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Shots Fired and My Family is Inside…


This captivating story from our friend Rick Green is a must read.  If you think you are prepared to protect yourself and you family… think again, you too could be wrong.

As a “type A” person, I just knew I would “step up” to defend my family from harm.

11096036I was wrong!

When I pulled up to my house, there was an unknown, ragged looking van in my driveway. As I put the car in park, a strange, short man in very baggy jeans and a white muscle shirt came out my own front door with two of my computer monitors, one under each arm.

He immediately saw my truck, locked eyes with me for a full second that seemed like an eternity, dropped the monitors and ran back inside; slamming the door behind him.

As I dialed 911 and my mind processed the hardened look and lack of fear in the man’s eyes, my heart began racing with more fear than I have ever felt in my life for one simple reason.

I knew my family was inside that house.

After being told officers were at least 15 minutes away from our home in the country, I could not just sit there and wonder what was happening to my family inside.

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