Police training exercises portray homeschoolers as crazed terrorists

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MUSKEGON, Mich. – The federal government apparently has identified the political groups that pose the greatest security threat to the United States.

Know-your-enemyThey are not fundamentalist Muslims. They are not anarchists or communists. They are not the Occupy Wall Street people.

The government apparently fears those vicious homeschooling parents above all else.

Why would we say such a thing?

Around the nation police have been training to battle “everything from homeschoolers to patriots and constitutionalists – ‘right wing extremists’ in government parlance,” according to an eye-opening article from Infowars.com.

The article cites a 2004 terrorism training exercise in Muskegon, Michigan. The exercise, funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, portrayed an attack on a school bus by “fanatical homeschoolers” called “Wackos Against Schools and Education.”

It also cited a 2011 police training exercise in Iowa that simulated a school shooting by a “white teen boy whose family is involved in anti-illegal immigration rallies and supports the Second Amendment.” The father of the shooter was portrayed as a member of an “underground white supremacist group.”

We’re surprised they’re not training SWAT sharpshooters to take out elderly Tea Party protesters as they sit quietly on their lawn chairs during their polite rallies. Those people, and their constant complaining about the federal debt, are a real menace to national security, you know.

While there are some violent right-wing types out there, they are clearly not the biggest threat to our nation.

Everyone, including the people running the government, knows that the biggest threat comes from Islamic Jihadists, they types who caused the 9/11 hijackings and this year’s Boston Marathon bombings. And let’s not forget the crazed anarchists who operate the very menacing Occupy Wall Street movement. They actually want to overthrow our constitutional government and economic system.

Why aren’t the police training to battle those types, instead of the poor taxpayers who feebly request that our government stop spending our nation into bankruptcy?

But we suppose it would be politically incorrect to plan to fight the poor folks from the Middle East who have been so horribly oppressed by Israel, or the energetic kids who are just sewing a few wild seeds with their calls for violent revolution.

The conservatives who question big, wasteful government are the real monsters who must be dealt with.

As the superintendent of Cedar Rapids, Iowa schools was quoted a few years back, “There is a dedicated, very well organized, very well financed movement in America that is very anti-public schools, very anti-government. The ultimate example of that sentiment is the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City.”

Who knew the quiet, seemingly harmless homeschoolers had a hand in that massacre? They certainly are devious, aren’t they?

By Steve Gunn at EAGnews.org

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