Obamanistas express remorse, wish to escape consequences

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There’s nothing quite so self-righteous as a Democrat before his crimes are exposed. There’s nothing quite so arrogant as a Democrat before his crimes are proven. And there’s nothing quite so obnoxious as a Democrat who has met consequences.

Early evidence suppressed: doubters scoffed at
Starting almost from Day 1 after Benghazi, conservatives across the nation were aware of large discrepancies between the official version of events and anything resembling plausible. Democrats and media pundits scoffed, even as evidence began to mount. The IRS abuse of conservative groups has been well-known in conservative circles almost from the beginning. The spying on media phones and such? Well, that was covered up so well that none of us knew anything about that.

All along, the media war wagon has shown not the slightest interest in truth, in protecting and preserving integrity in the government. Instead, media, Democrats, and the Obamanistas have harshly criticized and harassed truth-tellers. Republicans from the Karl Rove camp of surrender monkeys have been no better, even blaming conservatives for electoral losses that we now know had other reasons.

Meanwhile, the Obamanistas intimidated Benghazi witnesses and denied access to them. Military retirements in some of the most interesting positions made it difficult to even begin to ask the right questions that might lead to truth. Conservatives were hounded, audited, and asked (not very nicely) to give up vital and private information on the inner workings of conservative causes.

the trickle becomes a tide: Dems blame low-level rogues
But impressions and conflicting public statements have turned to evidence. Evidence has led to sworn testimony by whistleblowers. FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) finds have uncovered not only mountains of evidence of misdeeds, but massive evidence of coverups designed to hide those misdeeds.

The Democrat stories have changed. After the early denials and charges of conservatives being crazy and paranoids, now only the stupidest of them deny that some wrongs have been done [and those holdouts do still exist: remember, Democrats, not all that smart]. But the excuses have flowed like Niagara Falls. Because, you see — and this is important — it’s never the fault of the leftist cause. Perhaps a couple of miscreants misbehaved, let expedience overcome good sense. But above all, we still hold the moral high ground because conservatives are bad people. Never forget that. So excuses had to come. The final answer could not be corruption, a lawless enterprise, stolen election, wanton despotism.

Early excuses were low-level rogues in one IRS office; plus, they were swamped; Benghazi, well who can mount a response in such a short time? And what difference does it make, they’re dead; Besides, conservatives wanted to cut State Department spending (perhaps even Mister Sequester did it). And it was only a couple of wiretaps.

But more evidence, more testimony, and the mountains of paper trails made a mockery of the early excuses. Attorney General Eric Holder is caught having perjured himself. The IRS scandal goes to the very top, and it’s known to have coordinated with high-ups in the 2012 Obama campaign. Not only the AP was hit, but Fox News as well, and the secret order was signed by Eric Holder himself.

Subpoenas are flying around now like bats. Deeper investigations, starting with much more understanding of who to ask about what. The IRS is on order (which they will surely defy) to not delete any data from any hard drive on any computer. I would suggest that the paper shredders be confiscated as well.

A couple of show-firings and scapegoats have not stopped the tide. It’s not that the Dems have momentum against them in some interesting power struggle. It’s that they are supremely lawless, and this is just America discovering what all has been going on under the color of governance and authority.

Serious crimes: no consequences
We are not talking about a president diddling an intern. We’re not talking about some inappropriate uses of office. We are talking about using the power of government to commit voter suppression. Fair and free elections are how Americans express their will, and without it there can be no consent of the governed. We are also talking about spying on the free press. And we are talking about a military crisis brought on first by a stunning lack of interest in proper security in an area known to be a hotbed of terrorism. We’re talking about a military crisis in which the President and Secretary of State sat on their hands, unwilling and unable to act. And we are talking about lies and a cover up for the sake of winning an election.

These are serious crimes against America. There must be consequences.

It’s all the rage: we regret what happened

The Obamanistas are running out of cards. It’s not surprising that they’d pull this one out. We’re sorry! I felt a little remorse when I saw that I’d committed perjury! We’ll investigate things! Pass a few laws to make sure this doesn’t happen again! In other words, the despicable wrongs we’ve committed, the violation of the oath and spirit of the law, the disgrace, the betrayal, and most of all, the actual crimes committed against existing statutes, let’s just gloss right on over them.

Maybe we’ll fire a couple of more people. Which amounts to converting them from taking a check from you to taking a check from Soros Inc, over at Center for American Progress or Media Matters.

Handcuffs, trials, convictions, sentences? Those are for when those mean, corrupt, evil-rich Republicans do something wrong.

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  1. James Riley says

    The blind leading the blind.I am all for a black Prez and I am white.If If If he can do the job he swore to do without attacking our rights,our constitution,and If he will publicly eat bacon.

  2. JuneUSA says

    With everything going on according to script, there is no way Obama on down could Not have known what was happening. They had to plan his speeches and appearances according to it.

