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written by Rodney Lee Conover a little while ago
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Remember the dorky kid in Junior High who liked the really popular kid a little too much? Not in an amorous way, but with just way too much admiration to the point of embarrassment bordering on uncomfortable? The popular kid couldn’t exactly tell the toady to get lost for fear of losing favorability, but the zealous veneration and building up of their hero to divine-like status made you just squirm. The dork’s lack of self-awareness and how everyone else knew the popular kid had absolutely no reciprocal feelings whatsoever was pathetic.

That’s Chris Matthews and Barack Obama.

Chris Matthews was once relevant before Presidential candidate Barack Obama showed up and smiled so clean and articulate. Not my words. But ever since Matthews began campaigning to be Barack’s Homecoming date, it got weird. It’s one thing for a lifelong liberal Democrat to host a talk show and claim to be non-partisan. We’ve been putting up with that horse hockey for so long it’s expected. But early on, Chris Matthews showed his down cards with Obama’s face on them like no one else in the business. It was clear and obvious and now, with the Administration embroiled in scandals that even liberal journalists can’t ignore, it’s like Chris Matthews and Barack Obama are in an abusive relationship.

Chris can’t believe what’s going on with someone who seemed to be such a great guy in the beginning. He put so much adoration, support and trust into him and what did he get in return? An… IRS Scandal? C’mon – I’m like, the Hardball guy, dude! On his MSNBC show the other day, Matthews seemed to have a moment of clarity, incredulously stating that Obama; “doesn’t like being an executive. He likes speeches… going on the road… campaigning!” He further revealed that Obama; “does run the IRS, he runs the Treasury Department, he runs the United States government, and he is accountable for it…” Wow! An epiphany? I checked back in to Hardball later in the week to see how the Chris Matthews quest to drive the President from office was going. Exciting!

obama winkWe had new revelations in the Benghazi cover-up: There were reports of more whistle-blowers coming forward in the IRS investigations: Calls for Eric Holder to step down for the prosecution of James Rosen were mounting: Drones, GitMo, Associated Press records, Fast & Furious, who knows – maybe even a brand new outrage! I flip over to MSNBC and Matthews is doing a retrospective on George W. Bush and “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq… Yikes! Chris was back waiting by the phone, but since President Obama couldn’t care less about any of his mistresses in the non-Fox media, why?

As a young man, Chris Matthews was a cool guy wannabe and in Chris’ case, that means someone who holds office – preferably a Senator, at least. He tried to be a leader, but when it became obvious that wasn’t happening he did what so many failed wannabes do. He became a critic, of sorts. Being paid (well) to always be around people he dreamed of being was good enough, and to be able to pass judgment on the evil folks who disagreed with he and his idols was exhilarating to the point of triggering copious volumes of spittle to form and occasionally project from the corners of his rapid-fire mouth at times. Life was good…Then Came Barack.

For Chris Matthews, President Obama turned out to be the personification of ‘be careful what you wish for.’

chris matthews 3Barack Obama destroyed Chris Matthews’ career and it’s just now that Chris is beginning to feel the effects. No one will ever truly respect Mr. Matthews again after his slobbering and undying devotion to the One who sent that infamous thrill up his wispy-haired leg. With MSNBC, Matthews only brag is better ratings than doppelgangers Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes in certain demos. Bottom line: Chris Matthews is now a punch line in the style of Howard Dean and he’s not going to get his mojo back even if he goes full Glenn Beck. Like an emotionally abused dependent, he’s going to keep going back to his Barack no matter what this creep does or who he does it to. Make no mistake, Chris Matthews resents President Obama but once you push your chips in you can’t pull them back out. And you have to keep the same look on your face, or you’re screwed.

Chris Matthews is screwed.



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