My advice for the Whistleblowers: Watch your back, they’re coming…

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witch-huntThe truth is a funny thing. Some people love it, others run from it, and some will do whatever it takes to hide it. If you are in the way of the people that want to hide it, get ready for a bumpy road.

You can hide the truth a few different way, but what most people seem to do is dis-credit the source. They do this thru smear campaigns, belittling, gossip, rumors, calling you a liar or making up lies about you. Anything to keep the truth hidden. The media will be complicit in this because it gets people to read. Unfortunately for the the truth,if the lie is juicy people want to repeat it.

This will be the problem when it comes to Benghazi. The “Whistleblowers” will now have their lives ripped apart. We will find out things about them that have nothing to do with the facts of the case, but will have everything to do with discrediting them. Please, keep you eye on the ball and don’t let main stream media help the government get off yet again…



Michelle Malkin has written a great piece on this very subject, story here

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  1. sinnersunited says

    truth is and always will be God is in Control Jesus Lives He reigns Eternal . Obama is a terrorist occupier Clinton is a traitor and any arguing that truth shows who you side with and whom you live against.

  2. Michael J. Horn says

    Only the Fox News Channel will cover it. The Main Stream Media is already downplaying Benghazi.

  3. Rustytruck says

    Don’t you all think it’s a good idea to put these people into protection and take their sworn testimony now? Call for a special Supreme Court hearing and tell what they know, once it’s sworn to it won’t matter no more. Obama wouldn’t gain a thing by having them offed. Oh, and yes I do believe he’s been doing that all along, he’s had the Clintons close to him and we all know they did that many times over. A lot of people died during their and Obama’s time. It’s so sad, I teach my kids that since 2009 we’ve had nobody in office, I refuse to acknowedge him other than by being a Muslim Terrorist himself, NOT American whatsoever.

    1. Hoodoo H says

      HOOAH…you called it like it is.

    2. Donald Congleton says

      Da_n straight Rustytruck. You said it right. In protective custody they and their families could do the testimonies but make sure that the guards are above and beyond reproach. Maybe some off-duty or un-attached USN Seals.

      1. Rustytruck says

        It’s a crying shame we think of our govt. like this but they did it themselves, they’re no longer trustworthy. On the bright side tho, there’s enough guys like me and you who would help protect these people so we can get at the truth. I spent enough years serving our country to not step up when I’m needed, and I will every time I’m asked. But the difference is I took an oath to serve and protect our Constitution and way of life. I do this because I love America, and everything we believe in. Was it Patrick Henry who said, “I regret I have but one life to give to my country.” ? I feel the same about that Donald, most of us do. God Bless you and yours my friend.

  4. Hoodoo H says

    Our Forefathers gave their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to preserve this Great Nation. ..
    Thank you for having the courage to stand up to evil.

  5. Kioga says

    These honest and forthright people have a chance to do what Patriots should do, and become present day Heroes. Let’s hope Congress can be as brave, and tear down this crippling Administration and replace and rebuild America’s Freedom Road ! It’s my sincere hope that not only Justice will be served up in Spades, but this will shake out the party voting and put America First !

    1. Dave Phelps says

      If only the congress would have the balls/guts to do what the founding fathers gave them the power to do, obozo would be out tomorrow

  6. rcbobj says

    Yes the democrats will do there best to discredit the ones testifing, but I don’t believe anything a democrat says anyway. They have proved that they are good at lying.

    1. don says

      they are good at lying no–they got lying down to a finr art

  7. Frank W Brown says

    God protect these guys as they are true Americans, it sounds to me that the obummer REGIME won’t be able to whitewash and cover up this obscene action!

    1. don says

      WE need to protect these people call an call some more don’t let them obama the marixs or any of them rest

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