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by Rodney Lee Conover

You think the IRS sucks now? Just wait until you need a surgical procedure under ObamaCare and start filling out forms. If current IRS trends persist it won’t end at what you eat, how much you eat, drink, exercise, family history of major disease, etc. You’d better get ready to justify what kind of behavior you engage in and I’m not talking about cigarettes or whether your croissant at Starbucks this morning was gluten-free. Do you engage in activity that government health-care workers consider negative or healthy? Just as an example: Do you meditate? Prayer doesn’t count and in fact, it will probably count against you.

Think I’m joking? Then think about your taxes. How else can the hundreds of thousands of people at the IRS and various support systems justify their salaries, offices, benefits and pensions – except by making you jump through incredibly meticulous, confusing and pointless hoops? Fines and legal determinations are arbitrary in many cases and if you call the IRS five times with a tax return question, you’ll probably get five different answers, yet using one of their answers on your return doesn’t get you jack if they determine it is, in fact, incorrect. That’s your tough crap, buddy and that’s insane. What goes through your spine when you get a letter from the IRS? They have way too much power and everyone knows it.

We’re talking about simple numbers and easy calculations related to how much you earn, here. Now consider your body and your health. Not simple.

medical gownEveryone has heard about the extra tens of thousands of IRS workers being hired to execute the thousands of pages of ObamaCare, including the fines and regulations involved in this government monstrosity. Make no mistake; you will be asked in meticulous, confusing and pointless detail about everything having to do with your personal habits, your family history, lifestyle, routine, your work, hobbies, even your thoughts or state of mind. Don’t laugh – what if you need help with a legitimate nervous disorder? You don’t think an IRS bureaucrat fresh out of ObamaCare management training isn’t going to ask you if there isn’t something going through your mind that might be contributing to it?

Don’t forget that doctors’ lives and remunerations are going to be controlled to a large degree by the relationships and determinations of IRS agents now, so there is going to be a whole lotta going along to get along when this thing kicks in.

Which brings me to the current IRS scandal where agents were directed – yes, I said DIRECTED – to target and discriminate against conservative and religious groups to deny them their civil rights. Do you really believe this same tactic won’t be employed by Obama loyalists in the administering of ObamaCare? Well consider this nugget: Sarah Hall Ingram, the IRS executive in charge of the tax exempt division when that office began silencing Obama’s political opponents is now running the IRS office in charge with administering Obamacare.

You heard right – this is the opportunity of an era and the Obama/Chicago machine we’re talking about. They don’t even need a crisis to exploit. Just legally identify your political enemies and use the government-run health care system to harass them.

Before you start telling me who was appointed by whom, public employees know which party is more apt to give them more stuff: Democrats. End of story. You show me a Republican appointed by a Republican to head the IRS after a Democrat gets elected and I’ll show you a Democrat. And more public employees beget more power and more Democrat voters – that’s just a fact of American life folks.

Here’s where it really gets scary: What happens when you go in for a mental health problem, a weight problem, a sleeping disorder, fatigue, or any health matter which takes a good doctor more than bandages, creams or stents to treat effectively? Is it at that point that the IRS begins concluding that having a family history with a strong conservative background may be the basis of your problem? Are you patriotic? Do you believe government is too big? Using today’s IRS rationale for extra scrutiny, you have a bigger problem than you probably think.


But let’s take look at the folks in this country who by Obama Administration’s standards are really, really in need of ObamaCare. The two groups of people who are the sickest in a liberal’s mind. President Obama has even referred to them in public: They’re the people who when they get bitter, “they cling to guns or religion…” Don’t they need singling out for special treatment? Shouldn’t there at minimum be an asterisk next to their name in the government files? Do you think I’m being sarcastic? I am not.

If I told you two years ago the IRS was carving out people who associate with the word ‘patriot’ or ‘Tea Party’ for harassment and denial of their First Amendment rights, you would have at best rolled your eyes and brushed me off. At worst you’d cast me off as a crazed extremist who gives Republicans a bad name.

Well how you like me now? Because anyone who thinks an IRS controlled by Obama, Hillary or even a RHINO wouldn’t discriminate against these same groups in the area of health care isn’t paying attention. In the 2010 midterms, after the rise of the grassroots Tea Party handed the Democrats their ass – magically the head of the IRS suddenly felt the urge to visit the White House over 100 times. We all know a little bit of what happened next as details emerge from the current IRS Congressional investigations. A couple people have been asked to resign and others are being paid to sit home, but no matter what comes of any of it, Obama got re-elected. That was the goal of suppressing conservative political speech and it worked, friends.

They probably can’t operate the same way in the future, but why not begin discrediting folks through the health care system? “But Rodney Lee, those health records are confidential…” I invite you to ask Barack Obama’s opponents for elective office in Illinois about sealed records. I also ask you to stop believing the Chicago thugs won’t do anything – ANYTHING – to retain and build power. Open your eyes. Silencing the right worked from 2010 – 2012 and using the IRS to engage in political monkey-business with ObamaCare is not just a possibility – it’s assured.

Declaring opponents of Obama to be mentally unstable by association would be a good start. How about making the notion that religious conservatism has scientifically been determined to be the result of a brain disorder? You think I’m kidding? Look what they did with Global Warming? A complete hoax perpetrated  by leftists in the face of fairly good proof we’re actually going through Global Cooling – but pay no attention because the debate is over! We live in a world where millions of kids have been convinced on American college campuses that socialism is superior to Capitalism, so isn’t anything possible?

You could go in with a broken arm and if it were determined that your mom was treated with postpartum depression 35 years ago, well, it also says here you’re a Christian, a member of the NRA, you gave some money to your local Tea Party and you know all the words to America the Beautiful – so no wonder your mom was depressed. You better be put in this special category for extra consideration and in the meantime, do you or anyone in your Republican family really need benefits when  you’re clearly insane? I’m being blunt, but the seedy, dark, subtle version of how this could be carried out by committed leftists out to help “fundamentally change the country” are now in a position to do so.

In some cases we could even put a few people away and maybe you common patriot / Tea Party / conservative / guns / religious folk would stop going around writing or even speaking aloud about wanting smaller or more accountable government. If you think I’m being a crazed extremist who gives Republicans a bad name again, please read; “The Rise & Fall of the Third Reich” by William Shirer. It’s a history book, but it reads like a novel, so you’ll enjoy it and maybe you’ll get off your ass and help me turn this thing around.

PS: Looking forward to my audit and prostate exam. Same guy administering both. Ouch and ouch…


Rodney Lee Conover is a writer / performer, living in Southern California’s Mohave Desert

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