Say That Again?

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MonikaBauerleinMonika Bauerlein, from über-liberal Mother Jones, when discussing a Mother Jones article on the Moonbats Spouting Nothing But Crap channel (MSNBC), had the gall to say that Tea Party groups that were seeking non-profit, tax exempt status were “seeking government subsidy”. What in the holy hell is this whacko hippy chick smoking?

Let me see if I can soak in this liberal non-logic
– Killing unborn babies, using hundreds of millions of tax dollars, that’s PERFECTLY OK
– Sitting at home collecting welfare and other government handouts (subsidies), taken from taxpayers, while doing absolutely nothing in return, that is PERFECTLY OK
– Asking to not pay taxes based on your being a non-profit organization, is actually seeking government subsidy, and that is NOT OK

Not sure what planet she is from, or what substances she is feeding her brain, but that seriously does not compute!

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