  3. Thomas Gentile says


  4. MortarMan107 says

    In politics Cream rises and blamecrap rolls downhill. This Maladministration has many more buses to fling the peons under yet. The likes of Obama, Holder, Napolitano, Biden and more will never allow themselves to be inconvenienced as long as a good supply of peon scapegoats is at hand.

    The whining and finger pointing going on in DC, that’s District of Criminals, reminds one of grade school playground at recess. He did it!. Did not! Did too! Well, he did it first! Did not! Did too!.

    Only one problem with acting like kids caught with their grimy little paws in the cookie jar, this ain’t the school yard and these aren’t kids. This is the serious and sometimes deadly adult world and the criminals are in control.

    They won’t be content till 25,000,000 people, as called for by Ayers, are BURIED under the bus and scapegoats are no longer needed.

    Oh, yeah, the Obamunists are really so-o-o remorseful.

  5. vet says

    What needs to be done is to remove the pardon ability from the usurper and I would bet that holder would tell all to get a reduced sentence.But until then he doesn’t need to worry about anything as long as his butt buddy stays in office.

    1. ZaMan says

      Racist right grasping at straws! still throwing crap at the president, still whinning that their magic undie wearer lost.

      The IRS was absolutely justified in giving extra scrutiny to “tea”, “party” and “patriot” groups who were committing perjury by attempting to apply for 501c4 status that they were absolutely not qualified for.
      Bengazi is a poot in a windstorm. House Right-Wingnuts are trying to savor the smell long after it has blown away. Adverse political reactions are in store for these stench Conservatives.

      The GOP has been accusing everyone in the Obama administration since day one.

      No one is listening….no one will listen

      Sit back and watch….Holder will walk away.

      the problem for the imbeciles on the right….they’ve accused Holder of everything they can think of since day one. None of it has stuck cuz it’s all BS….and this is just one more serving

      As for Obama, Communist, no. Much more like a corporatist. he is “natural born”… in that he has two American born parents: Stanley Ann Dunham and Frank Marshall Davis.

      I doubt Obama hates America, because he’s gaining too much from it. He is not an evil man, he is not Muslim he cannot be impeached, you people are a bunch a sick, demented hateful racists that can’t stand having a black man as President!s

      1. disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2 says

        Hey propaganda BOY! You haven’t learned how to propagandize and brainwash yet! You are stupid and stuck with name-dropping and ass backwardness!

        1. ZaMan says

          Go screw yourself you brain-dead a-hole who cant think of anything smart, got to put down people smarter than yourself!

          1. disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2 says

            Hey moron propaganda brain-dead doper. The islamic communist puppet is HALF BLACK, MOCHA, NOT BLACK. And he’s not American half black, but islamic communist African half black. And quit looking in that ole black magic faggot mirror at yourself.
            Here’s your faggot puppet. http://www.glennbeck.com/2013/05/29/brokeback-boardwalk-obama-christie-rekindle-bromance/

            Brokeback Boardwalk: Obama & Christie rekindle bromance

          2. ZaMan says

            thanks for proving my point. You ARE a racist, You ARE a bigot, and your ARE a black hating homophobic POS!Obama being diplomatic and trying to reach out to the Muslim community does not make him a Muslim. Glenn’s gay-themed rant was disgusting and childish. Not funny at all. Beck is losing it. We turned his show off for the rest of the morning and will be giving it a break for the rest of the week at least. Enough of this kind of crap from Beck. anyone who calls obama a communist is a racist ahole. wait that’s you.

      2. Rustytruck says

        Man you are some kind of idiot aren’t you? You don’t even know what race your precious leader is do you? He’s not even 6% black you friggin’ moron. Before you start spouting off you need to make sure you’re facts are right first. Otherwise you just look like an idiot, get that? Unless you’re just trying to start a fight or something, very brave for only a blog site. Oh, one more thing, you told as many truths here as Obama did in 5 years,— yep! A big ZERO!!!

        1. ZaMan says

          Uhhh…Yes he is black, Why else is he refered as the “First Black President” You deny that fact so you don’t be called what you are!

          1. Rustytruck says

            Aw go stick your head right back up his butt, obviously you will not see the truth no matter how disgusting he is. And to think I put my life on the line for guys like you, we’re done here no need to reply anymore. Got no use for you or your ilk.

          2. ZaMan says

            thanks for proving my point, you hateful bigoted turdbox!

      3. boomer55 says

        So my support for Herman Caine doesn’t count? I was clear to me that Mr. Caine was much more suitable for running the USA-I could care less whatt he color of our elceted are-YOU are the racist. You voted on the basis of color and look where we ended up-no jobs, no growth. stifling regulations and a foreigh policy that is in total shambles. I could go on forever on this.

  6. grassroot says

    Liberal Fascism.,,

  7. Phillipe Violette says

    That is how it starts. Suppression of the free press and then the take over of the free press and then the take over of the country.

    1. DustyFae says

      Well, l better get this back in the news before our freedom is completely gone. Vallerie Jarrett’s Threats..Proved she knew about the IRS

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