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Why would someone who has been cheated on, stay with the cheater?

It’s easy to judge if you’ve never been there, but having put years of hard work and emotional resources into a relationship makes it painful to admit it’s failed and nearly inconceivable to abandon. Long after it’s obvious to everyone else how dis-functional he is; the ones being taken advantage of seem to find a way to stick with the unfaithful liar.

I’m talking about the media and Barack Obama.

The Associated Press scandal means Barack Obama has been caught cheating on his real spouse: The media. But don’t worry – the press won’t leave him – he didn’t mean it and he said he’s sorry. They’ll first justify the Justice Department’s actions, then forget all about it. We’ll never know what or why, but who cares – they make such a lovely couple, don’t they?

The mainstream media has been with this guy for years, ignoring the warnings signs of betrayal and forgiving his lies. Like with most jerks it beings slowly: First they vow to never, ever take money from lobbyists or PACs. Then they won’t shut down Gitmo, and pretend they never promised to in the first place. “I’ll put bills on the Internet… I’ll end no-bid contracts over $25,000… I’ll cut the deficit in half… People making under $250,000 won’t pay a dime more… I had to work late… blah, blah..”

If you’re Obama’s best girl you just smile, blame George W. and say ‘boys will be boys’… Then call your mom and cry.

Years of lies and broken promises can wear away at the victim’s self-confidence, but when the press ignores crimes like ‘Fast & Furious and enables the cover-up of four dead Americans in Benghazi in order to facilitate Obama’s re-election – it’s turned into a clear case of batteredwife syndrome. What’s with the black eye, journalists of America? Walked into the door again?

It took a couple years of ignoring folks associated with the phrase “Tea Party” or “Patriot” coming forward with legitimate claims of tax-related harassment, but a number of the mainstream press are suddenly expressing anxiety over the targeted denial of civil liberties by the IRS. Guess that makes it an official scandal.

By the way is it me, or is it completely nuts that we now live in a world where people who identify with the word; “Patriot” are the enemy in the eyes of our government? What makes it worse is these IRS agents are the same jamokes now in charge of enforcing the rules of ObamaCare. What – people named “Hancock” or “Revere” not going to get a fair shake with their health care? “… Hmm, your name is Betsy and you work at ‘Ross For Less’? Need your appendix out? So sorry…

While the President has been puffing up his chest about how terrible the actions of “a few rogue agents” are, NBC’s Brian Williams went so far as to use the “N” word while reporting on the Administration’s possible role in the IRS controversy. Before you go nuts, the N-word was “Nixon.” Wow – you almost spit up your coffee there, didn’t you? Gotcha, you racist bastard, you… All seriousness aside, could it be the press has found in the IRS, a group they despise even more than conservatives? Or are they just playing into their dominant partner’s narrative? Remember, the abuser always makes a gesture of contrition when they feel control slipping away. Either way, acknowledging an abusive relationship is the first step to ending it.

No one should live in fear of the person they love.

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