Raping Arizona – Part 7: Can the Border be Secured?

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It’s time for Part 7 of our series on illegal immigration because the Gang of Eight is likely to try to sneak an immigration bill through the Senate while people are focused on the Obama scandals.  Don’t take your eye off the  mark, the immigration bill is far more important than anything Barack Obama has or hasn’t done in the last five years.

If you’re not current on the immigration issue and the southern border, you can catch up here:

We’ve documented the facts about illegal immigration in our series and the facts are what the Obama administration and the Gang of Eight are working hard to avoid and obscure.

  • The Department of Homeland Security insists the border is more secure than it’s ever been.  That’s a lie, the border is a sieve and hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are pouring through.  They tell us that they are catch about 60% of the illegal crossers, but their own data – based on three months of drone over-flights in the Tucson sector – show that they are catching, at most, about 6% of the crossers.
  • Vehicle BarrierThey tell us “the fence” is providing security while not bothering to mention that their target is less than 700 miles of “fence” on 2,000+ mile border and virtually all of “the fence” is nothing more than a vehicle barrier that you can step over.  You can go here to see what kinds of barriers are erected along the border.

They don’t talk about their release program that has released thousands of illegals who were destined to be deported and the hundreds of those who were being held on felony charges.

They don’t talk about the fact that Washington DC is ordering the Border Patrol to cut back on their arrests and then claiming that lower arrest numbers are “proof” that the border is secure.

They refuse to discuss, and when it came out in Congressional hearings the media refused to report, that they have no idea how many illegals are really crossing the border (see 60% vs 6%).<

I could go on but you should have the idea by now.  Your government, and if live in Arizona both of your US Senators, are lying about the southern border.  Their goal is to legalize upwards of 30 million illegal aliens with an amnesty program and they are willing to lie about your – and especially my – security to accomplish that goal.  They don’t give a tinkers dam about the security of the nation.

So the real question is, can the border be secured?

I think the answer is a resounding “YES!” and we’ll talk about how it can be done here.  First let’s look at the problems that the Gang will cite when they insist it’s really an impossible task.

  • The border is 2,000 miles long.
  • The mixture of public, private and Indian lands make the legalities of sealing the border impossible.
  • There are environmentally protected lands where fences can’t legally be built.
  • It would cost billions to build a human barrier 2,000 miles long.
  • Drone over-flights would cost billions and can only really inspect small sections of the border at any given time.

That will do for starters.

What they won’t tell you is that the technology currently exists to detect every illegal alien attempting to cross the border.  They know about it, they just refuse to address it, they’d rather give Boeing a billion dollars to install a “virtual fence” that everybody with a double digit IQ knew would fail so they could say they’d “done something.”

In October of 2012 a new technology, actually a new wrinkle on an old technology, was presented at Border Management & Technology Expo in El Paso.  It’s called IDENTISEIS and utilizes an advanced form of the geophone technology that’s used to find oil.

Small geophones are buried about six feet deep at 20 foot intervals and are solar powered.  They are linked to a personal computer.  The geophones are able to detect footsteps at about 600 feet away and the computer runs them through algorithms to determine if they are human or from another source.

When we visited the American Border Patrol (not US Border Patrol) test site on the border we saw a demonstration of the system.  Four people were sent out about 800 yards from the sensors and then moved toward us.  We could see them moving on a video camera and when they got about 650 yards from the sensor line an alarm sounded indicating human traffic.

The benefit of using geophones, and they are standard units, simply connected in a different manner that makes them more sensitive, is that they are invisible to the illegal crossers and set up a constant monitoring presence along the full border as opposed to the spot monitoring that can be done with a drone.

The Department of Homeland Security gave Boeing nearly a billion dollars to set up their virtual fence in a very small section of the Tucson sector of the border.  It was a highly visible system mounted on tall towers and is a very high maintenance system.  While this was never tried, a marksman with a high powered rifle could take out the Boeing system from the Mexican side of the border.

The IDENTISEIS system requires virtually no maintenance.  The sensors are buried and thanks to the desert it’s invisible within a couple of hours of being buried.  The system, because of the range, is not susceptible to false positive alarms because the algorithm has time to evaluate the sound patterns to isolate human movement from animals.

Then there is the cost.  The Boeing system or human barrier fencing (not vehicle barrier) is a multi-billion dollar project.  IDENTISEIS is reported to cost $100,000 per mile which projects a $200,000,000 cost to secure the entire border.  It can also be installed at a rate of about five miles per day.

This system will give the Border Patrol the real ability to actually monitor movement into the country over 100% of the southern border.  They could set up response teams and actually interdict illegals crossing either day or night because they know exactly where they’re crossing.

Bottom line, the technology exists to secure the border quickly and relatively cheaply.  DHS will not look at the technology to do it and the Gang of Eight refuses to discuss it.

They are going to jam a bill through the Senate that does nothing to secure the border, more on this later this week, and will grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and their families.

Call your US Senator and Representative.  Today.  Call your friends and encourage them to get involved.

Ask them to make a call as well.  We’ve made it easy for you, click below and you can get your representative’s numbers and you can send them a fax letting them know that you want Security First!

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Lives are hanging in the balance.

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