Obamanistas ask: why not Texas?

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You laughed, didn’t you?

Well, don’t.

Twice in the last two weeks, His Imperial Majesty President Teleprompter has graced us with his presence. And yesterday, spokesman Jay “Carny Barker” Carney even brought up the subject directly: why not Texas?

There has been underway for some time a planned effort by Democrats to #TurnTexasBlue. They’re taking the blueprint of what they did in Colorado a decade ago, and hoping to do the same to God’s Country. To greatly oversimplify, that plan consists of: buying off the right people in high places, both business and government; using the built-in leftwing newsmedia (and let me tell you, Texas media are just as commie as the national media); targeted advertising; on-the-ground advocacy, aka “community organizing”; electoral hanky-panky; and most of all, political assassination. By political assassination, I don’t mean killing; I mean destroying, Alinsky-style, in the way Democrats love to do, high-ranking and influential Texans.

Granted, they won’t succeed. Texas is not Colorado, and it ain’t the California of the 70’s and 80’s, both Republican strongholds. There are 1,001 ways in which Texas cannot be had by this bunch of Chicago-way thugs and socialist dreamers.

But they can and will give it a good solid try, and probably move the ball leftward. You can go a long way with graft, misinformation, electoral theft, and shady backroom politics; you can go still further when you have at your disposal corrupt liberal judges, corrupt media, and agencies like the EPA and DHS who can meddle extensively in Texas politics and economy. The threat of amnesty, perhaps by imperial fiat, looms and cannot be wished away for now.

But they’ll never budge the needle of the Texas voter attitude, not one little bit. We didn’t become Texas with weak leadership. We didn’t carve out the best business climate in America by doing what Democrats do. The gun-crime ghettos caused by gun-control nuts? Not here, and not anywhere in Red country. On our own ground, Texas-style clobbers Chicago-style; Texas business climate needs no help or advice from the Democrats, or anybody in Washington, for that matter.

As for political assassinations, that’s a pipe dream. If you were to get lucky and take out Rick Perry, you got Greg Abbott. Behind him, Ted Cruz. And behind them, you can go 50 deep in influential Texans before you get to the first Democrat. That’s not going to change, and I don’t care how many community organizers, bad TV ads, and carpet-bagging commies you put on the streets. Those guys look funny when you put them in Texas.

In short, they can give us a good fight. In the end, we will beat them like a red-headed step-child. The hundreds of millions of bucks they spend here will be wasted for them.

But until then, don’t take them lightly.

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