = you fall. Simple. Next best, or just as good is the .40 hollow point. The rest of those little pea shooters are useless.

    3. TinMan67 says

      Why do you think the DOJ is stocking up on the Hollow Point ammo ? They don’t want survivors !

  11. Dj says

    Read an Islamic approved bio of Mo……totally scary. After he decieded to unify the various tribal groups under a common “religion”, he basically made up the rules as he went along and attributed it to some spiritual enlightenment. The only thing spiritual was the result of smoking some really good hash, and having some really good sex with his donkey…..or was that a large pig he rode around on…..translation is foggy.

  12. Terry Adams says

    The Muslims are setting things up for a return of the crusades. Not something they should wish for.

    1. Dan says

      Our current POTUS would allow 1/2 of the population to die before he would do anything.

  13. RayfromNY says

    Can never trust muslims, ever!

  14. scott says

    I’d be willing to bet the WH made a phone call to their prime minister.

  15. vet says

    I was wondering myself if this isn’t going to be used next.

    1. g paltrow says

      It is hard to believe that the man from Egypt who made the silly video that Obama and the criminal Hillary used as an excuse for the four men who were murdered in Benghazi is sitting in a jail.Where are the people who advocate freedom of speech?

  16. mhchaos says

    I pick on all 8-9 year old banging pedophiles like the pig screwing prophet muHAMmad.

  17. alpambuena says

    this is why obama wants all of these troglodytes here in the united states from gitmo…so that they will all be under the u.s. constitution, and all of the protections it has to offer. obama said in his recent speech on how th rest of the world looks upon gitmo…well they would have hung or chopped the heads off these sob’s. another reason that they are still in gitmo, is because obama and holder do not want them tried in a military court…..ever notice how all of those terrorists tried in the u.s. never get the death penalty.

  18. bayman61 says

    This is how these coward muslims work. First they run him down with their car so he cannot fight back. Then they attack him and mutilate him and then behead him. Cowards. They did not have the courage to face him like a man. They had to attack him from behind with a car first, then kill him while he was already down. Filthy no good muslim cowards.

    1. don says

      there is no silvery in muslism.

    2. muslimmustgo says

      Absolutely,we need to give the muslim dog back 100 times what they impose on us!! Make them so fearful they won’t show their muslim dog faces in public! Peace will only come when the dog of islam is eradicated!! Sorry to compare the muslims to animals,animals are so far above these satanic things!

  19. subdriver says

    Muhammad was a blood-thirsty, uneducated criminal whose dreams were make into a religion. Is that any way to worship? If you think that Islam is a peaceful religion, you need to go to:

  20. RLM357 says

    Obama was probably prone facing Mecca and giggling over this atrocity. My apologies to G.B. for this abomination that calls himself the POTUS ! My sympathy to the Soldier’s family and brother in the Military. May God Bless you all. ~Rick Magee, FL

  21. MARYANN33 says

    There is nothing ok about Obama…..Filth through and through….

  22. DustyFae says

    Obama is muslim and will support them, he says he is a Christian when he wants to show people he is good. But muslims can lie to farther their cause. And we all know that Obama is a liar.

    1. Harvey Melton says

      you are right thier book says that deception is ok.

    2. Sam Wicks Jr says

      obamy is NO christian. He may turn to GOD when his judgement day comes (soon I hope) but he is a Muslim through and through. I’m surprised he doesn’t have moochelle walk three steps behind him. BUT, when are they together as man and wife?

      1. don says

        he is muslim but follows the marixs ways more

  23. Zeon Deikun says

    Oh dearie me, poor Muslims nobody likes us! Hey you violent misogynistic ass clowns stop living in the 7th century already! The civil society is sick of you trying to enslave and KILL everyone that won’t bow down to your sick ideology/cult! Molon Labe!

  24. BrotherPatriot says

    There is so much evidence…a MOUNTAIN of evidence. Why hasn’t much been done by it and why isn’t this obvious criminal administration already removed from power…? Because most of the current government is “in on it”. Most are agents of the NWO or have been bought by them. It’s hard to resist that $$$ when they can print it out of thin air or they get/make dirt on a high ranking or soon to be high ranking representative of We the People. They have been at this game now for a very long time. Wake up & God Bless.

    1. don says

      only one reason brother cause your still looking for some one else to fix what we all causeed by setting on our asses. this will only an I say agin only get fixed when WE fix it. no one in congress or government wants any thing difference— so who is god going to bless? he only bless those that help them selfs

      1. Dan says

        n’ough said brother, just waiting for the right time, not much longer…..

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