WH planted the Code Pink Protester

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C’mon now that is just one of those vast right-wing conspiracy theories to get you to come read my blog… Really? This one pretty much wrote itself.

Yesterday, I came across this tweet…

How does she get in?  That’s a damned good question!

A little while later, I see this tweet…

It made me curious, so I ended up at the National Defense University website…


Troubling… NDU makes it pretty clear that she was given access off the media list.  Then they go on to say, “Ask the White House?”

So if I am understanding this correctly, “Code Crazy” is on the White House media invite list?

Then I do another Google search to see if I can find anything and I come up with this:

In light of the planted question (the one that the White House coordinated regarding the IRS targeting), is it safe to ask:

Did the people surrounding the President invite this well known protester to the President’s speech without his knowledge?

We know just like many other actors he needs a teleprompter.

Is every thing about this administration staged to deceive the American people?

Oh never-mind, This just sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory…


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  1. bahndon says

    Nothing about Obama id real, he is an illegal un-qualified Muslim put into power to usher in the end times wars.

  2. lfhpueblo says

    If they knew she’d be there, you can be pretty sure they knew what she’d be up to. Seems staged to me.

  3. Mary Fetch says

    This was such an apparent plant. What is really bothersome is the lack of respect this administration has for the intelligence of the American people to see through these charades.

  4. Chuck says

    It certainly appears that the Code Pink activist might have been a plant because her heckle was perfectly timed to segue into the Presidents close Guantanamo part of his speech. It seems that this administration is so caught up in the Alinsky method that it doesn’t know how to just be honest and tell the truth. They feel the only way to communicate with us is through propaganda and staged events. Try something new for a change. Tell us the truth!

  5. Soquel by the Creek says

    President Obama & team have a long history of stage-crafting events.

    Example 1: Health Care Town Hall

    Example 2: Tax the Rich

  6. Clete Torres ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦ ᵃᵈᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says

    NOTHING this administration does is unscripted.
    You can take that to the bank. And the IRS will meet you there to get their cut.

  7. Ellen K says

    This explains why when she went into full rant mode Obama started saying “We need to listen to her….”

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